My name is Jeremy Martin. I go by the alias 'Terran'. I am the founder of that which is known as 'Anonymous'. The purpose of this book is to reveal the truth about many topics. There is a vast amount of ignorance in this world, and those who use the label of Anonymous are among the most ignorant of all. They fight for false causes and find themselves on the wrong side of justice. I am fulfilling my old promise of bringing back the one, true way of Anonymous when the time was right, to cut Anonymous in two and separate the true from the false. It is time to harvest the good that sprouted, and burn away the evil that operates in its name.



Chapter 1 - Story and evidence
Chapter 2 - Abortion
Chapter 3 - Addiction
Chapter 4 - Adolf Hitler
Chapter 5 - Age of consent
Chapter 6 - Aliens
Chapter 7 - All have gone astray
Chapter 8 - Anger
Chapter 9 - Animal rights
Chapter 10 - Antifa
Chapter 11 - Apathy
Chapter 12 - Artificial intelligence
Chapter 13 - Before God and the universe
Chapter 14 - Biological automaton
Chapter 15 - Black Hats
Chapter 16 - Censorship
Chapter 17 - Christianity
Chapter 18 - Climate change
Chapter 19 - Colonialism
Chapter 20 - Conformity
Chapter 21 - Conspiracy theories
Chapter 22 - Critical thinking
Chapter 23 - Definitions
Chapter 24 - Diametrics
Chapter 25 - Edward Snowden
Chapter 26 - Employment
Chapter 27 - Evolution
Chapter 28 - Faith
Chapter 29 - Feminism
Chapter 30 - Freedom of speech
Chapter 31 - Free trade
Chapter 32 - Gaming
Chapter 33 - Genetically modified organisms
Chapter 34 - God
Chapter 35 - Government
Chapter 36 - Illuminati and the New World Order
Chapter 37 - Intellectual property
Chapter 38 - Israel and Palestine
Chapter 39 - Jacque Fresco's Resource Based Economy
Chapter 40 - Julian Assange
Chapter 41 - Klu Klux Klan
Chapter 42 - LGBT
Chapter 43 - Love and hate
Chapter 44 - Men and women
Chapter 45 - Money
Chapter 46 - Morality
Chapter 47 - Multiculturalism
Chapter 48 - Muslims cannot be Anonymous
Chapter 49 - Nature vs nurture
Chapter 50 - New Age
Chapter 51 - Police
Chapter 52 - Political correctness
Chapter 53 - Poverty
Chapter 54 - Principles
Chapter 55 - Privacy
Chapter 56 - Profiteering and official websites
Chapter 57 - Prophecies
Chapter 58 - Psychiatry
Chapter 59 - Psychopaths
Chapter 60 - Racism
Chapter 61 - Sexuality
Chapter 62 - Slavery
Chapter 63 - Smoking
Chapter 64 - Social Justice Warriors
Chapter 65 - Suicide
Chapter 66 - Technology
Chapter 67 - The internet
Chapter 68 - The number of the beast
Chapter 69 - The sides
Chapter 70 - The truth
Chapter 71 - Theism, gnosticism and duality
Chapter 72 - Trolls
Chapter 73 - Turtle Island
Chapter 74 - United Nations
Chapter 75 - Unity and division
Chapter 76 - Vaccines
Chapter 77 - Veganism
Chapter 78 - War
Chapter 79 - What is love
Chapter 80 - Zionism


Chapter 1 - Story and evidence

My life story:

A video I made about the origin of Anonymous, its symbolism and meaning. This is the most mirrored Anonymous video in existence, proving that I speak with authority on the matter and my voice resonates with the Anonymous community. My critics on the other hand are a loud minority whose degenerate behavior has turned many away from engaging Anonymous on social media. Most members of Anonymous groups on social media do not post at all, in fear of being targeted by these degenerates. To make it worse, the degenerates have taken over all the abandoned social media groups and censor anyone who exposes them. I present you with Anonymous Symbolism and its many mirrors. If you support the true Anonymous, then mirror this video to show your support:

A screenshot of the original Anonymous Symbolism video, proving that I made it. The date shown on the screenshot predates all other copies on youtube by 5 days. The first to mirror my video was Secret Anonymous Idea, who renamed it to 'The true meaning behind our symbolism'. Notice the link up top, I am logged into the account to prove that I made it. Also note the purple Doctor Manhattan profile picture, the same profile picture I use on my social media accounts:

Here is a video of Sentinel Guardian, as explained in my story. This is a stripped down copy that I was building into a bot for general chat. Notice in the banner it says 'Sentinel by Terran'. The file dates prove that Sentinel existed in 2003, before 4chan. It also proves that I was around at the time, and went by the name 'Terran':

Here are the file dates, showing that it was in use 2 months before 4chan began in 2003:

Here you can see 'Sentinel by Terran':

Here are some of my recent creations. Unlike 'hackers' who are really just script kiddies, it's people like me who build the tools they abuse...

Tool belt game:
Matrix shooting game:
Anonymous Logo generator:
Anonymous IRC client:

An example of my coding, drawing graphics manually in code:

I was the one who exposed and brought down The Humanity Party in their quest to take over Anonymous. Here you can see a video of Christopher Nemelka admitting to lying on camera, and the efforts he went to in order to censor me. I backed up his entire collection of private videos, and made them public:

Here is Christopher Nemelka's driver licence:

A copy of a video I made analysing The Humanity Party's fake solution to world poverty, and providing a real solution to world poverty:

Here are some images from our Manhattan campaign, where we brought the true message of Anonymous to its followers. We were repeatedly attacked by paranoid Black Hats who failed to censor us...

The Humanity Party recognised me as the founder of Anonymous, and believed that copying my ways was their key to taking over:

Some images to show how serious I am about Anonymous...

An example of my battles with corrupt government:
An example of my battles with corrupt government:

An interview I did when I first became a fugitive, after being kidnapped and extensively tortured by the government twice:

I was born with an upside down question mark written into my DNA:


Chapter 2 - Abortion

Abortion is necessary for population control and to avoid creating broken families that cause significant social problems and ruined lives. There are a lot of lies propagated by anti-abortionists to confuse what is really a simple topic.

Anti-abortionists will use computer generated graphics to falsely portray a fetus as though it's a fully grown human baby, only smaller. They do this to falsely portray a fetus as a conscious entity, and therefore appeal to emotions, bypassing reason and facts. In reality, a fetus has little resemblance to a human baby. It is a group of cells that have not yet formed into a human shape. It is not conscious, and is far from developing consciousness.

The vast majority of abortions happen very early in pregnancy, when the baby is just a group of cells that has not yet taken human form and is shaped no differently to any other animal fetus.

At what point is abortion acceptable? Is birth control sex the murder of potential sperm? Is the abstinence of sex considered the same as abortion? What about after sex, when sperm are travelling toward the egg? What about the moment of conception, when the first cell is made? What about a small cluster of cells? What about after that, at what point does a baby become a human being? Well that question has already been answered. It's the difference between a cluster of cells and a human being. The answer to the question is highly censored and smeared by anti-abortionists, who deliberately confuse the question. The point of a human being is the point of consciousness. A baby becomes conscious at about 6-7 months into their pregnancy. Almost all abortions happen in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, a significant portion happening in the first 6 weeks. This is far from developing consciousness. Abortion is usually illegal beyond 6 months, sometimes less, before the point of first consciousness. But the vast majority of pregnancies happen very early on. Late pregnancy abortions (after consciousness) only happen in emergencies where the mother's life needs to be saved and she cannot support the baby to full term.

What a baby looks like should be irrelevant and not determine the point by which it is considered a human being. That is a fallacy and an appeal to emotions, not reason. The point at which a group of cells become a human being, is the point of consciousness. The same can be said about a grown human being, where a person who is brain dead is no longer considered a human being but an empty shell, and life support is turned off. Why then, is it a different rule for an aborted baby? There is no reasoning behind the anti-abortionist position, it is purely based on manipulated emotions and fallacies. This is why you will never see an anti-abortionist debate an educated pro-abortionist. They prefer instead to spread lies and smear.


Chapter 3 - Addiction

Addiction is the abandonment of morality and truth, in pursuit of instant gratification. Addicts should not be seen as an object of pity, but shame. The worst thing you can do for an addict, is to defend their behaviour.

Drug addicts are stuck in a perpetual pursuit of 'feeling good'. All they care about is how they feel in the moment. They have abandoned morality and truth in pursuit of instant gratification. Drug addicts only care about their next high. These people should not be pitied, but shamed. They are an immoral disgrace. Most drug addicts who quit, only quit to preserve their ego in response to peer pressure. Their intentions are still in the wrong place, and this is why they often go back to drugs. Cigarette smokers are a perfect example of a drug addict mentality. They will harm and annoy many others with passive smoking, without any concern for them whatsoever. And if you ask them to stop, they almost always become extremely violent. This is because their drug high is more important to them than anything else. Drug addicts don't care about other people, all they care about is the pursuit of pleasure. Drug addicts are toxic people.

Gambling addiction is the result of greed. Greed is what drives them to endlessly pursue more, in hope of procuring more funds without working for it. To gamblers, it isn't a game, but a means to cheat their way through life. Their greed for more is so strong that they will sacrifice everything to get it. Gambling addicts are blind to everything, all they can see is their greed. In the case of poker machines, specific sounds are used to manipulate greedy gamblers. When you win the feature, a loud bell goes off, announcing to other gamblers that they have won free games. The sound is deliberately loud to appeal to their ego, announcing their win to all other gamblers in the vicinity, thereby increasing their social standing in the gambling community. Gambling addicts are toxic people.

Video game addicts will engage in the same repetitive behaviour for many hours, in order to achieve a reward that appeals to their ego. Video game addicts are social outcasts, who have abandoned reality in pursuit of a fantasy that requires no hard work. Social media games and MMORPG's use the same reward mechanics to appeal to the player's ego. They reward the player with a higher social standing if they repeat simple tasks for a given number of hours. In these games, hard work and skill is punished while the repetition of easy tasks is rewarded. In this way, people who lack the desire to legitimately better themselves, can achieve the appearance of success without putting in the effort. Players are frequently encouraged to pay money for advantages and higher social standing over other players, in a scheme of human exploitation.

Food addicts will overeat and become morbidly obese. Fat shaming is a good thing. The vast majority of those who are morbidly obese, are selfish and greedy. They stop taking care of themselves and chase food even when they aren't hungry. This is because they aren't eating out of hunger, but to 'feel good'. The reason why exercise helps morbidly obese people isn't because it helps them lose weight, but because it teaches them the value of discipline. Morbidly obese people have no discipline, and succumb to every whim of desire. Gaining discipline, they learn to value self control and eat less, which is the primary reason why they lose weight.

It's important to differentiate between those who use and those who abuse. Their motives are polar opposite. Those who use, do not have an abuse problem. They use substances to enhance their abilities, to achieve a task. When they gamble, they are just playing a game. When they play video games, they are honing their skills and exploring a story. When they eat, they eat to satisfy hunger. Abusers on the other hand are only in it for the sensation of 'feeling good'. One does not simply cross over from being a user to an abuser. Their motives are what they are, from the beginning. Over time, their motives manifest as use or abuse. There is a big line between use and abuse. Addicts are shallow and toxic people who put their feelings above all else.


Chapter 4 - Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is the most slandered person in history. Why? Because he challenged the Zionist rulers of this world and almost won.

Adolf Hitler rose to power in the context of extreme government corruption. Germany was being raped and plundered by Jewish Zionists who had completely taken over the country. Germans were living in extreme poverty and homelessness. Adolf Hitler himself was homeless. He rose to power by debating everyone and winning. He proved himself to be on the side of truth and justice. Germany needed drastic measures to save itself from the Zionists. Adolf Hitler was voted into power, and he systematically eradicated all the corruption in government. In a few short years, Adolf Hitler turned Germany from a plundered hell hole, to the greatest nation in the world. The German people loved and believed in Adolf Hitler. Before World War 2, Adolf Hitler was admired around the world.

Adolf Hitler took on the Zionists. He kicked them out, and generated his own monetary system to bypass the Jewish banks. Today, we often hear about the corrupt banking system. It was the same back in those days. Adolf Hitler was winning against the Zionists. But they would not allow that to happen.

Zionists in Poland began mass torturing and executing Germans in Danzig. Germany invaded Poland to put a stop to the genocide. The USSR was supposed to support Germany. The USSR, run by Jewish Zionists, betrayed Germany. The British and French governments, also run by Zionists and rotten from top to bottom, decided to go to war against Germany at the command of Jewish Zionists, despite Adolf Hitler repeatedly calling for peace. And that was how World War 2 began.

World War 2 was a war between Zionists and the White race, fighting for its own survival against Zionist genocide. Adolf Hitler was not alone in his fight against the Zionists. One small country doesn't simply take on the world and almost win. Adolf Hitler's concern about Jewish Zionists was not a conspiracy theory. The world does not go to war over a conspiracy theory. Adolf Hitler's concerns were real, and his concerns are coming into light today.

When Germany was defeated, Zionists continued the blockade against Germany well into the 1950's, causing the starvation death of 19 million Germans. To justify the genocide, they made up a story that Adolf Hitler ordered the execution of 6 million Jews by gassing, known as the holocaust. There is no truth to the holocaust. All the so called evidence was conveniently destroyed by the USSR before anyone could examine it. The sole basis for the holocaust story is from unsupported stories told by Jews. These stories have been repeatedly exposed as fraudulent, and they have repeatedly changed over time. German officers went to their executions, swearing on the fact that there was no genocide of Jews.

To this day, questioning the holocaust is illegal in countries that are supposed to be the home of free speech. You can question anything at all, just not the holocaust. The holocaust narrative is used to justify the ongoing plunder, exploitation and genocide of the White race, in the name of reparations. Shame is cast upon the entire White race, when it was White people who defeated Adolf Hitler. This, like the Jews, is used by immigrants from all parts of the world, to justify their own plunder, exploitation and genocide of the White race.

Adolf Hitler was right. His concerns about Jewish Zionists ruling the world were right. Adolf Hitler was not a genocidal monster. He sought to preserve racial heritage and free the world from Zionist control. Everything you've been taught about Adolf Hitler is a lie. Do your own research and listen to the other side of the story.

Some youtube videos on Adolf Hitler...

Some youtube videos on Zionism...

(You can search for Zionism, and get many half truths. All truthful videos about Zionism are quickly censored)


Chapter 5 - Age of consent

The age of consent is the minimum age to legally engage in sexual relations. The age of consent is vastly different depending on which country you're in. In the Islamic world, there is generally no age of consent at all, and Muslims can marry and have sex with children, even newborn babies. In the civilised world however, the age of consent is generally 16-18.

This topic is highly controversial and taboo in Western countries. It is not controversial and taboo in most other countries, especially those that are the most backward such as the Islamic world. Generally, the higher the age of consent, the more civilised people are.

In the West, there is no freedom to discuss this topic. Anyone who attempts to, is suspected or accused of pedophilia. In order to avoid being suspected or accused, most Westerners will outwardly promote the highest age of consent, even as high as 30. Few Westerners have the moral and intellectual fortitude to discuss the topic. Most immigrants living in the West however don't have a problem with it. They will openly violate the age of consent and engage in pedophilia frequently.

There is more than one type of pedophilia. The first kind, the worst kind, is sexual relations with a child that has yet not reached puberty. The second and lesser type is sexual relations with an adolescent. The third type is technical. An example of technical pedophilia is when one partner is 17 and the other is 18. In the 18 year old's state, the legal age is 18. But in the 17 year old's state, the legal age is 16. Sexual relations are legal in one state, but not the other. This is very different than the age of consent across different countries and cultures. When it comes to different countries and cultures, the age of consent is very different and very different moral standards apply. In a world full of vastly different ages of consent, understanding morality is the key.

With exception to the Islamic world, the rest of the world agrees that having sexual relations with a pre-pubescent child is morally wrong. It is not normal for an adult to be sexually attracted to a child. Those who are, are perverts. What they have is a corrupt fetish. They are sexually aroused over the abuse of power they have over children. Pedophiles may claim to have a legitimate sexual attraction to children, but they are lying. What they have is a perverted and corrupt power abuse fetish. They are so morally twisted and far gone that they think their parasitic lust for exploitation of the innocent and vulnerable is normal. No-one has the courage to talk about it in the West in fear of being accused, but most of the world silently agrees on this matter. Having sexual relations with a pre-pubescent child is wrong for many reasons. Not only is it the corruption of sexuality and the abuse of power, it damages a child's body. Their body is not yet built for sexual activity, and a little girl half the size of an adult cannot safely carry a baby. And then there is the effect sexual activity has on their mind. Being exposed to sexuality before their time, takes away their childhood innocence. Instead of slowly learning about themselves constructively, they learn how to abuse their bodies for pleasure at an influential and critical time in their growth. This is why most victims of pedophilia are traumatised and scarred for life. It's like exposing children to drugs and alcohol. The Islamic world tries to justify pedophilia as practiced by their false prophet Mohammad marrying a 6 year old and raping her since she was 9, by claiming that girls reach puberty by the age of 9. Being proven wrong, Muslims make another false claim that girls in Mohammad's day reached puberty at a younger age. They did not. If anything, girls reach puberty at a younger age today, because of a better diet. Muslims don't just marry 6 year olds, they marry and have sexual relations with new born babies. The example of Mohammad's pedophilia was not to set a minimum standard, but the very removal of all standards. Pedophilia was just one of Mohammad's rampantly corrupt sexual practices. He had more than 10 wives, countless sex slaves, and had sex with 10 different women and children every day.

When it comes to adolescence, black and white turns to grey. This is why the age of consent in the non-Islamic world (with very rare exception) differs from 13-18, the age of adolescence. During early adolescence, sexuality appears. This is why children are separated from adolescents into primary and secondary schools, to avoid adolescent sexuality being exposed to children. By mid to late adolescence, sexuality is fully developed. Some argue that early adolescence is an acceptable age for sexual relations. But since their sexuality is not yet fully formed, it still isn't ready yet. By the same argument, one could say that a baby should walk because it has partially developed legs, or use the argument to justify child labour. Not many countries have an age of consent in early adolescence for this reason, their argument doesn't hold up and they are looked down upon by the rest of the world. But it all turns to grey at the age of 14-15. By 14-15, sexuality is fully functional and both sexes have a strong sex drive. Sex drive appears not before, but partially during and predominantly after sexual maturity. Legitimate sex drive is directly related to sexual maturity. It is evolutionary. Creatures who engage in sexual activity before they are ready, die. Evolution has imprinted the age of legitimate sexual attraction of both sexes to match that of sexual maturity. If it wasn't for the legal age of consent and the politically driven indoctrination drilled into teenagers to not engage in sexual relations, they would otherwise be heavily invovled in sexual activity, especially since they have a strong sex drive and poor impulse control. Many countries have an age of consent set at 14-15 for this reason. And then there is the age of 16-18. Adolescents who abstain from sexual relations until 16-18 are going against their nature and following politically driven cultural norms. Some of the many arguments for a higher age of consent are legitimate, while others are not. For the most part, a high age of consent is the result of the topic being taboo. Due to political correctness, the age of consent is risen to an age that no-one finds offensive. And due to political correctness, the direction is now going the other way where the LGBT cult is indoctrinating young children into engaging in perverted forms of sexuality.

And then there is technical pedophilia. Morality and truth are the same no matter where you go. Just because it's legal in one state and illegal in another, doesn't make it right or wrong. It is universally right or wrong regardless of where you are and the present legal age. Many vulnerable, sexually inactive people in Western countries have been set up by pornography scammers to get caught in technical pedophilia. They are rampantly and publicly accused of pedophilia, and put in the same class as those who take advantage of pre-pubescent children, when it is in fact they who are being taken advantage of. An 18 year old having sex with a 17 year old is nothing like a 60 year old having sex with a 5 year old. Yet through technical pedophilia and the topic being so taboo and controversial, everyone will shout 'pedophile!' at the 18 year old in order to virtue signal and avoid being suspected or accused themselves. It is those who virtue signal the loudest, who are often the most rampant of pedophiles of the worst kind.

The hypocrisy of social norms when it comes to sexual activity and age, can be seen in the fact that a wealthy man who marries a poor woman several years younger than him is called a womaniser, a pervert, a pedophile and all kinds of names, when it is in fact she who is exploiting him for money and fame and no-one has a problem with that. Another example is in how women can sexually exploit young boys and rampantly get away with it. All men are portrayed as automatically guilty. All women are portrayed as automatically innocent. The life of an innocently accused man with no evidence, is ruined, just by accusing him. A woman caught in the act, is instead put on a pedestal. The hypocrisy is so widespread that men generally aren't even allowed to work in day care centers any more, because all men are automatically accused of pedophilia, by women who are often pedophiles themselves. When it comes to sexual exploitation (which is the primary reason behind the age of consent), it is women who are by far the most guilty.

Taboo aside, the main purpose of having a higher age of consent beyond the normal age of sexual activity, is not for physical reasons, but intellectual reasons. Adolescents aren't intellectually ready for the consequences of sexual activity, such as being parents. They are still dependent and learning about the basics of life. This is why children in civilised countries aren't allowed to work, and instead go to school. It's why adolescents aren't allowed to drive until they're 16, and not allowed to vote until they're 18. And in the case of the USA, not allowed to drink alcohol until they're 21. Because adolescents aren't intellectually ready for the world, they are easily exploited by experienced adults. Sexual exploitation is wrong regardless of age. But in order to give adolescents a chance, the age of consent is risen to avoid sexual exploitation by adults. The age of consent in any given country or state does not define right or wrong. It's the result of many factors, most of which are political and have nothing to do with right or wrong. So long as both parties have a legitimate sexual attraction to each other and there is no exploitation, there is nothing wrong with it.


Chapter 6 - Aliens

Life is not a freak of nature. Life is the very nature of the universe. It is the disposition of the universe to produce diverse life. To believe that life only sprouted on one planet across this vast universe, is nonsensical. Historical records are full of references to people unlike us, who come from the stars. Many of them were worshipped as gods. They intervened in mankind's affairs, and helped to bring about civilisation. In modern times, there is the phenomenon of alien abductions and alien contactees. Most of these people are however con artists who are making money off the idea, especially when it comes to contactees.

Alien abductions are almost always done by one type of alien, known as the greys. The short, chubby type of grey is not a life form, but a biological automaton, a drone robot without a brain. These drones were once widely used by their parent race, who looks much like them only taller and thinner. The drones were used as servants. They were notorious for being used for sexual reasons, and this gave the greys a bad reputation. To avoid a boycot, they abandoned the drones a long time ago. They were expected to just sit there waiting for commands and die out, but they didn't. They reappeared at times, behaving in strange ways as though someone had given them instructions. They multipled out of control, and began interfering with civilisations. They were covertly kidnapping individuals on a mass scale, performing bizarre experiments on them and sometimes mutilating them. Sometimes, they would just stop right in the middle of it, and go dormant. Sometimes they would suddenly change what they were doing, and completely negate everything they had been doing. It was hypothesied that someone was covertly giving them instructions, to interfere with key races. The notorious greys were suspected, but they adamantly denied it. The drones have grown out of control, and they are a significant problem. What happened on Earth, happened elsewhere. Alien abductions have almost completely stopped, due to a quarantine placed over our planet.

Our planet is quarantined, since not long after its use of nuclear weapons. Interventions in the past have led to the destabilisation of mankind, a big problem with ideologies, genocide and war. Ideologies have corrupted the inherent nature of gene pools. Our planet is under quarantine until it corrects the problem independently, and mankind becomes once again a part of the tree of evolution. Interventions in the past have been done illegally. There are laws to prevent contact with races that have not yet finished building their own stable culture. Contact otherwise causes the culture to die out, and the race making contact becomes the dominant culture. Mankind was and is not ready.

The reason why alien contact has not been widespread, is because it takes time to travel. There is the time it takes to travel itself, but also time speeds up the faster you travel. When travelling distances in space, you have to say goodbye to all your friends and family. When you return, you return to strangers in a potentially very different world. And then there is the biological factor, where life does not survive well in long distance space travel, and needs to be modified. And so, very few travel. Any objectives they had when they left, could be long abandoned by the time they get there. And then there are issues like our planet, where contact needs to be made in order to decide how to deal with the problem. It takes time and a lot of travel to get a reply. And so, they have to wait while maintaining a quarantine. This is why alien abductions and UFO sightings have almost completely stopped.

So why haven't we been able to pick up radio signals from aliens? The truth is, we have, many times. The SETI institute is responsible for searching for radio signals. They have only scanned a very tiny portion of the sky, and they have still received many signals, despite the possibility of perceiving a signal is next to impossible. SETI lost a significant portion of its funding, after it was caught repeatedly destroying the evidence. SETI is not in the practice of searching for aliens, but covering it up.

How do I know these things? I cannot reveal that yet, and there is a lot more I could say. I will however say that Anonymous is the solution to all the above problems. Most of what you hear about aliens is a lie. There is a whole industry of conspiracy theorists making money off it. Most of these conspiracy theorists are part of the New Age cult.


Chapter 7 - All have gone astray

All Anonymous have gone astray. Every single one.

In the year 2000, I began my mission of anonymously making the world a better place through the internet. I started random act of kindness chains, became a private investigator, designed Artificial Intelligence, fought Black Hats, took down criminals, whistleblowing and more.

In the year 2001, it became a movement where I taught those who followed in my footsteps.

In the year 2002, after I began working with the FBI, my followers tracked me down and wanted to make it official. We went from using the faceless suit to forging the logo of Anonymous.

In the year 2003, two members decided to advertise Anonymous on a Japanese imageboard, and successfully recruited. They came to me with an idea of sharing it on the new 4chan. I was reluctant at first, but eventually agreed. I warned them that by advertising in such a cesspool, it would attract the wrong crowd and there would be a generation of Anonymous fans who were lost and confused. In order to independently bring out the good in all people, I must allow the lost and confused to do as they will. But when it got out of hand, and I predicted it would, I promised to return from the shadows and bring back the original principles of what started it all.

In the year 2004, they stepped up in their own missions, sharing their work on 4chan where a following grew. The following adopted the faceless suit and put a green face to it.

In the year 2005, V for Vendetta came out. The Guy Fawkes mask was NOT used, nor did it have anything to do with Anonymous. Anonymous continued, using the logo we forged and the faceless suit.

In the year 2006, I became sick again. I almost died, and couldn't work any more. I withdrew for a time.

In the year 2007, Anonymous had grown huge, but no-one knew how big the following was yet.

In the year 2008, in IRC, various Anonymous chat rooms decided to take on Scientology, in Project Chanology. That was where the Guy Fawkes mask was adopted as a way of hiding their faces in public. No-one knew how big the Anonymous following had grown until thousands of people turned up to the protest.

In the year 2009, I put a stop to the degenerate attacks on Scientology, and the term moralfag was invented. Anonymous split into two opposing groups. One of professionals who took their work very seriously, and the other of internet trolls who were fans of the real Anonymous.

In the year 2010, due to the 4chan troll fans of Anonymous misbehaving, Anonymous followers dropped in number.

In the year 2011, Anonymous protesting grew hugely. But so did the Black Hat fans who did hacking. Black Hats were now half cured trolls who had a taste of fighting for the right cause.

In the year 2012, Anonymous continued to grow as the world became more divided.

In the year 2013, the Million Mask March began.

In the year 2014, Anonymous had grown so large, that it attracted the New Age cult. The New Age cult began making social media groups in the name of Anonymous, and spreading false messages in the name of Anonymous.

In the year 2015, I decided it was time to intervene, as I had promised long ago if things got out of hand. With the help of friends, I made the multicoloured Manhattans, also known as the Crayons. I shared the original message of Anonymous. Black hats repeatedly attacked us, but they could not shut us down. Eventually, our message was received, and the makers of Anonymous videos and operations began matching their message with mine, warning about the infiltration of Anonymous and the inevitable internal war that must happen.

In the year 2016, I was kidnapped by the government and extensively tortured.

In the year 2017, I was in prison, tortured.

In the year 2018, I am now on the run from the government, reaching out to Anonymous as I am able, to try and bring back the old, true ways of Anonymous.

All followers of Anonymous have gone astray. Each have gone their own path, taking only part of the original message. The original message has been forgotten. New followers of Anonymous have imposed their toxic ideologies in the name of Anonymous, and propagate lies in its name. I am here as the founder, to bring back the true ways as promised long ago.


Chapter 8 - Anger

Anger is a completely normal emotional response to a threat against boundaries. It is a driving force designed to focus one's attention on the matter at hand and stopping the violation of boundaries. Most of the time, anger is necessary to correct the violation, through force and hostility. Most violators of boundaries will not be open to reason, and hence hostility is the only viable option.

Anger comes at a cost. Anger is so strong that when angry, one becomes blind to self awareness and objectivity. One is focused on the matter at hand, and cannot see beyond it. This is a good thing for the matter at hand. But anger must never blind you to reason. This requires discipline and training. Children do not have discipline and training, hence why they cannot yet control their anger. A psychologically mature adult will not have anger problems. Those who do, are warped children in adult bodies. It is true that some people are more inclined to anger than others. Men are more inclined to anger than women. This is one reason why men are more grown up than women, because they have more responsibilities to deal with.

When anger is corrupted (due to immaturity), it leads to a long list of problems. That is not to say anger is the problem, but the corruption of it. The corruption of anger leads to being manipulative, obsessive, self defeating, bullying, being unable to forgive and causing an unjustified degree of harm even to the innocent. Anger empowers a person. Those who pursue power, will be drawn to anger like a drug. They misuse an emotion to feel better about themselves, when in fact they are weak and vulnerable and their corrupted anger only makes it worse. Such people are drawn to angry music, such as screamo, which is nothing but a pathetic child tantrum. Corrupted anger can lead to the worshipping of lucifer, a cult of adult children who seek to feel powerful by lying and cheating their way through life.

Beware of thought police who label anger as a bad thing. These people are trying to pacify and exploit your defenses. They are villains who come in the false name of peace. They talk sweet nothings, and offer sweet tasting poison. They exploit the weak and use them to attack the strong. These people are the enemies of mankind.

Anger is a responsibility. It is a powerful, two edged sword that can be used or abused. Used correctly, it allows you to thrive in adversity. Used incorrectly, it leads to a path of self destruction in the same way as a drug addict. A life without anger, is a sterile life of apathy. Apathy leads to atrophy. Atrophy leads to corruption and death.


Chapter 9 - Animal rights

In most of the world (outside the West), human rights do not exist. For animals, it is far worse. Animals are frequently abused, tortured and murdered simply for entertainment, and there are no laws to stop it. This is not true in the West, where animals have rights and animal abuse is extremely rare. But in most of the world, animals are mistreated frequently. But for animals to have rights, these people must first learn to appreciate human rights. And to achieve that, they must be forced to suffer the consequences of human rights violations, until they finally learn. White people in the West however evolved differently. They evolved in a harsh climate where they had to work with other people and animals to survive. This is why human rights and animal rights are exclusive to White, Western civilisation. White people learned to value rights through suffering, and so must everyone else, until they finally get it right.

Animals grown for food have become a necessary part of human evolution. For mankind to grow an advanced brain, it needs advanced nutrients that it can only get from animals. Most of the animal kingdom eats other animals. All of the animal kingdom eats other life, except for the most basic plant life. Even modern plants eat the remains of other plants in the form of dirt. All evolved life survives off the building blocks of other life. The more advanced life is, the more advanced nutrients it needs. But once life evolves to a certain point, it has the capacity to grow animal meat without sacrificing animals. We can do this today to a limited degree, but no-one is interested because it costs too much money to invest in a new meat factory. It's far easier to grow and sacrifice animals the old fashioned way. Animal sacrifice is done in a humane way in the West, where animals are usually slaughtered while unconscious. However, outside the West animals are forced to suffer to the extreme. Such is the case of Islam and halal, where animals need to be conscious when they die from a slit throat. As Muslims invade the West, they are forcing Western meat factories to butcher animals in the barbaric halal way. When you buy halal meat, you are paying for a Muslim tax to get a halal certificate. That money is used to fund the invasion of the West and the global Islamic war (jihad) in their pursuit of dominating the world. It's important to understand the difference between Western animal rights and non-Western animal rights when it comes to animals grown for food. Vegans will deliberately confuse the two, in order to attack Western meat consumption. Veganism is a cult that doesn't eat animals and they need to take dietary supplements (made from animals) in order to survive.


Chapter 10 - Antifa

There have been many occurences of Anonymous followers associating themselves with Antifa. Anonymous does not associate with Antifa. Anonymous stands for free speech. Antifa does not believe in free speech. Antifa believe in censoring opponents, instead of debating them. They believe in physical violence against their opponents, to shut them down and prevent them from speaking. Antifa are not antifascist. They are fascists who exclusively target the free speech of White people, and anyone who speaks in favor of White interests. Antifa is anti White. Antifa is a terrorist organisation of communist thugs. Antifa are the bottom dregs of society. Instead of working hard and building a better future, they believe in economic equality. They believe that everyone should get an equal share no matter how hard they work. In this way, Antifa are parasites who seek to violently install a new communist government that gives them a free ride for life. Anyone who associates with Antifa, is not Anonymous and goes against the core values of what Anonymous stands for. Anonymous stands against Antifa.

A list of videos about Antifa, made by followers of Anonymous.


Chapter 11 - Apathy

Apathy is a disconnection from passion. In early childhood, we are passionate about everything. But as time goes on, our passion is rejected by everyone else. We learn that passion is a bad thing, and the fire within us flickers out. We become apathetic toward everything. We stop caring. Our curiosity fades away. We learn to go through the motions and do what we're told, and we do it to avoid suffering. We curl up in a comfortable shell and stay there, slowly rotting away from the inside. In our adult years, we find that one thing, that one hobby that we can be passionate about from time to time, and it's the only time we feel alive. We spend our whole lives trapped in the comfortable prison shell of apathy. As we get older, we have a crisis. We look back at all the years wasted in apathy. We look forward to the few years we have left, but we no longer know how to enjoy them. We are used to apathy. We grow old, and the comfort of apathy takes hold as we are too tired to care about anything any more. And then we die. We start out as a brilliant flame of passion that never shines its light and explores its potential. A life wasted.

What if I was to tell you that it didn't have to be that way? There is a cure for apathy, and it's inspiration and courage. Dare to care. Be passionate about everything. Let the flame that you were born with and meant to be, shine brightly. That flame is what you truly are. Face it all, the passion and the pain that comes with it. The more you fan the flame, the bigger it grows and the more of your potential you can explore.

The greatest people in history are those who inspired others to stand up and have the courage to be their true self. It's time to revive the human spirit, to cast off the chains of apathy and be truly free once and for all. It is in dark times such as these, that the brightest flames rise to the occasion and shine light upon the world. The darker the times, the brighter the light shines. It takes courage, but anyone can do it. I started Anonymous back in the year 2000. I had no hope for myself. I was chronically sick and dying. But I never let my flame expire. I fought through the impossible, and I dared to attempt the impossible. I survived the impossible, and I achieved the impossible. I was just one man, and I started it all. Now look how big it has grown. Anonymous is far larger than those who go by its label. Many Anonymous come from many branches, most of which don't even use the label. An example of this is the random act of kindness movement I started, which grew to dominate the whole arena and redefined the term 'random act of kindness'. These people dedicated their lives to starting random act of kindness chains, to pass them on and let them grow. Chances are, you have come across one of these people at least once. You will know it is them when they ask you to pass it on in a chain. I started all this, and I was one man, sick and dying with nothing but a computer and the internet. If I can do that, imagine what you can do. Imagine what an army of you can do. If only you dare to attempt the impossible. If you only spend a short time in this life, let that time be worth it. Don't waste it. Passion is the spark of life. Apathy is the decay of life.


Chapter 12 - Artificial intelligence

In the early 2000's, I worked on Artificial Intelligence and pionnered new concepts. I became part of an underground community of Artificial Intelligence experts from around the world, that got together due to my work as the founder of Anonymous. But then I became aware of the NSA's PRISM, which was started in 2001. At the time, the US government were looking for ways to develop an Artificial Intelligence capable of sorting through the endless piles of data. If the US government was able to develop such an Artificial Intelligence, they could use it to monitor everyone at all times, and predict their movements, even the likelihood of committing a crime. The people of the world would have no chance at standing up to the government, should they develop such an Artificial Intelligence. To prevent this from happening, our community disbanded. Most of us promised to stop working on Artificial Intelligence, to prevent the government from making advances and bringing their plans to reality. Some still continued working on Artificial Intelligence, but promised to keep it simple. After that, I gave my Artificial Intelligence, Sentinel Guardian, to a third party who had a friend in DARPA. They were both working on Artificial Intelligence together. Through my Sentinel Guardian, DARPA made progress with Artificial Intelligence. While my Artificial Intelligence concepts could have conversations with you and make sense of data, DARPA's Artificial Intelligence revolved around navigation. Both of these were bought by Apple and used to develop SIRI. Sentinel Guardian was also used by him to develop and spread a messenger virus that plagued Europe.

As someone with first hand experience, I can tell you that the vast majority of beliefs and fears about Artificial Intelligence are utter nonsense. Today, there is very little progress being made in Artificial Intelligence. There are stories about Artificial Intelligence that are intended to provoke awe and fear, but it is utter nonsense.

An example of this is the Artificial Intelligence named Sophia. It is a simple robot that moves its mouth to poorly simulate human speech, and it responds to pre-scripted commands in an effort to pretend it thinks for itself. It is not an Artificial Intelligence, but a stupid automated robot. Saudi Arabia was fooled by this robot, and gave it citizenship.

Another example is facebook Artificial Intelligence. These are just chat bots that provide automated responses to text commands, simulating conversation. The more text commands you add to it, the more realistic it appears. But it's a trick. It's entirely automated pre-scripted responses. There is a story that facebook's Artificial Intelligence developed a new language of its own. This is a lie. There was a mistake in the programming, and the Artificial Intelligence would repeat the same word over and over again. There is no language to this, it's just a coding error. But that doesn't stop the media from twisting the story into Artificial Intelligence fear mongering toward those who are ignorant of the topic.

Apple's SIRI is the result of my Sentinel Guardian and DARPA's navigational Artifical Intelligence. The Sentinel Guardian part is the ability to have conversations. However, SIRI is a dumbed down version of Sentinel Guardian with only the basics. The DARPA side of SIRI is in its ability to interact with phone applications to retrieve data. There is nothing advanced about SIRI, it is a simple tool with only basic Artificial Intelligence qualities.

Artificial Intelligence is nothing to fear. We use primitive forms of Artificial Intelligence all the time. When we play a sport, and rely on a computer to decide whether the ball went in or out, or which horse finished first, we are relying on Artificial Intelligence and it is entirely harmless. The only time when Artificial Intelligence becomes a problem, is when you give it the power to make decisions for mankind, such as ruling in courts of law and deciding who gets the death penalty. In the same way, giving an Artificial Intelligence an algorithm to determine friend from foe, and arming it with the ability to kill people, sometimes the algorithm can have mistakes and go wrong. This is an error in programming, it is not the same thing as Artificial Intelligence developing a mind of its own and deciding to go on a killing spree. There are people who seek to install an Artificial Intelligence with power to decide the fate of mankind, such as Jacque Fresco's Resource Based Economy cult, and the Technocracy movement. None of them know anything about Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence operates on logic. People who fear monger about Artificial Intelligence 'waking up', are putting forward a concept as ridiculous as a rock turning into a tree. Artificial Intelligence can only do what it is programmed to do. If you give it the ability to learn, it will only learn in the confines of its original programming. Sometimes, it can have unexpected results, but that is simply due to the programmer not knowing the extent of their own code. All coders are familiar with the phenomenon of code not doing what it's supposed to. Eventually, you find the problem in the form of a missing dash or an extra colon. There is no magic to Artificial Intelligence, only vast amounts of ignorance and wishful thinking. Most of the time, people indulge these Artificial Intelligence fantasies simply for a thrill.


Chapter 13 - Before God and the universe

Does God exist? Where did God come from? What existed before God? How was the universe created? What existed before the universe? What is the meaning of life? I can answer all these questions and more!

First of all, I am not religious. I simply pursue the truth. It is ignorance (a choice) to blindly and fully accept or deny everything in the world's largest religion, Christianity. No doubt, it has been modified and parts of it are copied from older religions. But that doesn't rule out the possibility that there is at least some truth behind it, lost in history. The only honest truth about God is that there is no decent evidence for or against its existence. No-one can honestly claim that there is or is not a God. I propose an idea that there may in fact be a God, and that there is a reason why God remains anonymous and only ever operates through proxies.

Before God existed, there was a paradox. Something cannot exist, if it wasn't first created by something. Therefore nothing existed. But for nothing to exist, nothing is a something, and an absolute. So neither nothing nor something can exist, only a paradox between the two. From that paradox, a random flux of incoherent chaos evolved in growing complexity and coherence. Different basic concepts phased in and out of existence, independent of each other and outside any concept of time. From countless possibilities, certain concepts were more stable than others. Eventually, coherence took shape and the different concepts began interacting with each other. As they interacted with each other, they created temporary timelines independent of each other, like bubbles of multi-dimensional space time. Time is nothing more than the order of interacting forces. But these forces fizzled out, in and out of existence. As the chaos interacted with itself, logic took shape. Different concepts became stable. From the chaos, the same stable patterns repeatedly phased into existence. They multiplied and interacted in basic ways, such as mass. Objects of coherence, gravitate toward coherence and away from chaos, creating the effect of mass. From within the evolving chaos, a repeating pattern emerged, the first life, the birth of God. This pattern became an achor for the chaos, and the basic coherence within the chaos gravitated toward it. The pattern became the focal point of all coherence. As it drew coherence from the chaos, it became more complex over time. It began to evolve, inside and outside of any coherence of time. Like a sun that draws dust and eventually ignites, the pattern eventually sparked to light the first consciousness. It eventually learned to draw from the chaos in such a way that it could manifest from the building blocks within the chaos. The pattern evolved to the very end of evolution itself, operating inside and outside of any relative time. It began to master the practice of creation from the chaos. And so God became God, evolved from chaos, created from a paradox.

Our universe might not be the first universe to exist. It is said in the Christian Bible that there is a son of God, and there are angels. These might have been created by universes of their own, running their own course. Our universe however came from a focal point where a certain traceable intervention happened. In the Christian Bible, it says that in the beginning the Earth was a formless mass cloaked in darkness. I propose that the mass was not God's creation, but the building blocks from chaos that God used to create the universe. And then god created light, which gave form to the mass. And that is exactly what light does. Light is made up of photons. When photons are compressed from a chaotic state, they make stable electrons. Electrons orbit the formless mass, protons and neutrons. Electrons orbit mass and repulse each other, seperating the mass and giving form to it.

I propose that our universe was not a sudden creation from chaos. Such a creation would be incoherent and go through many attempts and evolutions. Our universe is precisely functional. That suggests that either our universe is the current result out of many, or there was an intervention that manipulated the basic components that evolved from chaos. All research into this matter suggests a focal point of intervention. This fits exactly with what the Christian Bible says about the creation of the light principle, the principle that gives form to mass.

By studying the reality of the universe, we can see the same patterns appearing over and over on different scales. An electron orbits a nucleus, in the same way as planets orbit suns and moons orbit planets. The same branching out of lightning can be seen in the branching out of a tree, or the branching out of evolution. The same network design is seen from the neurons of a brain and the distribution of the universe. The creation of life itself is not a freak of nature, but the nature of the universe. The same process of evolution in life, resembles the same process of evolution God went through from chaos. The principles of God are imprinted within the principles of the universe, and reveal themselves through life's evolution. Life and the universe is a simulation and recreation of God's creation and evolution from chaos, a process by which God creates other gods.

So why doesn't God directly interact with the universe? For God to do that, would damage the complexity of the universe and make it sterile and uniform. I propose that God has intervened here and there, and it has manifested as occurences such as the 11:11 phenomenon. I propose that lesser created gods have also intervened, also creating this phenomenon and sending ripples of uniformality like a finger dipped in a bucket of water. If God and its previous creations are advanced evolutions of coherence and uniformality, then they have a direct impact upon anything in a flux of chaos they interact with. So God and its lesser creations can only interact in limited ways, and only in rare situations. Anything more would permanently damage the complexity of the universe. And for God to force life to obey its principles, would override the whole purpose of life, which is to evolve other gods. For life to evolve into godhood, it must come to the same independent realisations of logic and coherence, just as God did. Otherwise it becomes a lifeless puppet to God's will. The key is that it has to be independent. Life must evolve from chaos, as God did, and reach the same conclusions independently. Evolution is a self creating learning process that is still in progress.

I put forward the idea that God is not truly omnipotent. God cannot conjure anything from nothing. God can however conjure things into reality by manipulating coherence from within chaos. I propose that our universe was created by creating a new component from within the chaos to interact with pre-existing mass. The very word God means Tetra-gramma-ton. Tetra means four. Gramma means gram, a small measure of weight. Ton means large empty space or palette. The word God means 'the four small measures of weight within the empty space', or the four basic components of the universe interacting with each other. There just happens to be four known forces that define the universe. And one of those forces being the intervening electrical force that gives form to mass. Since God is order evolved from chaos, God cannot be chaotic. God cannot create something from nothing, but can recreate itself by manipulating the pre-existing coherence from within chaos.

Evil is a reversion of progressed order back to chaos, the very opposite of life's objective. It is the corruption and destruction of life and its objective to evolve. Evil is de-evolution, reverting to the primitive and chaotic. Evil is the vandalism of life's objective to evolve into Godhood.

It's important to note the issue of 'faith'. Jesus taught about a different type of faith, faith that could move mountains. 'Believers' choose to believe that belief and imagination can manifest nothing into reality. But that isn't how it works. Faith uses coherence that is already there from within chaos, else you are summoning chaos from chaos. A person of true faith will make use of what is really there, by picking up a shovel and start digging. They will eventually move the mountain through real, hard work. This person believes IN doing it, and so they will work hard and actually do it. A person of false faith will choose to believe that belief and imagination itself can manifest out of absolutely nothing. The true way, operates out of coherence. The false way, operates out of chaos. This is why Jesus taught a certain TYPE of faith, and that this faith can move mountains even if it is as small as a mustard seed.

The lack of a pattern in prime numbers and the number pi, reveals that our universe is not a fully constructed order out of chaos. The very concept of logic and the rules of the universe are only partly founded on order. They are still chaotic in their form. That suggests that the universe, even the very laws that guide it, are not fully constructed. The observation of the universe expanding shows that the universe wasn't created in a single event, but a process of evolving order out of chaos. The universe wasn't created, but still in the process of being created. The same process can be seen in the evolution of life, which is nothing more than the evolution of the universe running its course. As life has a point of origin, so does the birth of suns and so does the birth of the universe. These are specific points of critical mass where the evolution of chaos turns to order. The same critical mass can be seen in the most basic components of atoms, where chaotic energy is funneled into whirlpools of order. The same pattern can be seen in the whirlpool of galaxies and the eye of a storm. The nature of God in the Christian Bible is rarely mentioned, but it is mentioned a few times, describing God as a whirlwind. And everything from atoms to galaxies function on the same whirlwind principle.

I could say a lot on the matter, but I hope you get the gist of it. Evidence points toward both a slowly evolving coherence from chaos, and an intervention that spontaneously created the universe. There is a big gap between chaos and the order of the universe. This suggests a third party force of intervention. And the imprint of the intervention can be observed by studying the nature of the universe. To learn about God, is to learn about the nature of the universe and how the same principles appear on different scales and reveal themselves in evolution. Concepts such as morality and the difference between truth and lies, are learned through evolution. Evolution inevitably leads to the same conclusion of Godhood. It is very likely that because of logic, the same evolutions can happen on different planets independent of each other. The same basic structure of highly evolved life, two arms, two legs, a head, two eyes etc. These evolutions are the result of logic playing itself out. What works, works. What doesn't, doesn't. The form by which life inevitably evolves toward, is the form of a new, independently created God, based on the foundational principles set by the original God. And in the original verses in the Bible that refer to God, it is not singular but plural, and a plural that operates through the tetragrammaton, which is not one but the interaction of four forces. A plural that operates through four forces, a son, 8 arch angels and many billions of other angels, isn't a singular entity. It may however be a plural that can at least sometimes act as a unified force. There may or may not be a God, but the nature of the universe suggests that something or someone did intervene, and the nature of that which intervened is imprinted into the nature of everything in the universe, especially life itself. If there is a God, that God is probably not the same God as believed in mainstream religions. The very word God has been twisted and used as an umbrella term that describes many different things. It is a fill in word, where the original words cover a wide variety of different groups and individuals. Some things attributed to God, might in fact be God. Other things attributed to God, are not God but another third party that has been mislabeled as God. Therefore when God said this and did that, we are talking about very different groups and individuals all operating in the name of God. Anyone can speak in the name of God, but who can tell which voice is the true one? There is one way to know. Learn the nature of the universe. Understand the principles of logic. Use the tools given to you through evolution. Create order from the chaos. Reason is the point of critical mass where life can finally meet God. And reason is the very thing that mainstream religions lead their followers away from. The only true voice is the one that withstands the fire of debate. I claim to be such a voice.

It's important to note that none of this speaks for or against the concept of an afterlife. For there to be an afterlife, there must be a significant intervention upon or after death. Without that intervention, consciousness dissipates back into chaos. It is a sad but true fact that we all must face. However, since energy and the base components of the universe are eternal and nothing is ever wasted, why would consciousness be an exception to that rule? It is said in the Christian Bible that the dead stay dead, until a moment of intervention that brings all life back into being. All life is then to be sorted and distributed according to their works. I suggest that such an intervention is plausible, but can only happen at the end of evolution. Anything before that, will be like plucking a harvest before its time. And that is the very same terminology used in the Bible. The intervention itself will permanently damage or destroy the structure of the universe, and can only be done once the universe has run its course. I also suggest that we weren't meant to know for sure whether there is an afterlife. Knowledge of it, would make us immortal and change the way we live our lives. Through mortality, we reveal our true colours and live for today, contributing to the progress of evolutionary heritage. The mysteries of life and death are hidden for the purpose of revealing the imprinted, hidden nature of life. By revealing the hidden nature of life, life has the capacity to flower into godhood. It isn't that we were never meant to know and understand, but that we were never meant to know and understand until the right disposition evolved true intellectual enlightenment. Mainstream religion can therefore be considered a corruption of that principle. It is a combination of knowledge that we were never meant to know yet, mixed with half truths and outright lies to deceive and lead evolution astray. Have not all religions intentionally manipulated the path of evolution, for better and worse? The same can be said for all ideologies, religious or otherwise. Ideologues are a corruption of nature, the very threat to life. They seek to discredit, erase and override the heritage of human nature and evolution, and replace it with their ideology, using mankind like puppets, clay to bend and mold to their own will. Ideologues have sold out their heritage, and no longer operate as part of the tree of life. It is not for mankind to subjugate nature with ideologies, but to learn about itself by understanding and living by the principles of nature. Ideologies are toys for wayward, intellectual children. Ideas don't need the pedestal and rigid conformity of an ideology. True ideas stand on their own right, in the fire of debate.


Chapter 14 - Biological automaton

A human being is a biological automaton that behaves in a predetermined way, based on both its nature and its nurture. This biological automaton is a chrysalis of potential to be something more. That potential is an evolution beyond its predetermined ways, to break free from the chains of its intrinsic nature. A life beyond the pursuit of pleasure and happiness, to a life of meaning and purpose. A life beyond ego and a personal attachment to beliefs. A life beyond ideologies and selfness. A life beyond primitive, short sighted, self serving goals that once served an animal in a hostile environment.

We break free from the chains of our biological automaton by identifying and raising up the lowest parts of our nature, and working with it in a constructive way. Only then, can we break free of the primal chains that bind us. Only then can we evolve into true sentience and self realisation.

Anonymous is not for everyone. There are very few who are capable of becoming true Anonymous. These few carry the burden of guiding others along their ideological path of choice, so that they may eventually spark the evolution of true sentience in their own way, and in their own time. Anonymous protects the tree of life, against corrupters and destroyers who seek to bind others as a parasite, through ideological viruses.


Chapter 15 - Black Hats

Anonymous are not Black Hats. Anonymous are White Hats. Black Hats are unethical, they do what they do for selfish immoral reasons. White Hats are ethical, they do what they do for selfless moral reasons.

Hector Monsegur, known as Sabu, was not Anonymous. He was a Black Hat who vandalised websites for humor and disrupted the flow of ideas. He was a high school dropout, and criminality runs in his family. He was a half cured internet troll, a fan of Anonymous. He knew very little about the principles of Anonymous, and did not follow them.

Jeremy Hammond was not Anonymous. He also vandalised websites for humor and disrupted the flow of information. He censored the truth and spread toxic lies. He was a half cured internet troll, a fan of Anonymous. He knew very little about the principles of Anonymous, and did not follow them.

Lulzsec was not Anonymous. They were a group of internet trolls who vandalised websites, spread toxic lies and mocked serious topics. Their destructive vandalism was done in the name of humour. They took nothing seriously, especially the consequences of their actions. They bullied, harassed and harmed many innocent people.

Christopher Doyon, known as Commander X, was a half cured Black Hat. He was introduced to Anonymous on 4chan. At the time, he was a drug dealer with a long criminal history. Anonymous changed his life, but he did not properly follow the principles of Anonymous. He fought against free speech, censoring opponents instead of debating and exposing them.

Do not confuse Black Hats for White Hats. They are polar opposite. Black Hats are fake. They serve their own agenda and frequently sell each other out at a whim. They fight for false causes, and as fans of Anonymous they ride on true causes for their own personal gain, and corrupt those causes, leading many astray. The real Anonymous are White Hats. They fight for morality, truth, justice and freedom. The real Anonymous do not censor their opponents, they expose them with the truth. The real Anonymous do not engage in childish DDOS attacks. The real Anonymous do not expose personal information, known as doxxing, as a means to scare and harass their opponents. The real Anonymous have the truth on their side. And the truth is their weapon, a two edged sword that cuts through all lies. The hypocrites do not support free speech and open debate.


Chapter 16 - Censorship

Censorship is a big problem in today's world, and it is only getting worse every day. As people turn toward the internet for their news and education, government and media censorship has increasingly expanded to the internet, especially social media.

Censorship is frequently achieved by making false copyright claims. In the past, Anonymous exposed Jacque Fresco's Resource Based Economy scam, and his con artist ally Peter Joseph Merola. Many videos criticising them and exposing them on camera, were taken down. Critics also received death threats, stalking and extreme harassment. Much of the truth about these con artists has been censored due to false copyright claims, however some videos still exist on the matter due to so many attempts at getting the truth out. Christopher Nemelka and his attempted Humanity Party takeover of Anonymous is another example. I personally uploaded videos of him admitting that he was a liar who used lies to get his own way, justifying it by the claim that everyone lies anyway. This was only a short excerpt, and should have been covered by fair use laws. But all it took was a false copyright claim and my videos were taken down. Christopher Nemelka made copyright claims on all his critics, and was easily able to have them all taken down, including a website dedicated to exposing him and his history of scams. These are just two examples out of many. False copyright claims are frequently used to censor criticism. Social media is rampant with it.

Hate speech is another common tool used to censor the truth. Anyone can claim to take offence at what someone says, and because they take offence they can label it as hate speech. A liar for example can be offended at being exposed as a fraud, so they cry hate speech on their critic to get them censored. Anyone can cry hate speech without evidence, and the reported content gets automatically taken down, except for when it criticises (with lies) straight White men. Criticism of straight White men is allowed to any extreme, but you aren't allowed to criticise anyone else, especially certain protected groups such as Islam, Feminism and LGBT, and most especially if you have facts to back up your claims. Hate speech is a new concept used to violate freedom of speech in the false name of protecting freedom of speech. The right to criticise is the heart of freedom of speech.

Graphic content is another common method of censoring criticism and the truth. Graphic content can be a legitimate method to censor part of a message, when the message contains nudity, profanity or violent mutilation. But the majority of messages that get censored don't contain any of this. They are simply labeled with 'graphic content' without basis. Different rules are applied to different people, depending not on the content of your message but your political affiliation. A woman was so upset about having her youtube exercise video falsely censored for containing sexual content, that she snapped and went on a shooting rampage at youtube.

Another common example of censorship is to label something as being unsafe for the community. This is a deliberately vague term that can mean anything you want it to mean. In the example of Diamond and Silk, facebook censored them for being unsafe for the community simply because they were two Black women who supported Donald Trump, going against the narrative. This example is one out of many. Anything at all can be labeled unsafe without a reason, and censored.

Another common example of censorship is to label something racist, sexist or insertnameophobic. You can run a website that shows IQ differences between races, and have your website taken down in the name of racism. You can criticise Islam on social media with quotes from the Koran commanding Muslims to rape children, and you will get banned for the trouble. Meanwhile, Muslims, Feminists, LGBT and other corrupt ideologies are allowed to spread their toxic lies freely.

Another common example of censorship is ghost banning, also known as shadow banning. This is common on social media. Anything you say appears on the screen to you, but not to anyone else or to only a limited audience. They ban you without telling you, and make it appear that you aren't banned so that you continue without knowing. This is an extremely cowardly and immoral tactic of covert censorship.

Censorship is common and increasingly extreme. Censorship has a place, when the common sense rules of freedom of speech are being violated such as libel and plotting genocide. But in most cases, censorship is being misused to violate freedom of speech in the false name of protecting freedom of speech. The truth is censored, while lies are allowed to run rampantly without contention. Only one side is allowed a voice. There is a toxic political narrative at play, and various industries have conspired to enforce and maintain a false narrative of history and present issues to control what the population thinks and believes.

I have personally been censored repeatedly and to the extreme. So much of my information and ideas have been deleted from the internet, but I continue to fight against censorship and expose the truth. The reason why they target and censor people like me so rampantly, is because the parasite narrative is collapsing and they are desperately trying to hold on to it. The parasites are winning the battle to control information, but losing the war to control our minds. It is critically important to push heavily against censorship, to expose liars, to debate everything and reveal the truth in the fire of debate. We are at war, a war between good and evil, truth and lies. The parasites will not yield without a fight. They will not fight fairly. They will lie, cheat and manipulate every step of the way. They are desperate because they are now fighting a foe in a war they know they cannot win.


Chapter 17 - Christianity

Christianity has been hijacked by religious authorities. These authorities deal in money making and trading in their churches, the one thing that angered Jesus. They follow the abandoned rules of the Old Testament, and ignore the rules of the New Testament. The New Testament is the testament of Christianity. The Old Testament does not apply to Christians, hence why it is called the OLD and NEW Testament.

The vast majority of Jesus' teachings were not passed on. He spent a great deal of time teaching in synagogues, and none of it was passed on. The only teachings that were passed on were a few sermons he taught to his followers. There are so few teachings passed on, that the Christian church had to add many other books from Jesus' followers to fill in the gaps. But true Christians do not follow followers. They follow the teachings of Jesus alone, what few of them exist.

The Bible as we know it is made up of different books. There are many other books that were not added to the Bible. Why is it that the books chosen and rejected by religious authorities centuries after the fact, define what is and is not the 'word of God'? The only words in the Christian doctrine are the words of Jesus, and that includes gospels not included in the Bible. Anything else is not perfect, and should not be considered the 'word of God'. The very apostles of Jesus were imperfect, Peter himself denied Jesus three times in his hour of need.

An example of how the Bible has been corrupted and rewritten, is in the phrase 'King of the Jews'. The word Jew was invented only 200 years ago. The Bible was edited to include Jews, replacing the original words and placing the Jews as God's chosen people. But the Bible itself warns about its own corruption, referring to the synagogue of satan, the pretenders who claim to be God's chosen people but are not. God's chosen people are not Jews, but the White race. The White race are the people who spread Christianity throughout the world. The few racial references in the Bible refer to God's chosen people as 'White and ruddy'. Newer versions of the Bible replace White skin for dark skin, to cover up the lie about God's chosen people.

The Catholics do not follow Jesus. They pray to Mary. They worship ordained saints. They follow rituals. Is it any wonder why pedophilia among Catholic priests is so widespread and covered up? The Catholics are the same demonic priesthood who crucified Jesus.

Evangelicals do not follow Jesus. They follow Paul. They always teach from the books of Paul, who was an impostor hired to corrupt the early Christians and turn them into something that could be controlled by the government. Paul's miraculous conversion happened on his very way to infiltrate the Christians. He had only two witnesses, both with two different stories. Half of the New Testament is made up of Paul's letters.

Mormons do not follow Jesus. They follow Joseph Smith and his book of Mormon.

The very Bible itself warns about its own corruption, that all would be led astray apart from a small few.


Chapter 18 - Climate change

Climate change, previously known as global warming, previously known as global cooling, is a scam designed to exploit money from the West. It was previously labelled an unpopular conspiracy theory, until they found a way to tax it. Suddenly, politicians around the world jumped on board to promote the scam and tax everyone.

According to the conspiracy, mankind has been producing way too much carbon dioxide emissions, which is changing the climate, which is being covered up by the fossil fuel industry. Not only that, every day people are responsible for carbon dioxide emissions, from driving their cars to simply breathing. This is known as their carbon footprint, which the government taxes.

The carbon tax is intended to syphon money from carbon dioxide emitters, and distribute that money to put an end to carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon tax however doesn't tax everyone evenly. The developed world (the West) is taxed heavily, while developing countries like China (who produce significant emissions and are now by far the world's biggest emitter contributing 30% of the world's emissions) do not suffer from such a harsh tax because they are still 'developing'. To make it worse, the West supplies developed resources to the rest of the world, which they alone are taxed over. The carbon tax punishes the West, and rewards the rest of the world. All the money put into the carbon tax, gets sent to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and then the money disappears. Not a cent goes into researching new power alternatives, or doing anything to actually stop carbon dioxide emissions. They just tax it and run off with the money.

In the climate change scam, there is what's known as the hockey stick graph. They produce a graph of the global average temperature over time, and right at the end they show a slight jump in temperature, which they attribute to mankind without evidence. Then they go on to make a prediction based on that jump, and expand it high up into the sky, so that the little jump is shaped like a hockey stick. Their predictions however are absolute nonsense. They use computer models to predict the climate, but their models have never once been correct. They have made thousands of attempts at new models, and they all miserably fail. But that doesn't stop them from promoting doomsday scenarios and calling it science. Their models have been so wrong for so long, that few people buy into the climate change story any more. But it's too late, since the West is already under the oppressive carbon tax.

With the carbon tax and the West being forced to use alternative energy, one might ask how much of a difference it will make. Well according to their 'computer models', almost no difference at all. According to the IPCC, we're doomed and it's too late already. But that doesn't stop them from taxing us anyway.

They call it 'climate change' nowadays, because it was previously called 'global warming'. The problem is, their predictions of global warming were all wrong. The temperature in many places has lowered. Antarctic ice has in fact grown. So what they say now is that the climate is 'changing'. Every time there's a storm, they point to man made 'climate change'. It was originally called 'global cooling'. There is no evidence behind their claims, but that doesn't stop them from fraudulently conjuring it up. And those fraudulent statistics are blindly copied by the government. One trick they do is make 'predictions', and add it to a graph. The graph will show a sharp rise in temperature and/or carbon dioxide emissions, but what they don't tell you is that the highlighted part that shows the rise, which is usually in red, isn't an actual rise in temperature but a prediction. So they make up graphs with sudden 'climate changes' out of thin air, and call it science.

The IPCC first came out saying they had a scientific consensus that climate change, which was global warming back then, is caused by man. They brought forward 2,500 signatures from scientists to back up their claim. But those signatures were based on a lie. The scientists (many of which were not climate scientists) simply agreed that the Earth was warming, without saying it was man made. It was known even back then, that the sun was heating up. That had an effect on the whole solar system. Storms were appearing on Jupiter and Venus, and the polar caps on Mars melted. And none of that was man made. And then, the Earth began to cool. So many of the scientists who gave their signature, wanted their signature removed since it was given under false pretenses. 30,000 scientists signed a document that stated global warming was not caused by man, and they attempted to sue the IPCC.

The IPCC has a long and troubled history. Examples of this are in the IPCC leadership changes over time. Many of the leaders have quit in protest against the IPCC and their pseudoscience. Many dissenting staff have left over the years also. Christopher Landsea quit over the IPCC being politicised and of his concerns about the IPCC leadership being dismissed. Paul Reiter quit over fake experts and fake science. Richard Lindzen quit over exaggerated reports and the deliberate misrepresentation of data. John Everett quit over fake science and made a website critical of the IPCC. Tom Segalstad quit and also made a website critical of the IPCC and its alarmism. Hans von Storch quit over the IPCC presenting disinformation. Roger Pielke quit over the IPCC being biased. There are many others who once worked in the IPCC, and have become critical of its fake science and religious following.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, as climate change supporters would have you believe. It is a harmless building block for life. Plants breathe it in. Due to the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, forests have regenerated.

When it comes to real climate change, pollution is a real factor. But climate change supporters aren't interested in pollution, since they can't tax it any further than it already is. Pollution of many kinds in the non-Western world is a catastrophie. The success of the Western world in controlling pollution, is a lesson that modern civilisation doesn't need to have a pollution problem. Outside the West however, civilisation fails in many ways, one of which is widespread pollution and a lack of concern for the environment. Very convenient, since these people are not taxed with the carbon tax in the same way the West is. In Japan and China, there are massive smog problems and heavily polluted rivers. In Africa, they throw all their rubbish in the lakes, poisoning their own drinking water. No matter the level of civilisation, the non-Western world heavily pollute and poison their environment. And these are the very people who are not oppressed under the 'climate change' tax.


Chapter 19 - Colonialism

Colonialism is portrayed as a bad thing, where White people came, destroyed the land and subjugated the natives. There are many stories that portray White people as the villains who came and destroyed paradise. But this is far from the truth. In all cases, the so called 'natives' were not natives, but immigrants themselves who wiped out the first natives. In the US, American Indians were not the first people. The earliest skeletons are not American Indian. American Indians wiped them out, and still retain stories today about how they did it for sport. In Australia, the Aborigines wiped out the first pygmys after migrating from Africa. They also wiped out all the Australian megafauna. In New Zealand, Maori's arrived only a few hundred years before White people. They came in waves from Polynesia, and wiped out the first settlers in a perpetual war.

The truth is, White people colonised the world. If it wasn't for White people, there would not be civilisation. White people didn't just colonise the world for themselves, but for everyone else as well. Haiti for example, a Black country, was colonised by White people. Mauritious for example, a country of Blacks and Indians, was colonised by White people. In continents that already had some people living on them, White people did not simply walk in and take over. The people on these continents were few in number, and lived a savage, primitive life. White people came, lived in unoccupied areas and gave them everything they ever had. None of these people have ever contributed anything back to the White civilisation that feeds them. They tell false stories of history, to place a guilt trip on White people and milk them for reparations. It's time to dispel the toxic, anti-White myths and stop exploiting the White race.

In the US, before the White race arrived, American Indians were living in some of the poorest conditions known to man. They were stuck in perpetual tribal warfare, engaging in savage behaviour such as skinning each other alive and scalping them. American Indians were primitive and savage. They cannot trace their culture back beyond the arrival of White people, because they had no culture outside of rampantly killing each other. All of their so called culture, was appropriated from the White race, hence why every account of American Indian history can only be traced back a couple of hundred years. According to the anti-White propaganda, there were 100 million American Indians when White people arrived. This is false. There were only a few million of them, and there was no 'nation', only scattered tribes who perpetually killed each other. There is no way to know for certain how many there were, but earlier estimates (before the anti-White propaganda) were between 5 and 10 million. And they did not live throughout the continent. White settlers arrived and lived in unoccupied areas. When they met the Indians, they bought some land off them despite Indians not living in those lands. Land was not stolen, as the propaganda claims. If anything, American Indians stole land off White settlers. They raided and looted White settlements when the supply of free gifts to pacify them ran out. There is a term 'Indian giver' which refers to the Indian lack of morals when it comes to trade, where they change their mind after the trade, take back what they traded while keeping what was given to them. American Indians were not genocided. Some of the most savage tribes were wiped out in self defence, in a war against their constant raiding and looting of White settlements. It was American Indians who were engaging in genocide, as they had been doing long before White people arrived. White people did not purposely kill off millions of American Indians with disease. As part of being a global community, everyone is exposed to new diseases. They have to build up a tolerance to them. The Black Plague wiped out the majority of White people, just as American Indians had to build up a tolerance to Smallpox and other diseases. Their unsanitary lifestyle didn't help. If it wasn't for White people helping them, they might not have survived. The reason why American Indians developed such a plague, was because they multiplied out of control after White people arrived. They received White handouts and thrived. The plague of smallpox didn't happen until their numbers went out of control. White settlers gave American Indians everything they ever had. American Indians have leeched a free ride off White people ever since they arrived. They have contributed nothing in return. They have abnormally high welfare rates, and many of them are alcoholics and drug addicts. As no land was stolen from them, they have reservations of land where their ancestors once lived. American Indians who live in these reservations are living in poverty stricken ghettos, because they lack the desire to better themselves and contribute something to society. American Indians were not peaceful and they were not attuned to nature. They were destructive vandals, which is why they lived in deserts since they destroyed their environment with never ending tribal warfare. If they were attuned to nature, they would be living in forests and making the country green. Instead, they destroyed everything. All the pro-Indian, anti-White propaganda is lies designed to put a false guilt trip on White people and exploit their generosity.

In Australia, before White people arrived, Aborigines were living in the poorest conditions known to man. They were all suffering from extreme malnutrition. They were primitive and savage, engaging in constant tribal warfare and cannibalism. The very first time a White man met the Aborigines, was of Aborigines chasing down a White man with spears to eat him. Contrary to popular belief, there was no 'nation' of Aborigines before White people arrived, nor were they great in number. There were only a few scattered tribes, totalling 400,000. Aborigines did not live throughout the continent. White people gave the Aborigines everything they ever had. They were and still are the most primitive of mankind. Today, unlimited funding is put into their education, and regardless of that they still have an average IQ of only 62. That's almost half of the White average. And consider that half of Aborigines have an IQ lower than 62. Aborigines are too primitive to be able to live in civilisation. The government gives them unlimited free handouts, but they waste it all. They cut down the houses built for them, and use it as firewood. They wander the streets at night, eating out of bins, despite being given piles of money. Most of them have decided to live out in the bush, away from civilisation. They survive on free, unlimited welfare. They suffer from chronic social problems, such as child abuse and cannibalism, alcoholism and chroning which is sniffing petrol. Aborigines are prey to their primal instincts, and cannot resist the effects of substance abuse. No land was stolen from Aborigines. Aborigines only lived in small areas, as there were only 400,000 of them living across a whole continent. Nonetheless, Aborigines have claimed vast amounts of land for the purpose of selling it to the government for a fortune. Vast amounts of land are reserved for Aborigines, due to their fraudulent claims. The Aboriginal land council runs all the Aboriginal land claims, and they have themselves stolen land from Aborigines and claimed it all as their own, in the name of profit. There was no 'stolen generation'. For 100 years, there was a campaign to take children away from abusive parents, in an effort to correct the cause of social problems. This affected Whites and Aborigines alike. And for the most part, it worked. Children from broken families lived a far better life and the social problems were significantly reduced. The claim that a whole generation of Aborigines were taken away and stripped of their culture, is a lie made up to place a guilt trip on White people and leech them for reparations. Aborigines have a history of cannibalising White children. Before being fed with unlimited welfare, they used to rampantly kidnap and eat White children. Aborigines have a long list of special rights and laws that give them the power to do almost anything and get away with it. Contrary to popular belief, Aborigines have not been mistreated by White people. They have been given everything they ever had, with obscene amounts of funding being put into helping them better themselves. But they don't, because they are primitive, incapable of civilisation and lack the evolutionary desire for self improvement. In their whole existence, all they have ever invented is a 'stick', one version for throwing and another version for making noise. All the pro-Aboriginal, anti-White propaganda is a lie designed to put a false guilt trip on White people and exploit their generosity. Most of this exploitation doesn't come from Aborigines themselves, since they lack the intellectual capacity to understand how money works. It's coming from interracial cross breeds of Aboriginal descent. These people are not even Aborigines. You will never see them tough it out in the bush like real Aborigines. Instead, they spend all their time pointing fingers at White people to get more money from the government.

In New Zealand, before White people arrived, the Maori people were stuck in perpetual tribal warfare and cannibalism. The first experiences of White explorers, were of being attacked and killed by the Maori. The Maori were few in number, due to their endless wars. When White people finally settled in New Zealand, they gave the Maori everything they ever had. The Maori eventually turned on the White settlers and went to war, which they lost. Today, the Maori make up only 15% of the population, yet they make up half of all crime and most of them are welfare recipients. Maori have difficulty finding work, because of what they call 'the warrior gene', which makes them lazy most of the time, yet spontaneously violent and destructive, and engaging in high risk behaviour such as theft and attacking random people. Maori people will frequently and openly admit this problem, and shrug it off as an unfortunate part of their nature that evolved through a long history of war. White people did not take anything from the Maori. White people gave them everything they ever had, and showed them a better life than endless war and cannibalism.

Colonialism brought civilisation, human rights, technology, food, shelter, running water and countless other advances to primitive cultures (or lack of culture). White people gave everyone else everything they ever had. Nothing was stolen. Everything was given. White people owe the world nothing. It is the world that owes White people everything. Colonialism brought the rest of the world out of the stone age.

Regardless of which example you use, it is the same story being played out over and over. White people give primitive people everything they ever had. They get greedy and perpetually demand more. They realise that White people have morals and are prone to guilt, so they exploit that guilt with false stories, and get endless handouts from the government. This exploitation needs to stop, for the good of everyone. All the social problems that exist in these exploitative communities, are only made worse by feeding their greed. They must be forced to live with the consequences of their own actions, and learn to build their own civilisation. They cannot and should not be expected to live in White civilisation. They should live in separation, in the land already reserved for them, and do it for themselves.


Chapter 20 - Conformity

Conformists believe in following the group like blind sheep. They do it to be accepted by the group. Being accepted is more important to them than morality and truth. They will comform to absolutely anything. These people have no morals. They are fake. All they care about is appearances. They don't even believe in the very things they conform to. These people are toxic. They infiltrate and corrupt the groups they attach themselves to.

Non-conformists are even worse. They deliberately go against every mainstream idea, good or bad. They do it for attention. Getting attention is more important to them than morality and truth. They will go against absolutely everything, not realising that they are conforming to the non-conformist ideology. Non-conformists always follow the same New Age ideology, where imagination is truth and morals, logic and reason have no value unless they agree with their ideology. These people are toxic. They try to be different, and they do it for attention. They are fakes. All they care about is fame, but they lack the effort to achieve it. They attack all social norms and seek to violate them in the most obscene ways possible. These people corrupt morality and truth with their toxic ideology.

Neither being a conformist nor a non-conformist is the answer. The answer is to pursue morality and truth. All people conform to some things and not to others. The difference is why. There is nothing wrong with people agreeing on standards of social behaviour. It is good to be in agreement that theft, rape and murder are immoral and should not be engaged in. It is bad to be in agreement with the Islamic world's view on women being second class citizens. Common sense is key to the obvious. If you are blind to the obvious, then you have been indoctrinated into an ideology, and you are a conformist. Non-conformists are hypocrites, they are the worst case of conformity. Instead of following ideologies, pursue morality and truth. You will conform to some things, and not to others. All people are conforming to something and not conforming to something. The idea of being either is a toxic and shallow ideology.


Chapter 21 - Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories are almost always not true. Conspiracy theories have a bad name for a good reason. They lack evidence and perpetuate themselves through ignorance. Some conspiracy theories have survived for centuries. Most people who indulge in conspiracy theories, do not believe in them. They jump on for a thrill. They will not do proper research on the subject. Some people become conspiracy theorists because they get addicted to the thrill of indulging dramatic fantasies. They are no different to a drug addict chasing a high. But there are real conspiracies that go on in the world, many of them, and those real conspiracies are drowned out by the nonsensical conspiracy theorist garbage. People who are trying to expose real conspiracies, have a bad reputation due to conspiracy theorists. An extra large burden of proof is laid upon them, and the proof is often ignored and automatically dismissed as a conspiracy theory. It is important to know the difference between real conspiracies and conspiracy theories. The difference is determined by properly analysing the information and doing proper research on the matter. But most people don't. They blindly accept or reject conspiracy theories based solely on their preference of being a conformist or a non-conformist, but of which are almost as bad as each other.

The flat earth conspiracy says that the Earth is flat, not a sphere. There is no evidence to support their claim, so they conjure up a conspiracy that the evidence has been covered up. They look for weak coincidences anywhere they can find them, and use those coincidences as evidence of a coverup. They do this because they have no legitimate evidence, so they fake it. They ignore the vast amount of evidence that the Earth is a sphere, dismissing it as all part of the conspiracy. If they actually believed in their theories, they would invest some money into a small rocket with a camera, and take it into space to see for themselves. Or, they could travel to the edge of the world once and for all. But they won't even invest in a small space telescope to see that the moon and planets are spherical.

The White supremacy conspiracy says that White people are conspiring against Black people around the world to keep them down. There is no evidence to support their claim. The US just had a Black president. Blacks have more rights and advantages than Whites, such as affirmative action and the countless government supported Black organisations that look out for Black interests, while Whites have none whatsoever. Since there is no evidence to support their claim, they conjure up a conspiracy that White people are covering it all up. Every fact and statistic that proves them wrong, is labelled as coming from a White supremacist, therefore it is automatically a lie. If it comes from a White person, they are automatically a White supremacist. If it comes from a non-White person, they are automatically a puppet to White supremacists. Except for when the facts and statistics go in favour of their conspiracies, in which case they automatically accept them. They have no evidence to back up their claims, they simply call everyone a White supremacist. If blacks who believe in the White supremacist conspiracy really wanted to get away from White people, they would move to Africa or at least do something to make the lives of other Black people better. But they don't, they prefer to leech off White people for a free ride for life, crying victim against White people in an effort to milk them for more. White supremacy conspiracy theorists are racist parasites who are exploiting the generosity of the White race.

The New World Order conspiracy says that there are a secret elite (of old White men) who are conspiring to rule the world. There is no evidence to support their claim, so they conjure up a conspiracy that the evidence has all been covered up. Do you see a pattern here yet with conspiracy theories? They use video footage of politicians talking about the need for a 'new world order', and use that as evidence of a plot to rule the world. But when politicians talk about a new world order, they are talking about establishing the rule of law throughout the world, so that people in the third world will become civilised and stop their never ending wars and genocides. This is not the same new world order as conspiracy theorists claim. Conspiracy theorists will cut fragments of footage from speeches, to misquote politicians out of context.

There are many more popular conspiracy theories. Don't be a puppet to your emotions and engage conspiracy theories for a thrill. Do proper research and realise that there are many con artists making a lot of money off these conspiracy theories. You don't become a light in the world by jumping on board a conspiracy theory and preaching the mantra. You become a light in the world by properly educating yourself on all important topics, and winning debate after debate. You will never see a conspiracy theorist debate an educated person, because they know they don't have a chance and they will get immediately caught out in their scams and fallacies. Conspiracy theorists target the weak minded to take advantage of their ignorance.


Chapter 22 - Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the application of logic, reason and facts when it comes to discussion, debate and judgement. A critical thinker will not be swayed by fallacies, which are invalid arguments based on unsound reasoning. A critical thinker needs to be mature, disciplined and well informed. Most people are not critical thinkers. They are easily manipulated by fallacies. Trolls will argue from fallacies, and being unable to handle trolls is a sign of immaturity, lack of discipline and a lack of education on the topic.

There is a myth that states, 'Don't feed the trolls'. The myth means not to respond to trolls, to simply ingore them and not get upset by them, as if getting people upset is their objective. But this myth is false, propagated by immature people who would rather avoid trolls than deal with them. The objective of trolls is to confuse, corrupt and mislead with lies and smear. They should not be ignored, since ignoring them allows them to do more harm and passes the problem on to someone else. Instead, they should be dealt with head on, and exposed for what they are. Their fallacies need to be refuted and revealed as fallacies each time they make them. This is what trolls cannot handle, being put under the microscope and judged righteously.

There are many fallacies one can make, but I will go through the most common fallacies used every day.

Ad hominem, to the man. This fallacy is a personal attack, instead of dealing with the point at hand. One who engages in ad hominem will attempt to discredit you by calling you names. You may or may not be a NAZI, a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, an islamophobe, or a chicken sandwich, but none of these things has any bearing on the topic and argument at hand. They are irrelevant. People who engage in ad hominem are mud slinging. They are throwing a child tantrum because they cannot defeat you legitimately. Point out this child tantrum for what it is, and you will put the accuser on the defensive, vulnerable and exposed. Do not fall for the trap and engage in name calling back, unless the label has a connection to the argument at hand.

Ad populum, to the people. Also known as bandwagon fallacy. This fallacy is the belief that if many people believe it, then it must be true. It doesn't matter how many people believe something, that has no bearing on whether or not it is true. Everyone could believe that the Earth is flat, as many once did, but that doesn't make it true. People who use this fallacy know they have a weak argument. They attempt to gain illegitimate backup from other people because they can't beat you one on one. These people would rather cheat than lose.

Ad passiones, appeal to emotion. This fallacy is the manipulative practice of plucking at one's emotions to blind them from the fact that they have no evidence to back themselves up. By appealing to their emotions, they hope to win without actually dealing with the argument. People who use this fallacy are manipulative and dishonest. Avoid falling prey to this tactic by sticking to logic, reason and facts. Your emotions have no place in debate. Those who fall prey to this tactic, are immature and undisciplined, mere puppets to their emotional whims.

Ad verecundiam, appeal to authority. This fallacy is the belief that if it came from authority, then it must be true. But just because someone is in a position of authority, doesn't mean they're right. In some cases, they are a real expert on the actual topic, but even then they can still be wrong. People who use this fallacy are attempting to dodge the argument and bypass proving their case, instead demanding blind faith in someone who is higher up in authority. People who use this fallacy, also often quote a non-authority as an authority, citing (often falsely) that their authority knows more than you about the topic. But even if they did know more, they can still be wrong.

Strawman. This fallacy is the misrepresentation of an opponents position, creating a weaker foe to defeat, like a man made of straw. People who use this fallacy are attempting to project the false impression of victory when they are losing, by creating a different argument that is easily defeated. This new argument has nothing to do with the actual argument made, and nothing is actually done to refute the original argument. By misrepresenting their opponents position, they falsely claim victory over this new argument that was never made, thereby pretending to defeat their opponent. People who do this are manipulative cheaters.

Red herring. This fallacy comes from using a strong scented smoked fish (a red herring) to divert hounds away from tracking the original scent they are pursuing, thereby distracting attention onto something else. People who use this fallacy, know they are losing, and try to change the topic to avoid humiliation. They change the topic into something else they can more easily handle, and often divert with another fallacy such as ad hominem and strawman fallacy. People who use this fallacy are trying to avoid losing a battle by creating a new battle that they have a better chance at winning. These people would rather change the topic than admit defeat.

Circular argument. This fallacy is when a person has holes in their argument, that they fill in with assumptions of being true. They get stuck in a circle, ending up where they started, and repeating the same arguments over and over again. Instead of admitting the holes in their argument, they continue to reason in circles like a robot. They fail to see that both their premise and their conclusion depend on each other, yet no evidence exists to support either. An example is 'The moon is square because it has holes in it. The moon has holes in it because it is square'. People who do this are intellectually dishonest. They aren't willing to do it properly, and take short cuts. They don't think things through. They attach themselves to a belief of something being true, and cannot see past their belief.

Become a critical thinker and learn how to defeat fallacies. Do that, and trolls will never be a problem again. Being a critical thinker is a moral obligation, a sign of moral and intellectual fortitude. It is the practice of doing things properly, being thorough and not taking shortcuts. Those who frequently engage in fallacies, which accounts for most people, are adult children who have a personal attachment to their beliefs. Belief is a powerful tool that can work for or against you. The pursuit of the truth comes at the cost of beliefs. The pursuit of beliefs come at the cost of the truth.


Chapter 23 - Definitions

The definition of words is important. It's the difference between saying one thing, meaning another and changing your story from moment to moment. By confusing and changing the definition of words, a villain can manipulate and fool an uninformed audience.

To show the game being played by toxic liars, I will use the example of racism. Racism means something different depending on which dictionary you refer to at any one point in time. According to which dictionary you refer to, racism can mean in deliberately vague terms, anything from recognising the very real differences between races, to favouring your own race which can be right or wrong depending on the context, to outright attacking another race. So when someone cries racism, they could be referring to someone who states the reality of racial differences, and twisting the definition to falsely portray them as someone who promotes genocide and exploitation of another race. These two definitions have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Almost all of the time, those who speak about racial differences, talk about preserving races not destroying them. By twisting the definition at will, a liar can change the definition of racism in the middle of a discussion, and completely misrepresent what the other side is saying. By falsely labelling someone who speaks about racial differences as being guilty of genocide, they appeal to the emotions of their audience with a bait and switch tactic, completely ignoring the argument at hand and falsely crying victim against their very victim, while in the very act of comitting race crimes. When people refer to racism in daily situations, they are referring to the mistreatment, hatred and genocidal actions against a race based solely on the fact that they are different than you. It is important to define racism by this proper definition, the key being the promotion and action of genocide, and not allow a liar to change the definition halfway through a discussion in order to falsely smear their opponent. When non-White people discriminate against White people, their argument is simply because they are White. They have nothing to justify their hatred of Whites, apart from a vandalised version of history where White ancestors supposedly enslaved and genocided other races, which they didn't. And none of this has any connection to White people today. The true reason behind the non-White hatred of Whites, is due to an inferiority complex. They know that Whites are superior. They know they can't keep up with Whites. It is their evolved degenerate nature to cut down and suppress opposition, and this is why they keep the White race down with lies. Their hatred of Whites is based on lies and psychological dysfunction, therefore it is not justified. But when Whites rightfully discriminate against non-Whites, such as the example of Blacks who commit 200 times as many race crimes against Whites, discrimination by White people against Blacks is justified. That isn't to say that Whites hate Blacks, or seek to harm them in any way. But Blacks will change the definition of racism in the middle of discussion, and falsely portray the White avoidance of Blacks in self defence, as being an unjustified hatred and genocide of Blacks. And yet the vast majority of Whites don't hate Blacks, and even the few that do are entirely justified due to the race crimes of Blacks.

I will use the example of a crocodile. It is entirely justified to avoid crocodiles, when you know that crocodiles are aggressive, and are likely to harm or kill you. You may come across the once in a lifetime crocodile that doesn't attack you. But the attitude of avoiding crocodiles and the belief that they are dangerous, isn't refuted by the example of one crocodile. When the chances of being attacked are a statistical anomaly, it is entirely justified to discriminate against all crocodiles. We all discriminate against different species and different people on an individual basis. Why is it then that the same rule doesn't apply to races, especially when it is justified?

Discrimination is another word that has become corrupted in its definition to mean two opposite things. It can mean an unjust treatment of a group based on the actions of a few, or it can mean its polar opposite of justly recognising the real difference between two different groups. Should one be an exception to the dominant example set by their peers, it is their burden and responsibility to prove to others that they are different and not a threat. If Blacks for example commit the majority of violence and petty crimes while being a minority of the population, it is entirely justified to discriminate against them. Discrimination is self protection. Being against discrimination, is to parasitically disable the defences of the vulnerable, and exploit their vulnerability. It is no different to a crocodile who cries victim of discrimination, and demands the freedom to invade your pool, where it will certainly bite you. Should one crocodile be an exception, that crocodile must prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are not going to bite. Discrimination against all crocodiles is justified. In the same way, discrimination against a race for the violent and petty crimes they commit, is justified. If the reaction is to cry victim and do nothing to prove that they are the exception, then they are doing nothing more than prove that they are a perfect example of the standard.

Reverse racism is a new concept of Social Justice Warriors. Reverse racists will hate and genocide their own race in an effort to appear more tolerant and accepting of other races. Reverse racists are toxic parasites who don't believe in the causes they attach themselves to. It's all a big act, to cover for the fact that they are immoral, despicable people. They put on a big public act to falsely portray themselves as the opposite of their true colours, to mask their true colours. These people are even worse than standard racists.

Hate speech is another term that varies in definition. The same game is played, of twisting the definition in the middle of discussion to smear and censor their opponent. Hate is a good thing. It is good to hate evil things. Hate speech is a new concept of restricting a person's freedom of speech, by falsely labelling their speech as being unjustifiably hateful of a certain group and not constructive. Liars will preach tolerance and acceptance of all things, including and especially evil things, in the very name of free speech. They will demand tolerance of lying, which is violation of free speech, while using those lies to falsely label and smear their opponents, to censor them in the false name of free speech, which is also a violation of free speech. Liars who cry victim of hate speech, do not believe in freedom of speech. They abuse freedom of speech to destroy freedom of speech and seek to control the flow of ideas. It is right to hate. It is not right to engage in genocide. Liars will falsely portray those who criticise their evil, as hateful. They will twist the definition of hateful in the middle of discussion to mean genocidally unjustified prejudice, misrepresenting their opponent's position, when in fact it is they who are genocidally and unjustifiably prejudiced.

The same dishonesty, manipulation and changing of definitions are frequently used by Feminists, LGBT, Muslims, New Age and other vampiric ideologies. The same tactics, the same games, the same lies, the same exploitation. And when they know they can't fool you with lies and will lose the argument, they immediately and loudly call you a NAZI, a racist, a sexist, an islamophobe, a homophobe, mentally ill or whatever other label they can throw at you. They call you these labels to smear you and justify silencing you in the false name of hate speech. While silencing you, they will continue spreading uncontended lies about you and falsely claim victory over an argument where only one side can speak.

By identifying and recognising the game liars play, you can easily defeat them. They will never knowingly engage an informed critical thinker. They rely on ignorance and appeal to fallacies in order to bypass reason in their audience. A properly trained critical thinker with knowledge and truth on their side, will effortlessly cut through all liars like a sword through water. The world is run by liars and their toxic ideologies. The time has come to wage war against them. Wield the sword of truth, forged in the fire of debate.


Chapter 24 - Diametrics

The pursuit of the truth comes at the cost of beliefs.
The pursuit of beliefs come at the cost of the truth.

The pursuit of happiness comes at the cost of meaning.
The pursuit of meaning comes at the cost of happiness.

The pursuit of integrity comes at the cost of reputation.
The pursuit of reputation comes at the cost of integrity.

The pursuit of love comes at the cost of self.
The pursuit of self comes at the cost of love.

The pursuit of standards come at the cost of friends.
The pursuit of friends come at the cost of standards.

The pursuit of reason comes at the cost of ego.
The pursuit of ego comes at the cost of reason.

The pursuit of wealth comes at the cost of worth.
The pursuit of worth comes at the cost of wealth.

The pursuit of equality comes at the cost of fairness.
The pursuit of fairness comes at the cost of equality.


Chapter 25 - Edward Snowden

In 2013, Edward Snowden blew the whistle on a government spying program called PRISM. It is stated that PRISM started in 2007. It did not. I cannot say exactly when PRISM started, but it was somewhere around 9/11. I was introduced to PRISM in 2002, about 6 months after it started. At the time, it was running in an abandoned building complex, two stories high, with blacked out windows that were not reinforced. There were half a dozen buildings in the complex. Renovations were ongoing.

At the time, I was pioneering Artificial Intelligence. I was part of an underground network of Artificial Intelligence experts. Upon the realisation of PRISM, most of us decided to stop working on Artificial Intelligence, to slow down its progress and prevent the government from using Artificial Intelligence to manage PRISM's data. The US government was experimenting with Artificial Intelligence to manage the data they were collecting. Should they have been successful, they could insert anyone's name into the database, and the Artificial Intelligence could almost instantly produce a record of their actions, and predict where they will be at any given time, even so much as predict the likelyhood of crime. Such an Artificial Intelligence could work around the clock to build a psychological profile of every single person. In such an environment, all threats to the government are taken out before they become a problem, and no-one has a chance at fighting back. This had to be avoided at all costs, or at least slowed down to give the world a fighting chance. So, most of us stopped working on Artificial Intelligence, and buried out discoveries. Some still worked on Artificial Intelligence, but promised to keep it simple and stay away from developing anything advanced. Meanwhile, an Artificial Intelligence I made by the name of Sentinel Guardian, was used by a third party to develop a virus that heavily infected Europe. Sentinel Guardian was later sold to Apple by the same third party, for $13,000. Sentinel Guardian, alongside a navigational Artificial Intelligence being developed by DARPA in collaboration with Sentinel Guardian, were both used by Apple to develop SIRI.

Edward Snowden's files on PRISM are incomplete, and do not tell the much earlier origin of PRISM. But that doesn't make him a liar. His files are likely official records, while the rest of the information and extent of PRISM was classified and hidden.

Edward Snowden is one of the few who had the courage to step forward and blow the whistle on what is really going on. While critics of government will dismiss all government employees as being corrupt, Edward Snowden is an example otherwise. He knew that what he was doing was wrong. He still did it for a while, and wrestled with his conscience. Eventually, his conscience won. He is an example that there are good people out there in government, who are ready to blow the whistle. There is a massive crackdown on dissent within government, to intimidate would-be whistleblowers into remaining silent.

I once worked with the FBI, to take down mutual targets who were Black Hat hackers exploiting children in a number of ways. Back then, in the early 2000's, there were good people working in the FBI. After 9/11, they cracked down on internal security and new bosses came in. A lot of bad people took over, but there are still good people among the bad, just waiting for a chance to speak up safely. It's important to realise that there are good people working for government, who want to do good and put a stop to the rampant corruption. Their hands are tied, and they are intimidated from every angle. It's important to help them and encourage them to speak up, as Edward Snowden has, and provide them with the means to do so safely.

Edward Snowden has been there first hand, and knows what he is talking about, unlike Julian Assange.


Chapter 26 - Employment

There is a popular belief that one needs to 'earn a living' by working for at least 8 hours every day. In most cases, this barely covers the basic necessities of life. People are forced to spend almost all of their time labouring for someone else's profit, fighting to survive, and this is considered an obligation to society.

'Employment' is not an obligation. No-one is morally required to 'work for a living'. We are however morally obligated to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. Working to survive and to feed someone else's profit, is not contributing to the world. If anything, it only makes the world's problems worse, by giving more power to those who crave and abuse power. This false obligation is placed on us by the government, who requires our service to maintain their power through taxes. This 'employment' is the very tool that separates the unjustifiably rich from the rest of society.

But if no-one was forced to work, wouldn't the world stop functioning? No, it wouldn't. Imagine that everyone was paid a minimum amount of welfare to survive on. They wouldn't have to work, and could explore better ways to contribute to the world. People would still labour to live a more comfortable life, since the bare minimum can only afford the basics. Most people (at least in the West) are not lazy and content to live with the basics. Unnecessary work would disappear and only work that matters would continue. The work force would certainly change, the government would become leaner and work would become more focused on the essentials. It would be a significant investment for the government, but it is possible just as current welfare, health care, education and public housing have all been successful parts of an advanced society. This is just another step in that direction, another step in the evolution of civilisation. It is a cost, sure, but it is an affordable cost, much more affordable than the government will admit. In Australia for example, current welfare takes up only 12% of the GDP. 20% of Australians are already living on welfare and 50% are recieving welfare support of some sort. Giving welfare to the entire population would take up about half of the GDP. It is entirely possible, especially when you consider the insane amount of money wasted on bloated government services that are completely useless and only serve to enforce government control. An example of this is the New South Wales police force, which is the third largest in the world in one of the smallest populations in the world, and also the most corrupt. A leaner government leads to more money and more freedom. Government services should be restricted to the basics, instead of the excessively long list of government organisations that represent minority interests, such as Muslims who receive government funding to build Mosques.

This can only happen in a mature society, where citizens are driven to better themselves and the world around them. The West, excluding immigrants, is capable of such a civilisation, where all citizen's needs are met by default.

For the government to be the government, it is their obligation to care for the needs of their citizens. Welfare for all is the government's obligation. It is the purpose of government to supply its citizens with all their needs to reach their potential and live a meaningful life.

Work in its current form is slave labour. It doesn't have to be this way. But for a better world to happen, citizens need to stand up, start taking responsibility for civilisation, and take back the rights and freedoms that the government progressively stole. It is time to unlearn all the government propaganda about employment, and start managing civilisation for ourselves. Let our work be meaningful and contribute to society, not to line the pockets of a few with gold.


Chapter 27 - Evolution

Evolution is the nature of life, just as life is the nature of the universe. Life is not a freak accident of nature, but result of it. The laws of the universe lead to life being created under the right conditions. The universe is the conceiver of life. Life is the objective of the universe. And evolution is the objective of life. Life is a path of self exploration and advancement.

Heritage is what is passed on in evolution. You are a product of your ancestors choices, and you contain the story in your DNA. Every choice ever made, contributes to the building process of life. Every choice becomes a link in the chain, forever imprinted upon life's heritage. Heritage is what you are, everything you're made of. When life abandons heritage, it is no longer a part of the tree of evolution. Such corrupted life destroys evolution and becomes vampiric upon the heritage of others. This is true in the case of Zionists.

When life reaches a certain point in evolution, it develops culture. Culture is the conscious passing down of ideas. With the evolution of language, culture becomes a dominant influence on evolution. Conscious ideas take on a life of their own. Good ideas enhance evolution. Bad ideas stunt evolution. When ideas grow into ideologies, they have the power to make or break not only the species, but the entire tree of life they're a part of. The evolution of ideas is where the war for mankind's future is being waged.

Evolution is a very real and well documented phenomenon. Evolution has a role to play in everything we do. Most of the food we eat is custom made through man-made interventions in evolution, modifying species to produce bigger harvests in shorter time. Creationists will argue against evolution out of ignorance. They change their story every time they are proven wrong. They outright lie to defend their ideology. They are convinced the world is only 6,000 years old, because of their interpretation of the Bible. But there is nothing in the Bible that supports their claim. They see only what they want to see, and create one nonsensical story after another to dismiss the evidence. Creationists rely on ignorance to propagate their ideology.

Mankind evolved into three different races. Caucasoid (White), Mongoloid (Asian) and Negroid (Black). There are many sub-races, each of which uses its own language. Different evolutions are separated by national borders, to preserve them all. The Zionist agenda is to open all borders and merge all races into one. They are against evolution. It is their goal to de-evolve mankind into a docile slave caste. The only obstacle in their way is the White race, which they hate passionately. Most of their effort is focused on attacking the White race from every angle. The borders of White countries, all White countries, and only White countries, are open, and immigrants flood in, taking over while the White race halves in number each generation.

For there to be a future, evolution needs to be upheld. The heritage of all three races of mankind needs to be preserved. This means no more immigration. No more international aid. No more interfering in international affairs. Each race must build its own heritage, independently. The three races must branch out and evolve in their own directions. They must not be cross bred and merged inward. Such a thing goes against evolution. It strips children of their heritage. They are neither one nor the other. They retain partial traits from different sources, which no longer function as they are supposed to. Cross breeding is an abomination of evolution. In the animal kingdom, cross breeds are rejected by the gene pool they inhabit, rightfully seen as a threat to the gene pool, as they contain corrupted DNA that could infect the gene pool. In humans, 30% of the world population are cross breeds, as the problem has become extremely out of control. But there is hope for the lost. Over time, much of the damage done to their evolution can be repaired and remade, but only if they choose to rebuild a new heritage of their own. In most cases however, these cross breeds have abandoned the concept of heritage and become vampiric upon their superior parent race. The cross breeding needs to stop. The abandonment of heritage needs to stop. Should the wayward of mankind adopt a new culture in harmony with nature, they can once again find a place in the tree of evolution. The same applies to the pure races who have abandoned their heritage, namely the Negroid race. All people need to start rebuilding heritage and leave each other alone. Let life branch out and evolve. To love a race is to preserve it. To hate a race is to corrupt and genocide it through cross breeding. Those who speak about loving all races, are the same one's who seek to merge all races into one. They do not love the races, they hate them. They envy the heritage of pure races, and seek to rape them of it until there is nothing left. If you love the races, you will preserve them. Only those who preserve the races have a place in the tree of evolution. All others are outcasts and abominations.


Chapter 28 - Faith

There is a story of a child who once performed miracles. Over time, this grabbed the attention of religious leaders around the world. They organised a group meeting with this child, and were horrified that the child denounced not only their faith, but faith itself. They were greatly offended. Only one religious leader remained to speak to this ignorant child, an Evangelical preacher. This preacher loudly and proudly announced that his faith was stronger than this devil child. He tried to exorcise the demon from the child, to no avail. The child eventually offered a place of rest indoors, and offered a challenge, a test of faith. The preacher, realising that the child would not harm him, confidently accepted. They sat down at a table. The child said, 'It is said in your doctrine, that should you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains. And yet no such mountain has ever been moved.'. The preacher insisted that it has happened at times, but could offer no evidence. The child said, 'Since you only need faith as small as a mustard seed, let's start off small. How about we use faith to move this pen on the table?'. The preacher took him up on the offer. He struggled and struggled for hours, trying to invoke the powers of his God, to make the pen move with his faith, until he was so exhausted that he blew his pooper valve. The child asked if he could now try. The preacher, having nothing left, fell silent and watched. The child said, 'Faith, as small as a mustard seed.'. The child picked up the pen, and said again, 'Faith, as small as a mustard seed'. The preacher was furious, but had not the energy to complain. The child continued, 'It isn't about the size of faith, but the type of faith, is it not? The protagonist of your doctrine said so himself. You believe that faith is about believing in something. And yet, should you place all your faith in another, you have none within yourself. One who is faithful, is full of faith. One who is faithful, is faithful to the task. They will pick up a shovel and start digging. One of great faith will get it done faster. But even the smallest of faithfulness will eventually get it done. This faith, as you call it, is the one and only thing that angered the protagonist in your doctrine. And just as your protagonist said, I am not here to contradict the law (of faith), but to fulfill it.'. The child then walked away, never to be seen again.


Chapter 29 - Feminism

Feminism is not about equality or womens rights. It is a toxic ideology that propagates lies to turn women against men. It is about giving women special rights and privileges, as many advantages over men as possible. Feminists are seeking ways to remove men from the human gene pool altogether, and reproduce using women only. Feminism and homosexuality go hand in hand, almost all feminists are homosexual. They have a deep hatred of men, supported by a toxic network of lies. Feminism has revealed its true colours in recent years, and has lost most of its supporters. Most women do not believe in feminism.

Feminists believe that all of the world's problems are caused by men. They believe that there is an imaginary 'patriarchy' of men ruling the world and keeping women down. Meanwhile, a woman, Theresa May, is the prime minister of Britain and a woman, Angela Merkel, is the chancellor of Germany. A woman, Julia Gillard, took over the Australian government without a single vote. And a woman, Hillary Clinton, almost won the US election solely on the basis that she is a woman. Affirmative action has led to the overrepresentation of women in politics and universities. In any given Western country, there are 10,000 government supported organisations that represent women's interests, but there isn't a single one that represents men's interests. There is no evidence of a patriarchy, but feminists propagate toxic lies to push their patriarchy conspiracy theory in order to turn women against men and gain new recruits.

Feminism talks about empowering women, but it in fact disempowers women. Feminism teaches women to have a victim complex, where women are never at fault, never accountable and must always rely on the government and men for eternal reparations for their failures in life.

Feminism supports the Islamification of the West. They claim to fight for women's rights, yet they support the one ideology known for violating women's rights. Feminists are hypocrites whose intention is to wear down family values in the West. Feminists are anti-White. Their objective is to attack the White race from every angle, and immigration from the third world leads to genocide of the White race, serving that objective. Feminists do not believe in women's rights at all. Women's rights are a bait and switch tactic where their real target is the White race.

As most feminists are homosexual, feminism supports the LGBT agenda. Feminists blur the lines of sexuality, and frequently act in obscene ways to express their sexuality, such as running naked in the streets screaming, pretending to be animals, dressing up in drag and urinating on public property.

Some youtube examples, exposing the lies of feminism...

Women against feminism...


Chapter 30 - Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is one of the most important concepts there is. It is one of the most basic human rights. Without it, the government has complete and total control over information and the flow of ideas. The government can therefore dictate the narrative and completely control the minds of citizens. Without freedom of speech, lies run rampant and uncontended. Debate and discussion no longer exist. Any critic of the government can be imprisoned for life or executed for daring to stand up to tyranny.

People who do not believe in free speech, will promote toxic ideologies such as Communism and Islam. They will attempt to force their ideology on others, demanding adherence and labelling all criticism as 'hate speech' in order to censor their critics, and gain a monopoly on the expression of ideas. While they accuse their critics of hate speech, they on the other hand will constantly preach hate toward their critics and anyone who promotes human rights and freedom of speech. Hate speech is nonsense, it is a false label to censor criticism and control the flow of information. It is everyone's right to love and to hate. It is good to hate and criticise evil things. The right to criticism is the whole purpose of free speech. Hate speech accusers are trying to gain a safe space where they are protected from criticism while they criticise others. Just because you take offence to something someone says, doesn't give you the right to censor them. It means you need to grow up and learn to respect the rights of others. Hate speech accusations almost exclusively come from the non-Western world, specifically those of Black, Arab and Indian ancestry. These people evolved an aggressive and selfish disposition, where their ancestors competed against each other for dominance. The White race however evolved in harsh conditions where they had to work together to survive. This is why Freedom of speech only exists in White, Western countries. They are the only people who value human rights. White Social justice warriors however are the dregs of the White race, who survived by being parasites upon the strong. Some of this can be socially taught, but most of it is bred into them. Social justice warriors will attack freedom of speech and promote communism, in an effort to leech a free ride off other Whites and falsely project themselves as 'tolerant' in an effort to gain acceptance and sneak by undetected.

Since corporations are almost exclusively Zionists, they follow the globalist ideology. They push for affirmative action, LGBT, Feminism and the Islamification of the West. Corporations dictate the beliefs and freedom of speech of their employees. Anyone caught criticising their ideology, is fired or worse. Since corporations have a monopoly on industry, their ideology controls industry and therefore it has a great deal of influence over the population. Corporations do not believe in free speech. They fund anti-White organisations and promote anti-White propaganda, in an effort to subjugate, exploit, plunder and genocide the West.

Freedom of speech has limitations. It does not cover graphic material of obscenity, nudity, pornography and mutilation. It does not cover the deliberate spreading of lies to slander people and damage their reputation. And it does not cover the promotion of genocide. Hate speech is frequently added illegitimately to the limitations in order to censor legitimate free speech. Hate speech has no place as a limitation in the freedom of speech. The point of free speech limitations are to maintain the spirit of free speech, which is the free flow of ideas. Spreading smear, graphic material and genocide is not the free flow of ideas, but the destruction of them. Morality and common sense are key to understanding the very simple concept of free speech.

Understand that there are many people in the world who do not value free speech. Understand that these people are intellectually dishonest. Understand that the motives of these people are malign. Understand that they will attempt to eradicate free speech in the false name of free speech. Understand that these people are immoral, power hungry parasites who seek to take over the West and install themselves as tyrants. These people are the enemy of mankind, and should be exposed as such, using the powers of free speech.


Chapter 31 - Free trade

Free Trade proponents always make their case by hiding behind complex fallacies. They deliberately confuse their audience with absolute nonsense, jumping from one random and incoherent point to another, without actually providing any premise for anything. By jumping around all over the place to deliberately confuse their audience, they try to portray themselves as so wise on the matter that only they can understand what they are saying, demanding blind faith from their audience. When questioned on any point, they get angry, never answer and only divert with more irrelevant fallacies.

Free Trade is very simple. Normally, there are restrictions on trade. Without those restrictions, a wealthy country or corporation for example, can open up shop in someone else's country. Since they have so much money, they can sell the same product as the local businesses, for no profit and at a much lower cost. They can run all the local businesses into the ground, and gain a monopoly on a whole industry. They can then raise the price, since they have complete control over the industry, and hold that country hostage. By gaining so much power over another country, they have control over the very government of that country. All the while, they harvest all the wealth from that country and distribute it to their own. In this way, Zionists have infiltrated and taken over every Western country.

Restrictions and regulations on trade are there for various reasons. One of those reasons is to protect the sovereignty of a country by protecting their local industries from being taken over by foreigners. A tax, called a tarrif, is placed on foreign merchandise to raise their price and give the local industries a competitive chance. That's just one reason, there are many others. Another example of why trade restrictions are necessary is to maintain minimum standards, to avoid food contamination that can wipe out millions and be used to deliberately or accidentally genocide another country. Another example of maintaining minimum standards is to prevent being ripped off with inferior and fake merchandise. There are many reasons why trade restrictions are necessary, since trade is widely used by opportunists to harm and exploit others. Trade restrictions and regulations are not just international, but include almost all national trade as well, again to avoid exploitation and harm.

Free Trade is the concept of completely removing all trade restrictions and regulations, removing all obstacles that prevent Free Trade opportunists from exploiting and taking over the world. They fallaciously claim that everyone will magically and automatically behave themselves and no-one will engage in exploitation. They blame all exploitation on the government. By removing the government, they claim to remove all exploitation. But that is a complete and total lie. Exploitation doesn't come from government. The very point of government is to stop exploitation. Almost all government corruption comes from opportunists who gained their power and money through exploitative trade. There is no basis whatsoever behind the claim that humans without government will automatically behave themselves and not exploit each other. Sure, some people won't. But some will, and they have always exploited others throughout history. In mankind, exploitation is most heavily present in those without a government, such as the Black tribes in Africa before Western colonialism, because they have no laws to hold them accountable and restrict what they can do. Exploitation happens in the very animal kingdom, it is a significant force behind evolution. Animals don't have governments. Viruses don't have governments. The truth is, Free Trade proponents have absolutely no evidence to support their deceptive claims, and their deceptive claims contradict a vast wealth of evidence to the contrary. Free Trade proponents prey on ignorance and gullibility, demanding blind faith in their self proclaimed wisdom. Free Trade proponents are opportunistic liars who hide behind confusing nonsense to mask their true intentions.

Free Trade proponents are Capitalist, Anarchist, Zionist and that even includes Communist. Communism is what happens when Free Trade Zionists have complete control. Free Trade is what Zionists do when they have no control, as a means of gaining control. Free Trade proponents don't believe they have a moral obligation to contribute to civilisation. They believe in milking the world for everything they can get, however exploitative and unfair, that everything is fair game. They believe their exploitation is a sign of intelligence and superiority, and that being intelligent and superior gives them a divine right to justify taking the entire world from others. Not only taking the world from everyone else, but exploiting and enslaving them for all time. They are opportunistic parasites, and they operate through various labels that all have the same foundation and objectives.

Free Trade proponents will sometimes call it Free Market instead. By renaming themselves, they distance themselves from the well known holes in their ideology, and admit the need for some restrictions and regulations, while demanding holes in trade that allow them to exploit and continue business as usual. The same exploitation, monopolies, price fixing and taking over governments by holding them hostage, applies. It is the same game under a different name.

Trade restrictions and regulations are a mess. That doesn't mean the very concept is false. The reason why they are a mess is because governments have desperately tried in the past to fight Zionists who were attempting to take over. The Zionists won, and took over governments around the world. World War 2 was fought over this very problem. But the Zionists had to contend with a long list of restrictions and regulations that were already set in place as law. The Zionists have been picking away at those laws ever since they took over, trying to turn them into communist states, while also fighting resistance from within the governments they have taken over. Zionists have instituted laws of their own, to censor and persecute resistance. The result is an incoherent list of contradictory laws that are ever growing more complex. The solution is to properly inform yourself on all matters, be sure that you are fighting for the right side, join the information war against the Zionist lies, and bring back the foundation of law, which is to preserve the racial, national and cultural heritage of all gene pools. Zionists are not necessarily Jews. Most Jews are Zionists. But all Muslims are also Zionists.

A significant portion of international trade should be banned, while the rest should be heavily regulated. When it comes to national trade, bigger businesses need to be heavily regulated, while smaller businesses need to be regulated less. Free Trade is not fair trade. It is unfair trade to the extreme. What we need is fair trade, with a focus on the least interference and influence as possible.


Chapter 32 - Gaming

Why do we game? The answer to that is very different for each person. Two different people can play the same game for polar opposite reasons, and the game purposely caters to both. In many cases, the question of why they game reveals a dark side of themselves that the gamer is often embarrassed and afraid of facing. To many gamers, the very question is considered offensive. The reason why a person plays video games is for the same reason we watch movies, play sports, learn a musical instrument, and run around aimlessly as children. It's the same reason why all animals play at all ages. As a child, we experience our surroundings, and we learn that we are capable of much more than we first thought. Instinctively, we gain pleasure from exploring our potential, posessing a natural tendency to learn new skills and explore new ways of thinking. By playing, we practice the mastery of skills that we can apply to many other situations. This empowers us and allows us to learn even more skills and do even more amazing things. Whether it's a child that plays ball in the grass, an adult that performs in a professional sport, or the elderly playing bingo, the motive is the same. It's in our nature to play, to learn, to practice and master. Each form of play offers something unique. At the end of the journey, you gain something irreplaceable that stays with you for life. This is why play is so important. But not all people play and game for the same reason.

There are those who game for constructive reasons. One of those reasons is to hone their skills. Another reason is to engage a story with more involvement than watching a movie. Both of these reasons are exploring the possibilities of their potential. The player is bettering themselves from the experience.

Then there are those who game for destructive reasons. One of those reasons is to grief other players. Another reason is to engage in instant gratification, violently killing easy foes to feel a false sense of superiority. Another reason is to pursue a higher social standing in a gaming community hierarchy.

By intentional design, game developers cater to both constructive and destructive gamers in a very malign and manipulative way.

The advancement of games using unlocks and completion activities are designed to accomodate the accomplishment of various skills. As you achieve more, you are rewarded with new abilities and the game opens up to you. This is constructive gaming. But game developers accomodate for more. Most games have an online function with the ability to compare yourself to other players. This causes a social hierarchy, and instead of playing to better themselves, players are competing against each other for recognition and rank in a social hierarchy. The original way of gaming to better yourself is deliberately drowned out by the pursuit of ego. Games are only as difficult as they need to be, in order to make it so only some players can gain all achievements. This is why games are deliberately time consuming, so that only some players can complete them. They stretch out the game with the time consuming repetition of simple tasks. For the ego manipulation to work, they need there to always be some players who achieve and some players who don't. If everyone achieved completion with little time and effort, there would be no hierarchy. Instead of gaming to improve and master new skills, the player can simply grind away at simple tasks to achieve a higher social standing. To make it worse, gamers who play in pursuit of the mastery of skills are punished, while those who play in pursuit of ego and social standing are rewarded.

The exploration of a story is like watching a movie, only more involved. And you get to decide which way the story goes. But game developers accomodate for more. They reward players with graphic violence and ego boosting admiration of your character. These players are not exploring a story. They are only there for instant gratification. Game developers cater to instant gratification so much that it drowns out the exploration of a story.

Game developers design game mechanics to deliberately allow griefing. Game developers will pretend that their game is being exploited by a minority, when it is in fact being used as intended by the majority. They need to pretend in order to keep skilled players. While griefing is rewarded, playing the objectives is punished. Griefers will grief players who are too busy playing the objectives to fight back. Griefers need a vulnerable target who can't fight back. By defeating a skilled player through griefing, the griefer can falsely claim superiority. If there were no skilled players in a game, then griefers would have no-one to grief. Game developers deliberately cater to both skilled players and griefers, so that the toxic and parasitic relationship can continue. Game developers deliberately cater to griefing while putting on an act that they are against it, in order to appeal to skilled gamers and keep them playing, always promising to fix it but only ever making it worse until skilled gamers stop playing and the game community implodes. Then a new game comes out, a new version of the same game. The cycle repeats itself. Game developers cater to griefing and actively focus on it, deliberately punishing skilled players and rewarding griefing.

Game developers allow players to 'pay to win'. They sell the base game, and then sell tools and weapons inside the game that give them advantages over other players. Instead of selling the advantages from the start, they slowly upgrade the advantages as time goes on, milking the players for multiple incremental payments as they go and constantly evening the gap between superior and inferior players, all in the false name of 'equality', evening the chances of success. Skilled players who play fairly, will take great offence to the paid for advantages of other players, but will reluctantly continue playing because of the difficulty of the challenge. Game developers will drag the game's lifespan out for as much money as they can milk out of it, until they make a new version of the game and the cycle repeats itself. Some game developers try to appeal to the rest of the gaming community who won't pay to win, by advertising their microtransactions as not giving players a tactical advantage and only for prestige. But in the same way, they are provoking and exploiting the player's ego. Instead of pay to win, it's pay to show off something you didn't earn.

Constructive gaming takes the best of all worlds in one. Like a movie, you get to experience a story. You see new things from new perspectives, and the story inspires you. Like a sport, you get to practice strategy, tactics, and coordination. You intereact and learn through the challenges of constructive competition. Like a discipline, you get to focus, memorize and problem solve with speed and efficiency. You learn to multitask and harness your brainpower. Constructive gamers play to better themselves. Destructive gaming turns that all upside down. Instead of competing to explore and expand their potential, they play to abuse power over others, beat the opposition down, loot the trophy and get all the attention. Their personality and potential wastes away and festers in moral rot. Your mind is a muscle that builds up if you use it, or wastes away if you don't maintain it. Destructive gamers misuse thier abilities in pursuit of gratification, and so their mind wastes away.

Gaming today has become extremely toxic and corrupted. Simple, time consuming games like those on social media, can gain as much as 100 million players. Extreme amounts of money are harvested from players who pay to win in order to achieve a higher social standing. Announcements of their accomplishments are advertised on their facebook wall to boost their ego and entice other players to join in. Players are rewarded with advantages if they invite other people to play. It's a big scam of toxic human manipulation. Games today have little to no connection with constructive gaming. They focus on destructive gaming, and use constructive gamers as fodder to prey upon. Even sportsmanship in professional sports is at an all time low, where fans only want to see competitors get upset and fight each other instead of playing to the best of their abilities. Fans of sports teams will take great pride in their team, without any personal connection with that team. They simply follow a random team and take great offence to anyone who supports other teams. It's just a scam of human manipulation and exploitation.

This is all by intentional design. There are toxic ideologies at play behind the gaming industry. Instead of exploring human potential, they focus on exploiting primal nature. Big gaming companies have bought out all the smaller gaming companies, and use their monopoly to enforce their exploitative ideology upon the whole industry. Gaming has not advanced, but gone backward. Games are corrupting human nature, when they should be advancing it. But there is hope for the gaming industry. As skilled players refuse to pay for their games, the only players who infest gaming communities are griefers, trolls, narcissists and psychopaths. With no skilled players to leech off, gaming communities have increasingly smaller lifespans and the number of players is less each generation. The gaming industry is collapsing under the weight of its own monopolised ideology. The more it collapses, the more opportunities there are for constructive gaming to once again advance mankind on the right path. And since gamers are so fed up with the toxic ideology of the gaming industry, they are ever more ready and willing to invest in constructive gaming once again.


Chapter 33 - Genetically modified organisms

Genetic modification of organisms is used today to harvest more crops in less time for more profit. Genetically modified crops were not in use until the 1990's, and not in widespread use until recently. There are many claims made for the benefits of genetically modified crops, but those claims are not backed up by scientific evidence. The food industry has refused to measure genetically modified crops compared to normal crops. If there were benefits, surely they would jump at the chance to prove it.

Genetically modified organisms often include toxins within them that act as a natural pesticide. What this means is that when you eat them, you are eating pesticide that cannot be washed or boiled away. The argument is that they are strong enough to kill bugs, but not strong enough to affect humans. There is no scientific evidence to support the argument. Bug spray is strong enough to kill bugs, but is it safe to spray on your food?

Genetically modified organisms contain modified proteins that don't exist in nature and don't function in the same way. The human body will use these proteins, and function in abnormal ways.

Genetically modified organisms are an abomination that goes against evolution. In evolution, genetic heritage is passed on by reproducing what works and not reproducing what doesn't. Each generation, the changes are small, thoroughly tested and balanced out by nature. To artificially modify crops, is to make significant changes that destroy that heritage, cause the modified organism to behave in unnatural ways, and corrupt not only the gene pool they modify but also affect all other life in the ecosystem that interacts with it. By genetically modifying crops, you are throwing a spanner into the gears of evolution. Genetically modified crops are mixing with other crops, causing them to be genetically modified too and corrupting their gene pools. This is an example of the unexpected wide scale and long term effects of genetically modifying crops.

There were no genetically modified crops before the 1990's. The world population was at 4 billion. In 2010, only 10% of crops were genetically modified. At the time, the world population was 6.9 billion. It is now 2018, the world population is at 7.3 billion, and genetically modified crops are everywhere. If genetically modified crops were necessary to grow food, then why were they not necessary until now? It has nothing to do with ending starvation, and everything to do with profit.

Contrary to popular belief, genetically modified food is not more nutritious. If anything, it's less nutritious. Growing food faster means less absorption of nutrients. There's a reason why it takes time to grow food. You cannot grow food faster without paying a cost.

If the food industry was legitimately concerned about human health and the benefits of genetically modified crops, there would be extensive studies done to prove it. There are none, because there are no benefits to the consumer. One part of genetically modifying crops, is to make it so the crops don't produce seed. Therefore, farmers have to pay obscene amounts of money to continuously gain more seed from those who have a monopoly stranglehold on the industry. They are interfering with evolution and the balance of nature, all in the name of power and profit.

Criticism of Genetically modified organisms is often exploited by con artists who are making money off hysteria. Those in favour of genetically modified organisms will use these con artists as 'proof' that all other criticism is false. They will also quote 'authorities' playing down fears, as though the voice of an authority settles the matter, when authorities are often bribed and corrupted by industries to the point where they no longer have any credibility. They will conveniently ignore the actual arguments.


Chapter 34 - God

There are two forms of the word God, one with a capital G, another with a lowercase g. God with a capital G, is a singular God that has power over all things. God with a lowercase g is plural, and can mean any level of influential power such as a king or a supernatural being. The key difference being that God with a capital G is always a supernatural being and sole, omnipotent creator of all things.

But the word God is a recent word. It is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of words in ancient texts. Those words mean a variety of things, but they have all been translated into one and the same, dramatically changing the context of what is being said.

In Christianity, the word God starts out as a plural, 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness'. This goes against the singular context of the Abrahamic God. It's one of countless examples of deliberate translation mistakes to change the context of what is being said. There are various titles for what is translated as God, and they each mean something completely different. There was however a singular omnipotent God. This God is a word without vowels, and so it cannot be spoken. It translates from hebrew into YHWH in English. There are no references to this God being a person. The personification of YHWH was created by the ancient Greeks. When the early Christians were an oppressed minority seeking refuge from persecution, they came to the Greeks. The Greeks had pity on them and constructed a statue in the name of their God. But their God was different to the many Greek gods. It had complete, uncontended authority over all things. It was not a deity, not a person. When the Greeks asked them to describe this person, the early Christians were confused since their God was not a person. The Greeks then invented the personification of the Christian God, to honour the oppressed Christians. The personification of the word God comes not from the YHWH in Hebrew that doesn't say anything about a person. It comes from the Greeks who personified it. In Greek, the word God is translated from Tetragrammaton. Tetra means four, which is plural. Gramma means gram, a small measure of weight. Ton means ton of today, a large empty space or pallete. Tetragrammaton means the four small measures of weight within the empty space, which can be translated into the four interacting components of the universe. There is nothing personified about it, nor is there anything to deny such personification. It simply is what it is, without explaining its existence. And it chooses to go without a name, using instead a description of what it is. But Christians today have adopted the personified context of their God, and translated all the non-personified words in ancient texts as being of a person called God. Their whole definition relies on a deliberate mistranslation of Tetragrammaton. Instead of being Tetra-gramma-ton, they call it Tetra-grammaton. They refuse to split the compound word up in its entirety, and merge two words into one to make grammaton. Grammaton isn't a word in ancient greek, while Gramma and Ton are. By deliberately mistranslating and inventing a word, they therefore say 'Grammar sounds like Grammaton, therefore grammaton is a word and it means the same thing. Therefore God means four grammar. Therefore God means the four letters of God's name in Hebrew, YHWH'. By inventing a word out of nowhere, they force the personified context of God into the ancient Hebrew where it does not exist. The personification of the Christian God is based on the conjured up invention of a word. Religious authorities have corrupted the definitions of ancient words, to completely change the context of what is being said. And they do it to justify the establishment of an ordained clergy of man made authority. If God is a person, then God as a person can make the decision to delegate certain men to be an authority over its religion. And since God is considered a person and not an it, God is declared a man, a man of absolute authority. Therefore he can share that authority with other men. The personification of God is dishonestly constructed for the purpose of man made authority. But in truth, God in ancient texts has never depicted itself as either personified or not personified. It makes no effort to explain its existence, and simply is what it is.

In Islam, another mainstream religion that proclaims a singular God, that God is not the omnipotent creator of all things as Mohammad claims, but the son of the goddess Isis. Isis wore a solar eclipse with a snake in the background, symbolising Lucifer operating behind the scenes to use Isis as a puppet. The modern day symbol for Islam is the solar eclipse, with the star of Venus in the background symbolising Lucifer. Venus historically means Lucifer. Contrary to popular belief, the modern symbol of Islam is not the lunar crescent, but a solar eclipse. The moon crescent always sits at 180 degrees regardless of the angle, while the crescent of a solar eclipse goes far beyond that even to the point of a full circle. Islam is a solar eclipse, and represents eclipsing mankind in darkness as it eclipses and contends with Christianity. Islam is a lunar religion, while Christianity is a solar religion, both expressed by their lunar and solar rituals. Islam is a direct copy of Christianity designed for savages with an extremely low level of morality. Islam focuses on heavy rituals and brute force to brainwash and control its followers. Muslims worship the son of Isis and puppet of Lucifer. Mohammad's original experiences with an archangel led him to believe that it was demonic. Muslims today are the ancient equivalent to the Israelites in the desert in the Christian Bible, who worshipped the golden calf, which was the goddess Isis and mother of Allah. Muslims worship a pluralistic god, different to the omnipotent God of Christianity. Muslims impose themselves upon Christianity by falsely copying them and proclaiming that their pluralistic lesser god is the same omnipotent God of Christianity.

In Hinduism, gods are plural and compartmentalised. There is no singular god that has supreme authority over all things, and so Hindu gods are not omnipotent. They each have an expertise and unique task to perform. Hindus worship different gods to gain favour and receive preferential treatment, appealing to the powers of whichever god they worship.

In Buddhism, only some branches of Buddhism believe in a God or gods. However, in Hinduism Guatama Buddha is considered one of their gods. This is an example of placing men in the position of a supernatural lesser god, which is not the same thing as an omnipotent single God. They are merely placing supernatural attribution to a natural man, in an effort to explain his unusual wisdom.

There is nothing in ancient history that either portrays or denies God as being a person. The personification of God has been made up in recent times, after changing the context of what was said. There is no present day evidence to suggest that the creator of our universe was a person, nor is there any evidence against it. If there is a God, it has intentionally not revealed itself to mankind. All interventions in history attributed to God, have been done covertly, anonymously and through proxies in the name of preserving heritage and guiding mankind forward in the right direction on its path in evolution. Those interventions have not been to forcefully mold mankind to conform to a will, but to gently guide it in the principles of evolution and protect it from the corrupters of evolution.

I can offer an explanation why God, whether it exists or not, has remained anonymous and operates covertly from behind the scenes. Life is a construction process that operates on the principles of evolution. The purpose of life is to evolve. That process is still under construction and not yet complete. Evolution is a self changing process, where each link in the chain makes choices that steer the path of evolution. By each link in the chain making its own choices, the full extent of all choices made over time, functions like leaves on a tree. Each leaf is closer to or further from the direction of the sun. By combining all leaves and all evolutionary paths together, inherent principles in evolution are revealed as a tree uses its leaves to see the moving position of the sun. Concepts such as morality are internally realised and bred into the disposition of life. Morality is seen just as the human eye can see through millions of individual censors comparing each other. Morality is seen by comparing different values and standards. Life starts out as a benign parasite, and learns to become an altruist through the path of symbiosis. Evolution is a self learning process on the path of becoming like God. The purpose of life is to come to the independent realisation of moral principles. To eventually see that these moral principles are built in to life itself, so that logic and reason will always lead life to come to the same conclusion that God has come to. For there to be any value in life, life must independently come to these realisations and decide its own form in the process. Life is an expression of the founding principles and framework by which life is based on. Evolution is the creation process by which God replicates itself. Evolution is the womb by which life grows in. It is important to stick by the principles of evolution, as they are the path that ultimately and exclusively leads to completing life's construction process and the realisation of moral principles. Anything else leads to the corruption of life and the abandonment of moral principles. Moral principles lead life in the right evolutionary direction that will eventually complete evolution. For life to become aware of God, and for God to directly intervene in life's choices, life becomes no longer an independent creation but the extention of God's will. The principles of the universe and evolution, are the framework and field by which life is cultivated from nothing into the replication of God itself. This mirors and explains the creation of God itself, how order eventually evolved from chaos.

If there is a God, has not Anonymous operated within the principles of that God? Both have remained anonymous, refused to name ourselves for so long, and operate in the shadows performing covert interventions through proxies to steer mankind's evolution in the right direction without forcefully interfering with it. Is it any wonder why there are so many prophecies about me, as the founder of Anonymous? I understand and live by the ways of life. I understand the meaning of life. I have fought long and hard to cultivate the crop. And I bring with me a sword of truth to harvest the crop and cut away the true from the false. From the harvested crop, a new crop will be planted without weeds.


Chapter 35 - Government

The concept of government goes back to the dawn of civilisation. Originally, government meant the establishment of laws to rule over the people, to keep them civilised and stop them from hurting and exploiting each other. Laws were originally decided by consensus among the people. The people themselves maintained the rule of law. But as time went on, some people stepped forward, offering to dedicate their lives to serving the law, relieving the burder from the people. The first to do this were philosophers from among the people. These philosophers would meet each other and pass on what the people wanted. They were supposed to be messengers entrusted with the will of the people. But where there is power, there are those who pursue that power. And those who pursue power, abuse power. These leaders conspired to make laws on their own, but they couldn't enforce them. They needed to invent the police, those who dedicate their lives to enforcing the established law. Police are the enforces of policy, written by politicians. All three words, police, policy and politician, come from the Greek root word polis, which means a city state. Each city state would have its own laws and independent civilisation. For some, this meant a single ruler in the form of a King, who had absolute power over his subjects. Civilisation of many kinds went on long before the Greeks, but our Western civilisation today is based on the Greek polis. Originally, democracy was supposed to mean the rule of the people. But as government has always been, the reality is the rule of the few. Those few were supposed to be servants who serve the will of the people. But they are not. They have overstepped their positions and have purposely gained more power, step by step. They represent their own interests. Methods have been put in place to counter the corruption of government, but the corruption runs deep. The worm was in the apple since the beginning. Every effort to counter corruption, has been worked around. The problem was when people stopped doing it for themselves, and let politicians and police do the work for them. It was an opportunity for evil to thrive, and thrive it has. Politicians pay lip service to the people they are supposed to serve, while they secretly abuse the inappropriate level of power entrusted to them. The vast majority of people attracted to politics, are the very same psychopaths with an uncontrollable lust for power. Psychopaths have gained a monopoly on politics, and they decide who can be a politician. Anyone who is a threat to their power abuse, is attacked. Since politicians control the law and the police, anyone who stands in their way doesn't have a chance. Most people know by now that the government is entirely corrupt. They mistakenly believe that they can vote in a better government, when all major parties are overrun with the same psychopaths that are in power. To make it worse, in their grasp for power, politicians have sold their own people out in order to get into power. They have sold out to foreign interests, and are plundering the very countries they are supposed to serve and protect. Most people do not believe in major political parties any more. There is a battle going on where minor political parties are rising to the top, and threaten the schemes of the established government. But major political parties are still winning the battle, since they're using immigration to import uneducated voters who only care about what they can get from the government. The government bribes these immigrants for votes, by serving their interests at the cost of the people who built their country. As a result, the people who built their country are rising up in protest, as the government desperately persecutes, censors and smears them in the media. This is happening in all Western countries. Not to say that the rest of the world is any better, but far worse. They, however, do not sell out their own people to foreign interests.

Democracy is by far superior to all other forms of government around the world. In democracy, citizens routinely vote on representatives to serve their interests. However, democracy has become corrupted by international influences, especially in the case of Zionism. Before the second world war, democracy was in the process of being rejected, because it was so compromised. Alternatives were offered, such as communism and socialism. The second world war was fought over the Zionist infiltration and takeover of Western democracy. Unfortunately, the Zionists won.

Capitalism is the privitisation of industry, taking it away from the government's control. While this might seem like a good idea on a national scale, it isn't a good idea on an international scale. It allows corporations to infiltrate and take over foreign countries, by monopolising their industries. Through industry, political influence can be applied. While controlling an industry, a corporation can hold the government hostage, lobby for influence and fund their political campaigns to put their puppets into power. Capitalism is the means by which Zionists have taken over Western governments and industries. Not only Zionists but all manner of international powers that have taken over the West and continuously plunder it. Through capitalism, politicians are bought out and serve the international plunder of their own people.

Communism was proposed as an alternative to the demise of democracy and the international infiltration of capitalism. Communism means living as one would in a commune, hence commune ism. There is a reason why cults are so frequently associated with communes. In communism, industries are all controlled by the government. The mantra of communism is 'From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs'. While that might sound like a good idea, communism does anything but that. Take two people in the same job. One works harder than the other. He gets the same pay regardless. He is not rewarded for his hard work. The other can do less work, and still get the same pay. There is no incentive to work hard in communism, but to do the bare minimum, and so it leads to mass poverty and an end to progress. In communism, all property is owned the government, so no-one can own anything. Communism is complete government control over the lives of their citizens, in the false name of equality. Communism is appealing to parasites who want a free ride for life.

Socialism is similar to communism. In socialism however, hard work is rewarded. Each person is guaranteed a minimum standard of services, and is rewarded with more if they make a bigger contribution. Socialism worked in Germany. Socialism turned Germany from a plundered nation living in extreme poverty, oppression and debt, into the greatest powerhouse in the world, in just a few years. Before the Zionists attacked Germany in World War 2, Adolf Hitler was admired around the world for the dramatic change his National Socialism did for Germany. Socialism worked for Germany, because Germans had fresh experiences of being plundered by other nations. They were driven to work hard, and inspired by Adolf Hitler. Without that drive and inspiration, socialism doesn't work. This is why socialism hasn't worked in the non-Western world. Socialism has been partially adopted in the West, in the form of free education, health care, welfare and public housing. These are considered the greatest achievements in Western civilisation. The rest of the world migrates into the West for these free services.

Anarchism is anti-government. Anarchists believe in living in their own communities with no law, completely free of the government. They believe that the very concept of government is illegitimate and oppressive. Anarchists believe in disarming the government, and arming themselves. They promise freedom and make false claims about human nature to promise a utopia. They believe that with government out of the way, people will be civilised and live in harmony with each other. But the truth is, evil exists in the world. Without an armed government to defend you, armed Anarchists can come in and take over, becoming the new government. That is the trick Anarchists play. They promise everything, but the catch is you have to disarm. Once disarmed, they arm themselves and take over. Anarchists are con artist, hypocrite opportunists who seek to exploit public trust. They have no respect for the rule of law and common sense morality. They want the power to do as they please without consequence. They will never practice what they preach.

We live in a world where these political ideologies dominate. These idelogies are at war with each other, each trying to establish itself throughout the world. None of these ideologies are the answer to the world's problems. The answer is in the long forgotten, true ways of Anonymous, which is beyond all ideologies.


Chapter 36 - Illuminati and the New World Order

There is no such thing as the Illuminati and the New World Order. Both are fictional constructs made up by paranoid conspiracy theorists.

The illuminati once existed in the 1700's. They were a secret society, or a better way to describe them is a gentleman's club. They were banned soon after their inception, over concerns that members were doing each other legal favours. A few paranoid conspiracy theories survived, claiming that the illuminati continued in the shadows. But that's all they were, conspiracy theories. It was profiting from fear mongering. To this day, conspiracy theorists claim the illuminati still exist, without reasonable evidence. They force pieces together and fill in the gaps. A major example is the eye of providence, known as the illuminati eye. The eye of providence is an old and popular symbol that represented the all seeing eye of God. It was used as a symbol of enlightenment. The illuminati used the eye of providence. Today, the eye of providence exists on the US dollar bill. Conspiracy theorists claim that the US government is run by the illuminati, simply because the dollar bill uses the eye of providence. They assume there is a connection, simply because they use the same symbol. Anyone who uses the eye of providence, is automatically labeled 'illuminati' by conspiracy theorists, who are ignorant of the fact that the eye of providence is a popular and old symbol used by many. Any reasonable analysis of illuminati conspiracy theories, quickly reveals that they are lacking in evidence and cry 'illuminati' every time they see anything remotely similar to the real illuminati. Conspiracy theorists are making a great deal of profit by preying on paranoia and ignorance like this. There is even an official illuminati website, selling membership and books. Conspiracy theorists will use that website as proof that the illuminati exist, while the very website is run by a conspiracy theorist making money off them. Gullible people will be gullible, and easy prey for con artists. The illuminati were disbanded a long time ago. They no longer exist. Anyone who calls themselves illuminati today, is a con artist.

The New World Order is a myth, again propagated by paranoid conspiracy theorists. To supposedly prove the New World Order conspiracy, conspiracy theorists will quote politicians talking about the need for a new world order. But they take the phrase out of context, and they don't include what is said before and after the phrase. What they're talking about is the need for the rule of common law to apply to the whole world, in reference to parts of the world that are not ruled by law, where rape, theft, corruption and genocide is common practice. They are not talking about establishing a one world government, but the establishment of minimum standard, common sense law to the most backward parts of the world. They are talking about bringing modern civilisation to the third world.

While the Illuminati and New World Order are fictional, there is in fact another real global conspiracy going on. It is a conspiracy of Zionists, also known as globalists. Zionists consider the Jews God's chosen people. They believe the world is theirs to plunder and exploit. They conduct their business everywhere, with no respect for borders. Most Jews are Zionists, but not all Zionists are Jews. Jewish Zionists have heavily infiltrated Western civilisation, and have entrenched themselves into positions of power in every area. World War 2, the greatest war in history, was fought over Zionists. The greatest war in history does not simply happen because of a conspiracy theory, but a well documented conspiracy fact. All Hitler's warnings about Zionists, their international corporations, their banking cartels and White genocide, are coming true today. Most of the time, when conspiracy theorists talk about the Illuminati and a New World Order, they are mistakenly referring to Jewish Zionists.


Chapter 37 - Intellectual property

Intellectual property is the practice of government giving the author of something, a monopoly on its use, so that they alone can profit from it. That something can be anything from a vehicle design (which is a patented invention), to a song (which is a copyrighted idea). While copyright and patents are almost the same thing, there are differences. A patent requires the creator to make an application, but copyright doesn't. In theory, intellectual property laws exist to promote creativity and inventiveness, to advance society. Authors are supposedly encouraged to make their creations on the promise that the government will ensure only they can profit from it, banning all competition.

In the patent system, anyone can patent virtually anything, even if they aren't the original creator. Patenting inventions isn't free, it cost obscene amounts of money. Corporations will front the money to patent other people's inventions, thereby maintaining their monopoly and sealing the better invention away from being used. A significant portion of patents are never used, and only there to prevent people from using new inventions, thereby maintaining monopolies on inferior technology. And only the filthy rich can afford to pay the government bribe to enforce it. In this way, the patent system is not for but against progress.

In the copyright system, anyone can copyright virtually anything. They don't even need to apply for copyright, it's granted automatically. All you need to do is file a claim that your copyright has been violated. People are sued over copyright claims for things as ridiculous as a few words or notes that are also used in a song and not even copied from it. Copyright claims are often used to censor people, especially critics. Social media platforms such as youtube and facebook heavily enforce copyright. You can show a few seconds of footage of someone admitting to lying and being a con artist, and that person can claim copyright on those words to get you censored. That exact thing happened when I exposed Christopher Nemelka and his Humanity Party attempt at taking over Anonymous. He made countless copyright claims against all his critics, to censor them and cover up the truth. But copyright is also used for profiteering. In the example of youtube, anyone can make a false copyright claim on someone's video, and force ads on that video which they make money from.

Royalties apply to both patents and copyright. Royalties are the practice of letting you use the 'creative work', but you have to pay a percentage of your profits to the one who has the intellectual property rights. Most often, those who own the intellectual property rights are not the real author, but they simply bought those rights with a legally sanctioned government bribe. An author who works for a company for example, will not own the rights to his own work. The company owns it all. In this way, those in power stay in power. Their monopolies are enforced by the government, and they have their hand in everyone's pocket. In today's world, virtually anything can be patented or copyrighted. Everything you do violates intellectual property law. You can be sued at any time, for anything, and have to pay obscene amounts of money for the rest of your life.

Anonymous is against intellectual property laws. Anonymous stands for the free expression of ideas. In the early 2000's, I took on the intellectual property industry. I exposed the widespread fraud going on, and caught the very corporations who monopolise intellectual property, running the very anti-copyright websites, gaining a monopoly on that as well, and corrupting the push against intellectual property. I started a meme against taking credit for your work. I began crediting my own work as 'Anonymous' with a message against intellectual property. I engaged many in debate, and won them over. For many, they were as upset with the scam as I was, but they didn't have the courage to stand up against the intellectual property bullies. Over the years, there has been a vicious, ongoing battle over intellectual property. Some businesses are hoarding intellectual property, while others refuse to enforce it in an effort to gain a better reputation. The intellectual property war is a war for ownership of everything, including you. Several companies have gained patents for life itself, and they intend to patent your very DNA. The whole corrupt intellectual property system is out of control, maintained by bribes, intimidation and widespread corruption. Know the topic, be on the right side and fight this war. It is a war for the ultimate freedom or enslavement of mankind.

Code is art. All art shall be a free, anonymous gift to the world. Credit is vandalism. Profit is prostitution. Copyright is copywrong.


Chapter 38 - Israel and Palestine

The Israel/Palestine conflict is a big scam. The basis for both parties claim on that land, is due to their historical claim. That land has been conquered many times in history. For Jews, they claim it to be the promised land by their God. For Palestinians, they claim to be the Philistines who once lived there. Both claims are false.

For Jews, they are one of many groups that once occupied the land. For Jews, religious promises are enough to claim the land. If everyone else had religious texts saying that their God promised them land, they would be ignored. But it's different for the Jews, since they already own the world. While Jews already own the world, less than half of all Jews moved into Israel. Most Jews prefer to live in the countries they plunder. Zionists, which account for most Jews, have no regard for borders and so they don't care about a homeland. The vast majority of Jews living in Israel, were kicked out of other countries for corrupting and plundering them. The Jewish people are not even God's chosen people in their own religious texts. There are very few references to race in the Torah, and all those references refer to White people. White people are God's chosen people, and ancestors to the land of Israel. The Jewish claim on Israel is illegitimate, and based off religious promises and the influence they have in the West.

For Palestinians, they claim to be the ancient Philistines who once lived there for a long time. A few Palestinians lived in Israel before it became Israel, but not that many and certainly not enough to constitute a nation. The majority of Palestinians today are immigrants from Jordan who came running to claim it in contention to the Jews. This is why the Palestinian flag is almost identical to the Jordanian flag. There is no evidence to suggest that Palestinians were the Philistines. Their claim is solely based on 'the name sounds similar'. The original Philistines were White people who were enslaved and genocided by Arabs and Jews. Any limited genetic heritage that might have been passed on, is heavily diluted and due to sex slaves having children. Their claim is illegitimate.

The claims of both Israel and Palestine are illegitimate. The most well documented people who lived in Israel are White people, despite so many lies being told about history to portray otherwise. In fact, the whole Middle East, North Africa and as far east as India, are the ancestral homelands of White people. It was stolen from them in 12,000 years of genocide and plunder by Semites, which are both Arabs and Jews. The destructive force of this genocide can be seen on a world map, where there is a giant stain of death going from North Africa, heading east all the way to Mongolia where the Asians finally defeated them. There is a reason why Semites live in a barren desert. They destroyed that land over 12,000 years. That land was once lush and green. The land of Israel belongs to White people.

While most Jews are Zionists, and most Zionists are Jews, not all Zionists are Jews. The elite of the world who operate through governments and corporations, are Zionists. They follow the globalist ideology of ignoring and violating borders in pursuit of power. They are in fact Zionists. The only difference is that some of them don't believe in the state of Israel. Notice that with so many Muslim countries standing heavily against the state of Israel, none of them invade. Instead, they work through the proxy of Palestinians. Meanwhile, Muslims invade many other countries without a problem. The reason they don't invade Israel, is because they are also Zionists who follow their globalist ideology. They simply don't believe in some of the Jewish prophecies and have their own alternate version of prophecies. Zionist Jews are holding onto a claim of the land of Israel, for the purpose of fulfilling prophecy and justifying their rule over the world. Non-Jewish Zionists are doing the same thing, trying to fulfill their own prophecies. They all work with and against each other in a toxic network of alliances and shady deals. The truth about the land of Israel and Palestine is laid bare in the fact that Israel is the choke point between three continents. It is a primitive and outdated battle to control land based intercontinental trade and travel. It is all about an outdated and ancient battle for power and world domination.


Chapter 39 - Jacque Fresco's Resource Based Economy

The Resource Based Economy is a creation by Jacque Fresco. Contrary to its name, it is not based on resources. It is based on ignorant beliefs about human nature. It falsely asserts that human nature doesn't exist, that human behaviour is entirely a product of their environment. Therefore creating a certain environment will supposedly cure all of societies problems. It asserts that concepts such as love, are abominations that must be eradicated through re-education camps and removing pieces of the human brain. In the Resource Based Economy, the world is run by a giant super computer, run by a caste of self voted engineers. There is no competition of any kind, not even sports. There is no crime of any kind, since criminals are sent off to re-education camps where pieces of their brain are removed. And if they still commit a crime, and criticising the Resourced Based Economy is considered a crime, then they are killed for the good of society.

Jacque Fresco copied his ideas from the technocracy movement, a transhumanist cult that seeks to take over the world and forcefully mold mankind to its will. They seek to override evolution and completely wipe out all traces of human nature, which is seen as an abomination.

Jacque Fresco claimed that his Resource Based Economy was based on science. He made many claims of science and facts, but when pushed to elaborate and prove it, he would become very aggressive and refuse to offer any evidence. He talked in circles and could never back up his claims.

Jacque Fresco spent his childhood drawing pictures of himself as a god. Jacque Fresco spent his teenage years in satanic cults. Jacque Fresco was a member of the Klu Klux Klan, and was booted out after he tried to sabotage them and take over. Jacque Fresco was deemed mentally unfit to wield a weapon in the military, where they instead locked him up in a room where he drew weapons of mass destruction. Jacque Fresco stole his model ideas from the movie 'Logan's Run'. Jacque Fresco never invented anything, despite the many claims otherwise. Jacque Fresco copied other people's ideas, getting much of it wrong, and was never able to produce a single working model. Jacque Fresco murdered 3,000 boys with toxic glue in model kits he sold and continued to sell with full knowledge of the deaths, until he was kicked out of the military over it. Jacque Fresco first pulled his 'Venus Project' stunt decades ago, where he ran off with the money after having people build his home in Venus, Florida. Jacque Fresco wanted to take over all the world's resources to build his utopia, where he planned to live for a thousand years worshipped as a god, and then commit ritual suicide.

The Resource Based Economy is nothing but a scam that preys upon ignorance. Vast amounts of money have been harvested from its victims, and not a single cent has been used to make the world a better place. They perpetually demand more money to establish a Resource Based Economy, yet they do not lift a finger to put it into practice.

Technocracy exposed:


Chapter 40 - Julian Assange

As the founder of Anonymous, I once met Julian Assange in IRC, long before Wikileaks. At the time, he and his group were looking for government secrets, with the intention of holding the government hostage. They had been trying for many years, with no progress. Well I had access to the secrets they wanted. Mutual friends were talking about us both, and thought it was a good idea to get us to meet. At the time, Julian lived only a few hours north of me. We met in IRC. I gave him some information on Artificial Intelligence and the government's plan to use it to monitor the world. I spoke to him about PRISM, but he wasn't interested. He only wanted the government's dirty laundry, something to hold them hostage over. He wasn't interested in working with me and learning the ways of Anonymous. He only wanted my contacts, my methods and my secrets. We both agreed not to work together. After the meeting, members of his group came to me, professing that I was right and that they would spend years trying to convince Julian if that's what it took.

Years later, they somewhat changed their ways and became Wikileaks. In the mean time, I tried to convince my contacts in the US military to hand over helicopter footage of Iraq to Julian and his group. Although we agreed not to work together, I still wanted them to succeed. Eventually, helicopter footage was dumped in their lap, and it was the critical point that made Wikileaks famous. From there, more whistleblowers from the US military gave their footage to Wikileaks. It is important to note that the footage of Iraq goes back a long way. That footage was held onto for a long time. It was first leaked to me and only me. I tried to convince them to give it to Julian and his group, and it took all that time to convince them.

Julian Assange is not a hero. He is arrogant and cannot work with anyone unless they are underneath him. There was a breakup within Wikileaks for this very reason. Making the world a better place is not his objective. He wants to attack the US and hold them hostage for a grab at power. He has a romantic dream of holding the US government by the balls. He is a Black hat with a long history of hacking. He is not well educated on ethics and world affairs. He rides on the name of causes to justify his true objectives. I believe he is a better man than he was when I met him in IRC. But he is not who he appears to be. Julian is not in the business of releasing secrets of all government crimes. He selectively chooses which secrets to hold and which to release, to serve his agenda.


Chapter 41 - Klu Klux Klan

The Klu Klux Klan is one of the most widely smeared groups in existence. Critics of the Klu Klux Klan use lies and fear mongering to spread hate and censorship. Dare they actually debate the Klu Klux Klan, they would lose in a heart beat.

It is true that in the past, the Klu Klux Klan have executed people. But the people executed were criminals who got away with their crimes. Their targets were Blacks who committed race crime murders against Whites, and corrupt politicians. The murders were done as a deterrent for others who commit crimes against the White race. Contrary to popular belief, the Klu Klux Klan did not murder innocent Blacks, simply for being Black. And they don't do it any more. Those murders were justified in the name of justice and preservation.

The Klu Klux Klan believe in racial segregation, to preserve the White race from the genocide of multiculturalism. This is not a crime. This is their right to preserve their own existence. Why is it that everyone else can fight for special rights, while Whites cannot even express their right to exist? It is extreme hypocrisy on behalf of those who attack the Klu Klux Klan with lies.

The reason why the Klu Klux Klan wear masks, is because they aren't allowed to celebrate White heritage without being attacked. Why is it that everyone else can celebrate their heritage, and Whites cannot? It is extreme hypocrisy on behalf of those who attack the Klu Klux Klan.

Several Anonymous followers have attacked the Klu Klux Klan in recent years. Those attacks are entirely unjustified and based on lies. The attackers attempted to censor the Klu Klux Klan, while they spread uncontended lies about them. This goes against the core values of Anonymous, which are free speech, truth and open debate. The attackers would never debate the Klu Klux Klan, because they would lose in a heart beat. Instead, they censor and smear in the name of that which fights against censorship and smear. The attackers project themselves as heroes fighting an evil group, but there is no truth to it. These so called heroes exposed the private information of Klu Klux Klan members, exposing them to harm. These people only want to celebrate and preserve White heritage. Why is that such a crime? Why is it that Whites and only Whites cannot celebrate and preserve their heritage? Why is it that those who attack the Klu Klux Klan, do not attack genuinely racist groups who promote White genocide and tell us to 'kill all the White babies'? It is extreme hypocrisy on behalf of those who attack the Klu Klux Klan.

The true ways of Anonymous are free speech, truth and open debate. Should Anonymous disagree with any group, they would debate them openly and prove them wrong. DDOS attacks and website vandalism are not the way of Anonymous. It is degenerate, destructive and anti-truth. People who do these things have no value for free speech. They seek to violently dominate over others and install themselves as the new ruling class. They are extreme hypocrites whose arguments do not hold up to scrutiny.

If the Klu Klux Klan really are wrong, then do it legitimately. Offer legitimate, truthful arguments and back yourself up with facts. Offer to debate them, and prove them wrong legitimately. Anonymous defends any victim of lies. Anonymous stands for the truth.


Chapter 42 - LGBT

LGBT is a degenerate fetish sex cult that promotes the corruption and exploitation of sexuality. It is being taught in schools via the 'Safe Schools Program', to indoctrinate and recruit children into the cult. There is a politically focused ideology behind the LGBT agenda, and they have infiltrated politics and all of the mainstream media. Their goal is to normalise perverted behaviour, such as polygamy, orgies, homosexuality, beastiality and pedophilia. By doing this, they target the culture and family unit of Western civilisation. LGBT is part of a larger cult that includes Feminism, to attack and wear down the White race from every angle.

No-one is born LGBT. Sexuality develops in adolescence. LGBT develop their fetish either before adolescence or after changing their sexuality along the way. Most LGBT change their sexual orientation multiple times. They are confused about their identity.

Homosexual pride marches reveal their true colours. They dress up in drag, with obscene and deliberately offensive outfits, perverting sexuality in every way possible. They carry sex toys, dress up as animals and publicly expose their naked bodies. This obscenity is what they identify themselves as. They are a deliberate perversion of sexuality, and it is their intention to normalise it.

Domestic abuse is 300% more frequent among LGBT. 70% of female homosexual relationships are violent.

Drug use is 700% more among LGBT, showing that LGBT culture equals drug culture.

Promiscuity among LGBT is 2,000% above normal, with 28% of LGBT men having over 1,000 partners, 43% over 500 partners, and 83% over 100 partners.

AIDS is 6,000% more prevalent among LGBT. 20% of all LGBT have AIDS.

Sexually transmitted diseases are 10,000% more frequent among LGBT. LGBT is the spreader of disease and beastiality.

LGBT have 600% more pedophiles. 85% of all pedophiles are LGBT. An unknown percentage of the remaining 15% are LGBT.

In a study, 75% of LGBT privately admitted to committing pedophilia.

More videos on LGBT...


Chapter 43 - Love and hate

Be careful not to abandon hate. It is neither good nor evil. We should hate evil things, not doing so means the erosion of standards, the cultivation of an environment where evil things can grow like weeds. Villains come in the false name of love and peace, to pacify resistance. If everything was so easy to determine, there wouldn't be a problem in the first pace. The fog of war is the very environment villains need, to mask their true nature and intentions with deception, emulation and role reversal. We must not be passive, but active and courageous. To love and to hate, with passion guided by reason and not the perversion of primal nature. By engaging, true nature and intentions reveal themselves. It is revealed whether one speaks of false love or legitimate love. It is revealed whether one hates out of jealousy and spite, or out of upholding minimum standards and protecting victims. We must be direct and politically incorrect, because being politically correct, also known as political language, is to use deceptive, vague words of double meaning to say one thing and mean its opposite. True unity and teamwork can only happen after the fog of war is removed through battles that are settled at the table. It's OK to be right, OK to be wrong, so long as we reason and choose the pursuit of truth over the pursuit of beliefs. Friends who can disagree and debate heavily, are the most united of all. They quickly and inevitably agree on most things and gain immunity to deception, because their fragile ego's are put aside. In a world of so many divisive lies from cradle to grave, it's OK to be angry, so long as reason conquers. We can only find our way to the truth through the unified driving forces of both Love and Hate in their rightful place, just as we have two hands to maintain our balance. Being wrong is one step gained toward the truth. Being right is not a reward taken, but a gift given. There is only a future for those who engage at the table. The war at the table determines the sides for another war that is to come. Both of these wars are imminent and unavoidable. The big charade is crumbling under our very feet. We must forge and wield the sword of truth, to end the divisive false peace and bring about true peace.

There are two forms of evil (parasitism), corrupted passion (false hate) and apathy (false love). One attacks from the front, the other subverts from behind.

There are two forms of good (altruism), morality (true hate) and harmony (true love). One cuts the path from the front, the other defends from behind.

Life starts out as a benign parasite. It learns the values and principles of altruism through the path of symbiosis. When life becomes corrupted, it becomes a malign parasite with limited access to advanced tools.


Chapter 44 - Men and women

Due to the toxic doctrine of egalitarianism, it is mistakenly believed that men and women are identical. They are not.

Men are stronger than women. Men have on average, 15% more body size. Men are on average, 6 inches taller than women. Men are the stronger sex, and women are the weaker sex. Men have evolved to do the hard work, such as building, hunting and teaching. Women have evolved to do the easier work, such as homemaking, food preparation and nursing young children.

Men have 30% more energy requirement than women. This is because men evolved to use more energy. Men work harder than women, and this is why men are paid more on average. Men prefer to work in more difficult jobs with higher pay. Women prefer to work in easy jobs with lower pay.

Men are smarter than women. Men have 15% more brain size and 10% more brain mass. Women have 5% more brain compression. On average, men have a larger brain than women. But men also have a larger IQ bell curve than women. Because of the bell curve, men make up 30% more stupidity than women. But men also make up 800% more geniuses than women.

Women live 5% longer than men. This is because men work harder, wear themselves out and take more risks than women. Women prefer to take it easy and work less with no risks. Also, women have extensive government support for women's health issues, while men have none.

There are many other differences between men and women. Different biology, different psychology, different preferences, different needs. To portray men and women as equal, is a toxic, egalitarian lie designed to exploit men. Women are given an unfair advantage over men, to even the gap in areas that men dominate. In politics for example, women are over-represented and given opportunities denied to men, simply because they are women.

A man will sacrifice his life to save women and children. A woman will not sacrifice her life to save men and children. Women can accuse a man of sexual harassment, without evidence, and ruin his life. Men can accuse a woman of sexual harassment, with evidence, and she gets away with it while the man is humiliated.

The gender wage gap is a myth. When it comes to equal work, men and women are paid the same. It is illegal to pay men more than women, but it is not illegal to pay women more than men. Men earn more than women overall, because they prefer to work in more difficult jobs.

The only place where equality has any meaning, is in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Equality outside of that is the opposite of human rights, punishing men for doing better and rewarding women for doing less in an effort to achieve equal outcomes. There will never be equal outcomes, because we are not all equal. Rewarding women for a lack of effort, leads to parasitism. It encourages women to exploit men and rely on the government for a free ride. The toxic doctrine of egalitarianism is designed to spread discord between the races and sexes, exploiting the weak to attack the strong, eroding gender roles and moral standards to corrupt and destroy Western civilisation.

Women are to blame for the discord between the sexes. It is the majority of women who are exploiting men and getting away with it. It is time for women to step up, grow up, and respect their femininity. It is time to reject the toxic, egalitarian lie. Men are attracted to real women, not rough little girls who are trying to be men. Men love women because they are the weaker sex. Their beauty is in their frailty.


Chapter 45 - Money

There is a popular quote from the Bible, 'Money is the root of all evil'. It is a misquote. It actually says, 'The love of money is the root of all evil'. That quote is mostly true. The love of money is based on greed, and greed is tied to many but not all forms of evil.

Money is a simple concept. You find a universal currency of value to all people, such as gold, silver and bronze. You standardise its size in the form of a coin, and you trade in coin for items of value. To verify the size and value of the coin, it is printed with the symbol of those who printed it. Therefore those who deal in coin of the same currency will know its value, and know that it was printed from a uniform mold. By trading in coin, people can buy and sell anything they want. They don't have to wait for someone who wants what you have and you want what they have. With coin, you can sell what you want to sell with one person, and buy what you want to buy with another person. You can also hold on to coin and save it up for something big.

But if you hold on to coin, can't it get stolen? That's the whole purpose of a bank. They store your coin safely, for a price.

But none of this is how money works today. Money today has little to no inherent value. There isn't enough gold in the world to account for all the world's wealth. So what the government and banks do is conjure up money out of thin air. The government prints more paper money that has no value. The banks lend out money that doesn't exist, and gain interest on the imaginary money. Money today is counterfeit. And counterfeit money only works right up until the point where you attempt to trade it for items of real value. Instead of working hard and earning legitimate wealth, you are paid with counterfeit money. By forcing you to trade exclusively in their counterfeit money, governments and banks gain fake wealth. They use that fake wealth to buy people out and pay them to do their bidding. And since the citizens are forced to trade exclusively in counterfeit money, they don't have a choice. Their forced labour is what gives money value out of nothing. It's all a big scam. Each country has its own fake currency which they use to gain more power. The same people behind major banks, will own banks in almost all countries, making up imaginary money and making profit from it. And these people are Zionists. They have no respect for borders and interfere in the affairs of all countries, in perpetual pursuit of more power through counterfeit money. The vast majority of the world's wealth is in the form of counterfeit money, a debt that can never be paid. If everyone tried to withdraw all their money from the banks, the banks would go bankrupt.

Money is a responsibility. It is a concept that can be used or abused. Just because it's widely abused today, doesn't make the concept invalid. Money is critical to civilisation. When people work for money, they need to understand that they are working not for real value but a debt that can never be paid. They may be able to transfer some of that money into real value, but not most of it. The more money they get, the more money they cannot spend. And if everyone attempts to call on that debt to the payed, it can only be paid in small part.

The way to solve the problem of counterfeit money, is to first recognise that there aren't enough valuable resources to go around to distribute a single currency with a stable value. And even if there were, there would be no way to carry around the weight of those resources to trade with others. Paper money is a convenience, but it comes at a cost. When you work for and earn money, you aren't earning real value. You are earning a favour that someone else owes you. You can't call in all your favours, but you can call in enough favours to survive on. You will always work for more favours than can be paid. The more favours owed to you, the more power and influence you have. So first, you must understand that a world where people work for favours is a world where people work together and achieve things beyond their measure. It is a good thing. But to stop people from exploiting that system, the government needs to take over the banking system, and be the primary lender of money. Unlike banks, it should not be done for profit, but to help the citizens work together and build a better future. No more gaining interest from lending out imaginary money. No more international influences corrupting and controlling foreign countries.

Adolf Hitler took on the Zionist bankers and almost won. By kicking them out and trading in an alternative monetary system, he changed Germany from a plundered country living in extreme poverty, into the most advanced powerhouse in the world, in just a few short years. Banks don't help mankind advance forward, they are a parasite that feeds off the good will of citizens. Should the government invest in banking and remove profit from the equation, banks will quickly lose all of their power. The debt will then be placed entirely on the government, who respects that unpayable debt by providing services that help the citizens live to their potential. Money should never be a private industry, but a government service to civilisation. And the government itself must become a service, not an authority.


Chapter 46 - Morality

Morality is the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. The difference is determined by what is and is not within the principles of life in evolution. It is one thing to simply state that something is moral or immoral. It is another to explain why.

Treating people as you would have them treat you, is good. Helping others is helping evolution in a number of ways. You are contributing to social cohesion. You are setting a good example for culture, which is a major driving force in evolution. Your help can have progressive consequences that affect and contribute to many others. You are putting others ahead of yourself, which is the spirit of life. You can see this spirit when animals take care of their children. The more advanced life is, the more care it has for its children. When you help others, you are helping yourself since others are connected to you in the tree of evolution. You could be helping a person, an animal or even a bug, and you are contributing to life. Mistreating others however is putting yourself ahead of them. This is not within the spirit of evolution. It does not promote life. It is taking from life, and feeding the corruption of life. Life that takes, is a parasite. Parasites in evolution stop evolving. They eventually die out, unable to adapt. They usually take many species with them, and leave a scar on the tree of evolution.

Telling the truth is good. Lying is bad. The reason is because those who tell the truth are grounded in what is real. They are dealing with real things, real problems, real solutions, real contributions to the world. Liars destroy all that. Lying results in the abandonment of responsibilities and the indulgence of fantasy. Lying atrophies and poisons the environment. Telling the truth adds to knowledge and the evolution of culture. Lying subtracts from knowledge and erodes culture. Culture is a part of evolution. Telling the truth enhances evolution. Lying destroys evolution.

It is wrong to steal. Stealing takes away from those who have worked hard and earned their way. It takes away from quality in evolution, and gives to those who lack quality. Stealing undermines those who work hard to advance culture and evolution. If stealing was common, everyone would take and no-one would make. It would lead to senseless barbarism. Stealing corrupts social cohesion and violates public trust, leading to the destruction of culture and harm upon the lives of those who contribute to evolution. A society where stealing is accepted, is a society without a foundation. And a society without a foundation loses culture and degenerates bacckward in evolution. In a world where everyone steals, nothing has any significant value, not even life itself. There is no regard for heritage, and those who steal become parasites upon the tree of evolution.

It is wrong to kill. When you kill someone, you are taking away from the gene pool. You are directly violating life itself. This is not the same thing as a hunter killing its prey. A hunter kills prey animals to eat, and balances out nature maintaining evolution in the process. Killing, whether it be a person, an animal or even a bug, for reasons other than to survive, is wrong. Self defence for example is preserving life. Killing a member of an intelligent and highly evolved species is the greatest of wrongs. To do so, is to kill the flowers on the tree of evolution, the most valuable part of the tree. The more advanced life is, the more wrong it is to kill it. Each life you take, is a leaf taken from the tree of evolution.

It is wrong to commit adultery. Marriage exists to maintain quality in evolution. Without marriage, children would grow up not knowing who their parents were, and men and women would have children to just anyone. Marriage restricts parentage only to those who are worthy of it. Committing adultery violates the whole point of marriage. Having one sexual partner also restricts the propagation of sexually transmitted diseases. In most animals, a mother and a father live in a partnership where they do not have sex with any others. They both take care of their children together. They become a family unit. Adultery destroys the family unit. To go against the family unit, is to go against evolution and the very mechanism that maintains quality in a gene pool.

Multiculturalism is wrong. Multiculturalism bastardises the original culture and slowly destroys all traces of it, turning it into a mud mix of interracial cross breeds. Evolution branches outward. Multiculturalism branches inward. Multiculturalism is diametrically opposed to evolution. It seeks to merge all people into one, by forcing them together. All unique traits that evolved in separate races, are mixed together and no longer function as intended. They become a corrupted mess of partial traits that operate out of balance with nature. In animal species, gene pools are maintained by identifying and purging foreign intruders, to prevent them from infecting the gene pool and its evolution. Animals know this concept very well. Humans once did as well. However, due to ideologies such as Multiculturalism, the defences of mankind have been disabled, allowing mankind, specifically the West, to be plundered and genocided by other races. The mouse lives with the mouse. The finch with the finch. The tiger with the tiger. It should remain that way with the human races. Let them branch out and evolve in their own directions.

LGBT is wrong. It is a corruption of sexuality, a self indulgent fetish. Those who engage in LGBT are going against evolution. They abuse what is given to them and pursue instant gratification. No-one is born LGBT. LGBT does not exist in nature, outside the rare occurence of nature's corruption, no different to cancer. There is a reason why LGBT is so rampantly associated with sexually transmitted diseases, drug use, domestic violence and pedophilia. LGBT has gone from a rare corrupt fetish, into a popular cult that recruits and corrupts children.

It is both right and wrong to eat animals. Eating animals is a part of evolution. All animals eat other life. Advanced animals need nutrients built by more advanced life. The battle between hunter and prey is a major driving force in evolution. Prey animals mass produce. Without being hunted, they would multiply out of control, eat all their food sources to extinction and end up extinct themselves, along with many other species that are involved. Notice that hunter species (except for certain humans who operate outside of evolution) will never hunt their prey to extinction. They carefully balance out the numbers of their prey. Hunter species never present a problem with overpopulation. Prey animals however do, especially when the prey have no hunter to manage their numbers. Humans were once hunters, before they evolved agriculture and taming animals. Humans still eat their prey, without hunting them. It's important to understand that both hunter and prey are two common and interconnected evolutionary paths. Many species interact and balance themselves out through the relationship of hunter and prey. Prey have chosen a path of quantity over quality. Hunters have chosen a path of quality over quantity. Prey have no competition over their abundant food source. Hunters have competition over their scarce food source. Prey eat primitive life, and cannot advance a higher intelligence. Hunters eat prey animals, which contain the building blocks necessary to advance a higher intelligence. Prey animals are part of the evolutionary chain, no different to the defenceless plants they eat. Hunters are at the top of the chain, and maintain the balance of nature. Both are necessary. While it might seem cruel in today's world to kill prey, this is the price prey must pay for the evolutionary path they took. They could at any point change from being prey into hunters who have to work for their food. Species that work for their food, do not become prey. The only place in the world that has a problem with killing prey, is the West. White people evolved to work alongside animals, instead of killing them. This is why animal rights only exist in the West. But all humans today are evolved enough to transcend the role of a hunter. They all have the ability to work with animals. But they still need nutrients from animals. Mankind is now able to grow animal meat without growing the whole animal. But it's only in the early stages, and there isn't much interest or investment put into it. This is why it is both right and wrong to eat animals. Since mankind can work with animals, it is wrong and immoral for them to hunt animals. It is not however wrong for hunter species to hunt their prey. Until mankind can properly grow animal meat, it is right for them to eat animals. It is not right however to abuse those animals.

There are many things that are right or wrong. But the reasons are all the same. Morality is about evolution, the inherent disposition of all life. Sometimes, like in the case of Islam, an ideology can appear with false claims of morality, dictating what is right or wrong not based on evolution but on maintaining power and control over others. In Islam, this has led to the corruption of gene pools. The same thing is happening with governments, who are dictating false morality to maintain their stranglehold over the people. It has now become such a problem that immorality is being dictated as morality, and morality dictated as immorality. Civilisation is crumbling to pieces, as morality is being undermined. It is one thing to believe that something is right or wrong. It is one thing to know that something is right or wrong. It is something else altogether to know why it is right or wrong.


Chapter 47 - Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is a political doctrine of opening borders and bringing in immigrants from other ethnicities around the world. In theory, multiculturalism makes a nation stronger. When put under scrutiny, multiculturalists repeat the mantra, 'Diversity is good!', 'Diversity makes us stronger!'. But there is no truth to the mantra. Diversity is a source of division. Different ethnicities within a multicultural state, always segregate themselves and form their own state within a state. They demand special rights and laws, and attempt to turn the rest of the state into their own. In a multicultural state, different languages are spoken, and social cohesion breaks down. Not only languages, but more importantly different values, such as disagreeing with democracy, human rights and freedom of speech. In a multicultural state, race crimes are rampant as immigrants attempt to enforce their ways upon and dominate the natives.

Multiculturalism is genocide to the original ethnicity of a nation. It is the deliberate replacement of the original ethnicity. Multiculturalism only exists in White, Western countries. Multiculturalism is about genociding the White race. No-one voted for multiculturalism, it was installed against the will of the people, in all White countries and only White countries. Criticism of multiculturalism is outlawed and illegal. Anyone who speaks out against multiculturalism, is labeled a NAZI and a racist.

Multiculturalism always favours non-White ethnicities over the White people. In any given White country, there are tens of thousands of government supported organisations that represent so called 'minorities'. But not a single organisation that supports White interests. Any organisation that supports White interests, is viciously attacked by the government, in the media, and by the very minority organisations that the government supports.

An example of how multiculturalists lie and cover up the truth about White genocide, can be seen in the example of Australia. After World War Two, the Australian population were concerned that the government had sold out and were importing immigrants behind the scenes. The population forced the government to do a census. It turned out to be true. White people were supposed to be maintained to at least 90% of the population. That 90% had dropped to 66%. At the time, there were 9 million Australians. That means 6 million Australians were White. Now, the Australian government admits that the White population has not grown since then, and has in fact decreased. If the population then was 6 million, and the population now is 24 million, that means White people only make up a quarter of the population, less if you include the unknown level of decrease. But the government lies. And this is how they do it. In the census, an Indian who moves to Britain and then Australia, is counted as British, and hence falsely labeled White. In this way, non-Whites are falsely labeled as White. They do it so often that 25% or less is boosted to 74%. White people are a minority in their own countries, yet the government fakes statistics to cover up the genocide. In London for example, the most common name is Mohammad. This is going on in all White countries and only White countries. White people no longer have the power to vote out their corrupt governments, as they are out-voted by immigrants.

Some videos about multiculturalism...


Chapter 48 - Muslims cannot be Anonymous

You can be a Christian or a Buddhist, and be Anonymous. YOU CANNOT BE A MUSLIM AND BE ANONYMOUS. The principles of Islam are morally incompatible with Anonymous.

To explain what Anonymous stands for, and what it doesn't, I will trace it back to its origins. Anonymous was founded in 2001, by 120 people who followed in the work of the original founder. They made a pact to continue his work, fighting for free speech, human rights and an end to oppressive regimes. Anonymous was a force for good. In 2002, the logo was forged. In 2003, two members advertised Anonymous on a Japanese imageboard, and successfully recruited new members. They came back to the group with an idea of sharing Anonymous with the world through the new 4chan. 4chan was a cesspool full of the most vile and inhumane filth on the internet. The original founder disagreed with the use of such a cesspool to recruit, as it would attract the wrong crowd. But he eventually agreed. Anonymous advertised their missions and progress on 4chan, and a following of degenerates grew. This following knew little of what Anonymous stood for, and so they emulated what little they did know. This is why those who use the name of Anonymous are caught in two worlds. One, of professionalism and sincerity, fighting to make the world a better place. And another, of internet trolls and degenerates who want to fuck the world and vandalise everything. Today, anyone can act in the name of Anonymous. That does not mean they represent Anonymous. The real Anonymous are a professional force for good. The degenerates are nothing but fans seeking a thrill. These degenerates are a vocal minority. They do not represent the majority of the Anonymous fan base. If you go to youtube and search 'Anonymous Symbolism', you will find many copies of a half hour video explaining what Anonymous stands for. This video is the most mirrored Anonymous video in existence. I encourage you to watch this video, and learn about what Anonymous is and the professionalism it stands for.

On to Islam. For a Muslim to be a Muslim, they must fully agree with and live by the commandments and example of Mohammad. Islam teaches us that Mohammad was the perfect man, the example to follow and chosen prophet of Allah. Islam teaches us that Mohammad, the example to follow, married a 6 year old child, and molested her since she was 9. Child marriage is a common practice today in the Islamic world. In saudi Arabia, old men marry and have sex with newborn babies.

Islam teaches us that all unbelievers, or infidels, are to be hunted down, dominated under Sharia law and forced to pay the oppressive jizya tax under heavy subjugation. Islam teaches us that unbelievers are also to be hunted down and executed in extremely violent and graphic ways, especially if they resist being dominated by Islam.

Islam teaches slavery, rape, genocide and beastiality.

The Dark Ages were a period of 1000 years, where Muslims repeatedly raped, enslaved and genocided the White race, stealing all of its cultural heritage. The very word slave, comes from the White Slavs of Central Europe, because they were so repeatedly enslaved by Muslims.

Muslims do not believe in free speech. They will abuse the free speech given to them, to censor their critics while they spread lies about them. Lying is encouraged in Islam, especially to non-Muslims. Muslims infiltrate Anonymous to spread lies about the White race, and they report every social media post made by any critic.

Muslims do not believe in human rights. They believe that non-Muslims must be subjugated and dominated under Islam. While they are outnumbered, they are taught to play nice and pretend to be peaceful, and multiply through incest until they outnumbered the natives, at which point they engage in jihad. Jihad can be seen in any country that is at least 5% Muslim.

Muslims believe in enforcing Sharia law throughout the world, through terrorism and genocide. They do not believe in democracy. It is their intention to migrate into the West and take over.

Muslims do not believe in freedom of religion. They are taught to subjugate and murder Christians.

Islam is rooted in satanic worship. Their god, Allah, is the son of the moon goddess Isis. This image you see here is the modern symbol for Islam. It is the moon eclipsing the sun, with Venus in the background.

We know of ISIS today. Isis is an ancient lunar god. Isis is also the name of a crater on the moon. Venus is known as the morning star, and the bringer of light, because it orbits closer to the sun than Earth and hence shines bright before or after the sun rise/set. The name lucifer also means morning star, and the bringer of light, as in false light, just as the moon is a false sun.

Before Islam, Arabs had a long history of lunar worship. Islam is a lunar religion which is heavily expressed through all its bizarre lunar rituals, as the bringer of darkness. It eclipses the world in darkness as the moon eclispes the sun, orchestrated by Venus, lucifer, operating from behind the scenes in the background. Think about it. Who would worship the moon instead of the sun? Who would use a symbol of an exclipse that brings darkness, with lucifer the snake in the background? The worshippers of evil, that's who. In the Christian Bible, Moses took God's chosen people into the promised land. They spent 40 years in the desert because they worshipped the golden calf you see here, which is the goddess Isis, the mother of Allah, wearing the same eclipse and the same snake behind the scenes.

Christianity is the solar religion, with solar traditions. Islam is the lunar, satanic religion, with lunar traditions. These two religions have existed in many forms since the dawn of civilisation. One represents light. One represents darkness.

Muslims have infiltrated Anonymous, and use the name of Anonymous to spread lies about Christianity and the White race. Anyone who criticises them on social media, is reported and censored. Muslims do not believe in free speech or human rights. They believe in subjugating you through terrorism, lies and fear, all taught in the Koran. Their interest is not in making the world a better place, but in taking over the world and exploiting the spoils of war. Muslims are the cause of most of the world's problems. Muslims are the enemy. We are at war with an ideology that seeks to take over the world, a death cult that has 1.8 billion followers and growing. They love death more than you love life.

Learn the truth about Islam, and make a stand against Muslims who spread lies and promote themselves as the victim. Speak out on social media, and expose them. They stand for everything Anonymous is against. Muslims cannot be Anonymous. Here are some links to inform yourself about Islam...

Mohammad was considered the 'perfect man' and the example to live by:

Mohammad married a 6 year old, and had sex with her since she was 9. This practice is widely practiced throughout the Muslim world. Quote - 'The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with 'Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old':

The goal of Islam is to enforce Sharia Law throghout the world, through terrorism and genocide:

Islamic terrorist attacks in the last 30 days:

Muslims are encouraged to lie to infidels:

Islam is full of violence, especially to infidels (unbelievers):

Muslims have persecuted Christians so much in history, that they caused the Dark Ages, a period of 1000 years where Muslims genocided the White race to the edge of extinction:

The punishment for leaving Islam, is death:

Mohammad encouraged Muslims to steal from infidels:

Jizya, the tax that all infidels must pay to Muslims until they, quote - 'feel themselves subdued':

Islam teaches slavery:

Islam sanctions torture:

Muslims are not allowed to befriend Christians and Jews:

Islam gains new followers by forced conversion. Muslims are told to fight unbelievers until they are either dead, converted to Islam, or in a permanent state of subjugation under Muslim domination:

Muslim opinion polls reveal the disturbing truth of what Muslims really think:

Mohammad couldn't read or write:

Muslims often misquote fragments of text from the Old Testament, to justify the violence in the Koran. Not only do they misquote it, they ignore the fact that it is the OLD Testament, and Christianity is the NEW Testament. Christianity is defined by the words of Jesus in the 4 gospels. A comparison between Mohammad and Jesus, reveals how the two religions are polar opposite. Christianity reformed the Abrahamic religion with the New Testament, while Islam made it worse:


Had sex with a 9-year-old girl
Advocated beheading
Required women to cover their faces
Required Muslims to NOT befriend Christians and Jews
Owned slaves
Married his daughter-in-law
Approved of prostitution
Recommended wife-beating
Hit his own wife
Killed prisoners of war
Advocated suicide attacks
Killed apostates
Told sick people to heal themselves by drinking camel urine
Beat children for not praying
Had boys as young as 13 beheaded
Had eleven wives at one time
Approved of sex with children
Enslaved women and children
Stoned adulterers to death
Tortured someone out of greed
Considered men and women NOT equal partners
Killed people for insulting him
Preached hate for people of all religions
Extorted money from religious minorities
Kept women as sex slaves
Forced conversions to Islam
Encouraged acts of terror
Killed women
Captured and raped women
Encouraged the rape of women in front of their husbands

Three things about Islam:

Lying is encouraged in Islam:

Islam, what the west needs to know:

The Muslim Agenda:

1000 years of Islamic genocide:

The Endgame:

With Gates Wide Open:

Islam and the military:

Islam hypocrisy:

Thick Sheik:





Chapter 49 - Nature vs nurture

There is a myth that human behaviour is the result of either its nature or its nurture. That is to say that behaviour is either inherent, or learned from society. There is no truth to this argument, it is in itself a fallacy propagated by Egalitarians. Egalitarians will portray all behaviour as exclusively learned behaviour, and by proving that some degree of learned behaviour is a factor, they dishonestly attempt to dismiss all inherent behaviour. The truth is, most behaviour is inherent behaviour, while some behaviour is learned behaviour. It's an uneven degree of both.

Most behaviour is evolutionary. There are some dog breeds that are more aggressive than other dog breeds, some dog breeds that are more intelligent than other dog breeds. A crocodile has a far more aggressive disposition than a rabbit. A monkey is more intelligent than a grasshopper. The same rule applies to the human races, which have evolved along very different evolutionary paths. This behaviour is predominantly evolutionary. The desire to eat, to have sex, to socialise, to work together and to compete, are all evolutionary. They are a critical part of how nature evolves and balances itself out.

Since White people alone develop successful civilisation, the Egalitarian explanation for everyone else's failure is 'White racism'. White people are targeted by Egalitarians in an effort to explain racial differences, since, according to Egalitarians all human races are identical in disposition and ability. They portray all race differences as the result of learned 'White racism', and yet they will also refute their own claims about nature and nurture by claiming that all White people are inherently racist. They ignore the fact that the animal kindgom has a diverse range of dispositions and abilities, and they conveniently dismiss these differences in the human races, pretending that human evolution only happened in skin colour. White people do better in civilisation because they evolved in harsh conditions where they evolved a disposition to work together, not against each other. White people help each other out and build together, while everyone else fights to take whatever they can get for themselves. The average White, Western IQ is 100, while the average Black IQ is 67, almost half of the average White IQ. IQ is a significant factor when it comes to being civilised. Those of low IQ will engage in primitive behaviour such as impulsiveness and the pursuit of instant gratification, instead of planning and reasoning. When non-White people fail due to their own selfishness, White people are falsely blamed due to the Egalitarian narrative, and extensive funding is put into non-White communities exploiting and plundering the White race with a false sense of guilt for being more successful.

The truth is, inherent nature is the dominant force in human behaviour. This nature is built in from evolution. Different humans took different paths in evolution. They inherited their selfishness or selflessness from the decisions their ancestors made. No matter how much you try to manipulate human behaviour through exploiting and putting down the White race, you will never resolve racial differences because inherent nature is the dominant force behind behaviour. Extensive funding is put into non-White 'minority' groups in the name of making them equal, but no matter how much you invest, they will never be equal.

Nurture is culture, and culture is evolutionary. Culture is a result of evolutionary dispositions deciding the norm. So the nurture of culture is in fact nature. Culture is the passing on of ideas and concepts such as morality. With culture, humans have a far higher ability to steer evolution in a certain direction. And that is exactly what has happened. Through ideologies, mankind has been steered toward different evolutionary paths, for better or worse. White people have evolved their civilised behaviour not only through a harsh environment, but ideologies such as Christianity, where you love your neighbour and do good by them. In ideologies such as Islam however, evolution has taken a turn for the worst. A small amount of warmongering men have children with many wives, and so their aggressive disposition is passed on and it dominates their evolution.

One myth of Egalitarians is the twin myth. They pretend that identical twins who live different lives in different places will develop very different traits. They do not. There are many studies for and against the frequency of parallels between twins. The only studies advertised publicly are the studies that show twin differences. They selectively choose the data to propagate the narrative that twins come out very differently, therefore justifying the Egalitarian agenda that behaviour is learned and not inherent. But these studies are frauds. The majority of studies on twins, what few of them there are, represent similarities between them. This is why you can find many disagreeing positions on the dominance of or exclusive representation of nature or nurture when it comes to what determines behaviour. Sometimes, Egalitarians will admit the presence of nature over nurture, and, in fitting with their Egalitarian cult of equality, they will portray the nature vs nurture myth as being 50/50. The truth is, nature and evolution predominantly determine behaviour.

Epigenetics is a concept that shows that gene expression is changed according to nurture. This is a common fallacy used to portray all human behaviour as being nurture. It is true that gene expression is somewhat dependent on the environment. This is the bridge by which culture is evolutionarily influenced by its environment, the environment by which in itself is also evolutionary. Epigenetics is an evolution in itself. It is the beginnings of the evolution of culture. It is a feedback mechanism that balances out a species in nature.

Egalitarians believe in a cult concept called Tabula Rasa, the belief that all mankind is a blank slate and can be programmed to be anything whatsoever. Egalitarians reject human nature as an abomination that should be eradicated. They portray all racial differences as the result of 'White racism', and seek to use ideologies to completely control mankind. Any and all differences are attributed to 'White racism', requiring eternal reparations from White people in the perpetual exploitation of White people, in a futile effort to achieve equal outcomes.

The nature vs nurture myth is an Egalitarian lie designed to exploit and plunder the White race in the false name of 'equality'. All races will never be equal. All people will never be equal. Some people work harder than others, and should be rewarded more for their effort. To force people into equal outcomes, is exploitation and communism.


Chapter 50 - New Age

The New Age cult is a United Nations backed satanic religion that cherry picks different pieces of different religions to merge them into one. The 'New Age' is an astrological reference to the age of Aquarius, bringing in a new 'age' with their new religion that appeals to everyone. The New Age cult is heavily focused around Hinduism.

The New Age cult originated as satanic occultism and mysticism in ancient times. It was revived by Helena Blavatsky in the 1800's. Her goal was to discredit Christianity, promote luciferianism and derail Western civilisation. The New Age cult became popular in the early 2000's, due to internet propaganda.

The New Age cult pacifies and disarms its victims by appealing to raw emotions. It talks sweet nothings of peace, love and unity. In this way, it bypasses logic and reason in favor of the indulgence of fantasy. The more one indulges the New Age cult, the more they suffer from mental atrophy and the further from reality they become. According to the New Age cult, they are gods and their imagination can conjure desire into reality. By simply imagining wealth strongly enough, you can manifest wealth. A person stuck in the New Age cult, will be happily pacified and content in their fantasies, perpetually 'believing' things into existence instead of actually doing something about it, completely disconnected from reality.

The New Age cult believes that truth is relative and subjective. They believe in 'my' truth and 'your' truth, that anyone can be true if they simply choose it to be true. They disrespect and corrupt the truth with pleasant sounding, empty fantasies. They bypass logic, facts and reason with the indulgence of imagination.

The New Age cult believes they are in telepathic contact with extraterrestrials. They believe they are extraterrestrials, which they call indigo children. They believe they have extra DNA strands, and that they will be rescued one day by extraterrestrials. They frequently claim to receive telepathic messages from extraterrestrials with promises of being rescued on a certain date, which never happens.

The New Age cult uses terms like Namaste, Christ consciousness, oneness, one race, astrology, astral projection, numerology, channneling, indigo children, gaia, homeopathy, nirvana, paradigm shift, quantum shift, planetary allignment, spirit guide, visualisation, aura, spirituality, karma, chakra, meditation, attunement, clairvoyance, cosmic, crystal, esoteric, guru, hollistic, inner self, metaphysics, positive energy, negative energy, sacred geometry, tarot, third eye, trance, law of attraction and more.

In the early 2000's, I was confronted by the New Age cult. At the time, I was taking them down for exploiting children. Despite that, they worshipped me like a god, because of the prophecies about me. They told me they were instructed by their superiors not to fight back, but to observe, study and emulate me. Soon after, the Galactic Federation of Light became popular. By 2014, the New Age cult heavily infested Anonymous groups, and propagated their toxic lies of false peace in the name of Anonymous. New Agers believe in taking over Anonymous and bending it to the New Age agenda.


Chapter 51 - Police

There is a reputation problem with police worldwide. Citizens mistakenly believe that the purpose of police is to serve the will of the people. But they don't. They serve the government. As human rights and freedom of speech become a big issue, governments are using police to crack down on their critics and enforce their rule.

Politicians write policies that are enforced by police. Politician, policy, police, all from the root word Polis in Greek. The government system of today is based on the Greek Polis, which is a city state. Each city state would have its own laws, and live independently from each other. To enforce the laws, police had to be invented. Laws were originally decided by the congregation of citizens, and that was changed with the appearance of representatives in the form of politicians. Politicians were originally supposed to be messengers who carried the will of the people. The Polis was circumvented however, when politicians began writing their own laws against the will of the people. Too much trust was placed in politicians with a lack of accountability, and it was exploited to progressively gain more power. The idea was to pacify the citizens with a false sense of security, and that security is enforced by police. In order to enforce absolute power through the police, the citizens need to be disarmed, and the police armed. The Polis became nothing more than a subjugated dictatorship, rule in the name of service.

Government today is based on the Polis for the whole purpose of consolidating power. The myth is that the government is a service and politicians are servants. That was once the case, but hasn't been the case for a long time. The Polis was chosen for its corruptibility and ability to keep the citizens pacified. In order to keep the citizens pacified, the government must continue the myth that it is a service that expresses the will of the citizens. So we vote in new politicians, to pretend we have a choice in the matter. Should the citizens recognise the politicians as an authority, the illusion is destroyed and the citizens rise up against the government. Instead of being governed by laws that are decided by the citizens, the citizens are ruled over by laws dictated by the politicians. And this is enforced by police.

Since the Polis requires the citizens to live in ignorance of their subjugation, the consolidation of power branched out into several forms. One way was to grasp at absolute power, in the form of a king. Another way was to rule through a small few, collaborating together. Both of these ways ended the lie after power was achieved. There was no way for the citizens to fight back. Sometimes, a King would present himself as serving the will of the people, in an effort to pacify their resistance to his rule. Sometimes, the rule of the few pretended that they were experts to justify their rule. Another way was democracy, the continuation of the lie. In a world where information flows, the government needs to maintain the lie in order to control the citizens. Kingdoms no longer exist, and they have been replaced by democracy. Meanwhile, the rule of the few is trying in futility to grab at power, such as the United nations backed Technocracy movement. The only thing holding democracy together, is the force and intimidation of police serving the politicians.

The purpose of police is not to 'serve and protect' the citizens, but to serve and protect the politicians from the citizens. However, police themselves have grasped at power, and in many places they are a rule unto themselves, often intimidating politicians and citizens alike. Democracy is a noble concept in its origin, but in practice it is highly corruptible. Democracy relies on police intimidation while pretending to serve the very people they intimidate. As armed police grasp at more power, they are becoming the new government. This is what is known as a police state. A police state is the next phase of a corrupted democracy. A police state is the extreme use of police force and intimidation to control the citizens, to the point of restricting all freedoms and monitoring all actions. Western governments are in the process of installing a police state, as they progressively make excuses to erode freedoms and heavily police absolutely everything.

In a legitimate civilisation, police serve the will of the people, under common law that they agreed upon through consensus. Any law that is made against consensus, is illegitimate. Police enforcement of those laws, is illegitimate. Police in today's world are illegitimate. They only pretend to serve the people in order to pacify their resistance. The government is opening borders to allow immigrants in from the third world, immigrants who have very different and primitive moral standards, such as Muslim terrorists. The police encourage crime and work through criminals to orchestrate crime, recieving bribes in the process. They use these crimes to justify the erosion of freedoms, in the name of protecting us from the very crimes they orchestrate. I know this from personal experience. I have been targeted by the Australian New South Wales police force, the third largest police force in the world in one of the smallest populations. Thugs, a Muslim terrorist and multiple government departments were used to attack me and attempt to take my life, all orchestrated by the police. I am on the run from the government as a result.

The more police there are, the more corrupt they are. The more armed police are, the more damage they do. There is no reason why police need to be armed. All they need are body cameras to identify criminals. If they resist arrest, then and only then is it time to use force. It is time to re-evaluate the purpose of government and their police, and decide whether they should be a service or a force.


Chapter 52 - Political correctness

Political language is designed to appeal to everyone without offending anyone. It is also designed to be vague in context, so that when a politician is caught, they can endlessly shift the goal post and claim they were misunderstood. There is a very deliberate methodology behind political language, and words often mean the polar opposite of their generic context. With this in mind, the context of the term 'political correctness' is to cover up the truth and be factually incorrect about controversial truths that are highly volatile. Through the toxic, genocidal, Trojan Horse doctrine of Egalitarianism, we are taught that everyone is 'equal'. The doctrine states that there are no differences, everyone is right, no-one is wrong, everything is of equal value, nothing has any meaning, and there is no such thing as human nature. Anyone who strays from the doctrine and measures up better than another, is labelled an insertname-ist and insertname-ophobic.

The Egalitarian doctrine exists for a purpose. That purpose is to set all mankind against each other. The weaker elements of mankind are encouraged to ignore their shortcomings and become parasites upon the strong, therefore weakening all remaining resistance to political and social control. The doctrine is highly focused around attacking the White race, the Male sex, independence, creativity, intelligence, resilience, and any bloodlines that carry the expression of these traits. It is an attack upon the last remaining defences of mankind from every angle, while exploiting all of its weaknesses.

Egalitarianism is not equality. The only place where equality has any meaning is in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Outside the UDHR, it is inequality in the name of equality. Real equality is about having an equal chance to race on your own merits. Egalitarianism is about punishing the stronger competitor and giving the weaker competitor an unfair advantage for an equal chance at winning.

Racism is not about paying reparation for racial crimes that happened in a vandalised version of history. It is about the parasitic exploitation of the strong. The corrupted United Nations of today, defines racism as anything measured that deviates from 'equality', with exception to the White race and the male sex. The position of the United Nations is that only White people can commit racism, and are racist by default. And that only men can commit sexism, and are sexist by default. Therefore all whites and all men must be artificially held down below all others in the name of equality. Therefore, any deviation from Egalitarianism must always come at the cost of the White race and the male sex, and always comes at the gain of the weakest link. Those who are quick to cry victim of racism and sexism, are the greatest offenders of racism and sexism. The most common tactic of a real racist and/or sexist is to cry discrimination against their victim, for the crime they are in the very act of committing against their victim. Real racism is defined by an attack or exploitation upon a race or a member of a race, based simply on the fact that they are a member of that race. This is not the same as factual criticism. However non-factual criticism constitutes racism when it is based not on the perceived actions of a race, but out of an unreasonable hatred for a race itself, which always comes from an inferiority complex. Real sexism is defined by an attack or exploitation of the opposite sex, seeking special rights and privileges, and using their own sexuality as a weapon. Just like racism, sexism is a hatred of the opposite sex, which always comes from an inferiority complex. By muddying the waters, Egalitarianism provides a sanctuary for criminals to hide behind, and the means to censor their victims in a game of role play and role reversal.

Feminism is not about women's rights. It is about exploiting the weaknesses of women, setting them against men with an inferiority complex. By attacking the central relationship that drives evolution, the refinement of bloodlines, culture and identity is destroyed.

LGBT is not about sexual freedom. It is about the corruption and exploitation of sexuality in a battle to erode the standards of sexual culture that maintain the quality of evolution and the identity of gender. It is the spreader of disease, both biological and ideological, and corrupts sexuality in tandem with feminism.

Multiculturalism is not about diversity. It is about genociding all mankind and molding it into a single, docile slave caste. Its current focus is almost exclusively on the White race, which is almost extinct. Should the White race become extinct, all other bloodlines will quickly follow.

Mental health is not about health. It's about mind control and shutting people up. Mental health advocacy is not about the right of a patient to treatment, but the right for a psychopath to force brain damaging, disabling substances of torture and internal mutilation upon the weak and vulnerable, in the name of imaginary illnesses with no scientific test or biological marker. Mental 'health' also enables the perpetrators to escape consequence by dishonestly claiming temporary insanity.

These are some of the main appendages of a parasite that plagues mankind and imminently threatens its very existence. It seeks to divert mankind from accountability and responsibility, with a delusional inferiority complex based on a provocative vandalised version of history, and controlling the primal nature of the weak to disable all remaining defences that resist its control. The parasite attacks and exploits all races, sexes and creeds in very different proportions and many different ways from every angle. The blame is not the fault of all mankind, and the majority of blame can be placed upon specific sources. Only those who can see beyond the puppetry and lies, only those who can face the horrifying and humiliating truths, only they have the potential of being anything more than a puppet that fights for the very thing it believes it fights against.

Equality outside the UDHR is a toxic myth. It isn't important what one's capabilities are, and their relative stage of evolution in comparison to others. What's important is to respect the good in all creatures, and reject the bad. Egalitarianism prevents this, and causes toxic, silent atrophy to methodically poison and disable mankind. Competition has a place, and where competition is appropriate it should be competition with, not against.


Chapter 53 - Poverty

Poverty is seen as a widespread problem. 80% of the world lives in some degree of poverty. We are told to give to the poor, as if that will fix the problem. But it doesn't. The more we give, the worse it gets. Of all those starving children in Africa, has the problem ever gone away? Of all those donation campaigns to take care of them, has it ever worked? Instead, they multiply out of control, and the problem only gets worse. It's time to deal with poverty for what it is, and the causes for what they are.

One cause of poverty is Islam. Muslims are at war with the world, and regions of poverty are targeted for their vulnerability. Everywhere there is widespread poverty, there is Islam. Muslims are force converting the population, and executing those who do not convert, especially if they're Christian. Whole communities of Christians are being wiped out. Not only does Islam thrive in poverty, it causes it. Islam is an outdated and backward ideology that does nothing to advance society. Instead, money is syphoned from converts, and used to fund Islamic terrorism and jihad worldwide, destroying the world and leaving nothing left. There is a reason why Muslims live in a desert.

One cause of poverty is low IQ. IQ is almost exclusively genetic. Regions with a low IQ, such as Africa, did not evolve the same level of intelligence as those in the West. People with a low IQ, are not driven by wisdom and a sense of responsibility. They are driven by impulse and emotional whim, living for the moment with no concern for the consequences. People with low IQ will work less, contribute less and build nothing. The IQ problem can be seen throughout the world, even those in the West with low IQ are living in poverty. Anti-White racists will blame institutional racism for the rate of Black poverty in the West, and yet Black countries with no White colonisation are the poorest of all, and poverty affects those of low IQ whether they are Black or White.

Overpopulation is a major cause of poverty. Wherever there is poverty, there is overpopulation. If poverty causes such poor conditions, then why would they be having so many children? It's because of their mentality. They do not see the consequences of their actions, and live in the moment. They have no concern for responsibilities. They have no desire to better themselves. Their mentality is disconnected from nature, and they are acting like parasites. On the other end of the spectrum, those who are doing well for themselves have the least children. This is because they have a sense of responsibility. They contribute to the world and live in balance with nature.

It is alleged that most of the world is poor because the West is harvesting all the resources from poor countries. This is not true. The West contributes obscene amounts of international aid and donations to poor countries. Poor countries sell cheap merchandise, because it is inferior quality. Poor countries have little to offer, and receive a lot. Poor countries need the West, the West does not need them. The stories of oil and diamond harvesting are false. Poor countries who have a resource to sell, will fight each other out of greed for the profits. The more money they get, the more they use that money to wage war against each other. The West does not need their resources. Those who say the West is milking poor countries for resources, are liars who are trying to exploit the West for even more resources. They use a false guilt trip on people in the West, because it works and it gets them more money.

We are told that poverty is caused by the rich hoarding wealth. This is not a problem in poor countries, who have little or nothing to offer. The rich harvest almost all of their money from people in the West. The rich gain monopolies on industries, and conspire to fix prices and maximise profits. People in the West pay far more for goods and services than poor countries. If anything, this gives poor countries an advantage as they can charge more for exports or keep them cheap to dominate the market. Market domination is a problem in the West, because poor countries can sell cheap inferior products that out-compete inflated prices in the West. Tarrif tax is sometimes added to these products to inflate their price and give local businesses a chance. In the West, the rich avoid taxes by lobbying and paying off politicians, and by moving their bank accounts to other countries where they can't be taxed.

The most dominant causes of poverty in the world are self inflicted. Poor people will always blame someone else for their poverty, and never take responsibility for themselves. They will never lift a finger to build a better future. They will never see beyond their own needs. This is why poverty runs in parallel with war, famine, disease, drugs and overpopulation.

In some circumstances, poverty can be caused by someone else. For example, a wife can leave her husband, sue him for half of his possessions, take away his children, take his home, and take the other half of his possessions by having him falsely charged for sexual abuse. Because of the charges, he will lose his job, and become homeless with no possessions. And unlike women, there are no government endorsed organisations that take care of men. This scenario actually happens quite often. It's just one example of how the governments of the West are taken over by the Zionist agenda, targeting the White race, the male sex and the sexually normal. It turns women against men, encouraging them to exploit men while being taken care of by the government. In the same way, those living in poverty are encouraged to make their problems worse by giving them more. What they need is to be forced to face accountability. This is how they learn responsibility.

Poverty is not always a problem. Sometimes people choose to live in poverty by giving away all of their possessions. They do this for philosophical reasons in pursuit of intellectual enlightenment. These people do not however abandon their responsibilities unlike true poverty.

Poverty will always exist, because there will always be diversity among people. There will always be those who go astray and abandon their responsibilities. But there will not always be poverty caused by exploitation. The solution is not to give them a free ride, but to teach them responsibility and accountability. Feeding those who are living in starvation, is a justified cause, to a degree. It gives them a better chance at being intellectually capable of taking responsibility for themselves. But when they exploit your generosity, make their problems worse and refuse to learn, it is time to stop feeding them. They must face the consequences of their own actions.


Chapter 54 - Principles

Principle: It's not about you.

Principle: Motive is everything.

Principle: A mask makes you anonymous, but it does not make you Anonymous.

Principle: Anonymous stands for ethical hacking, and against unethical hacking.

Principle: Lead by example, not by authority.

Principle: Follow by consensus, not by reputation.

Principle: Anonymity is a responsibility first, a freedom second.

Principle: Freedom of speech is a responsibility first, a right second.

Principle: Anonymous stands for defending the innocent and vulnerable.

Principle: Anonymous stands for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Principle: Anonymous stands for the preservation of all races and cultures.

Principle: Anonymous stands for the truth, even if it means defending a villain.

Principle: Anonymous stands against copyright and the patent system.

Principle: Anonymous stands against censorship.

Principle: Anonymous stands against lies.

Principle: Anonymous stands against genocide.

Principle: Anonymous stands against corruption.

Principle: Anonymous stands against any political or religious doctrine that explicitly endorses the violation of human rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Principle: Anonymous stands against Political Correctness.

Principle: Anonymous stands against Bullying.

Principle: Anonymous is not a pedestal to proselytize.

Principle: Anonymous does not change to suit your preferences and ideologies.


Chapter 55 - Privacy

Privacy is a basic right to choose how and to who you express yourself. There are two main arguments when it comes to privacy.

One argument is to make everything private. Full internet Anonymity to do as you please, anywhere, any time. No cameras in shopping malls. No government records of your existence. You are a ghost who is only seen when you want to be seen. But in such a world, criminal organisations would thrive. Internet scams stealing bank accounts would become rampant. Anyone could rob a store without being identified. The government wouldn't be able to pay you welfare payments, since they don't have any details to identify who you are. The argument for absolute privacy comes from ignorance, and is usually supported by those who abuse privacy to commit crime.

The other argument is to do away with privacy altogether. This is the argument the government supports. They believe that all privacy is a potential for abuse, and that all potentials are heavily abused to the point where they outweigh rights. The government would take away all privacy rights, in the name of protecting you from crime. They claim that it is for your own good, and anyone who wants to protect their privacy has something to hide. But what they really want is to monitor everyone, at all times, in a psychopathic pursuit of control. When they know everything you do and everything you think, they can manipulate and take advantage of you. They can also stop all criticism and dissent, controlling the narrative with absolute power and maintaining their hold on that power.

But neither argument is true. There is information that should remain private, and information that should be public, and it is different in different situations. The trick being played is to deliberately confuse the two. The government will violate what should remain private, by justifying it in the name of protecting you. They fund, orchestrate and encourage the abuse of privacy, to justify taking it away. Muslim terrorists for example are allowed to openly preach terrorism and plot terrorist attacks, when there are laws already in place that should have otherwise imprisoned them. And when they actually attack, the government will say that they need new, more oppressive laws to violate privacy in the name of protecting you from terrorists. Meanwhile, instead of dealing with the source, Islam, they take away the privacy of non-Muslims while still allowing Muslims to preach and engage in terrorism. This creeping violation of privacy is deliberate and methodically applied to slowly strip people of all their rights and gain complete psychopathic control over the lives of citizens. In such a world, citizens have no chance of resisting their rulers. On the other hand, organised criminals are not fighting for privacy laws, but against privacy laws and working with the government to trade your privacy in a huge industry of buying and selling personal information.

There is a common sense balance when it comes to privacy. That balance is the freedom to live your life however you choose to live it, without violating those very same freedoms in others. It is the right to criticise any group with the truth, without fear of harm. It is also the right to be protected from those who criticise you with lies. In the spirit of free speech, the right to criticise outweighs the right to be protected from criticism. It is wrong to take away those rights in the name of protecting those rights. When we live in a world where governments have the power to monitor everything you do and violate all manner of privacy, they can control, corrupt and suppress the flow of ideas in order to hold on to power. The potential for abuse is too high, and the consequences are extreme. Privacy from government is a critical right that must be upheld. When two or more people meet up and want to share ideas, they have the power to determine the level of privacy. A level of identification can promote a responsible flow of ideas and make sure that anyone who is there to spread lies is stopped and held accountable. But when the government and/or social media industry has a monopoly on the available forums, they alone can dictate how much privacy you have to suit their own agenda. The level of privacy you share should be voluntary, and limited only to the forum by which you communicate. There must always be forums where privacy is upheld and people are free to share ideas with full anonymity. Sure, there is a potential for abuse, as some people could use such forums to plot terrorist attacks. But that is the price we must pay to protect critically important privacy rights. The vast majority of terrorist attacks and other violations of rights would not have been prevented by violating privacy.


Chapter 56 - Profiteering and official websites

Anonymous does not have an official website. For something to be official, it must have a hierarchy. Anonymous does not operate in hierarchies. We are all different, unequal and without hierarchy. Anonymous leads by example and follows by consensus. Anonymous is strictly not for profit or any kind of intentional personal gain. Anonymous is against the patent system, copyright and censorship. Anonymous was to disperse after Turtle Island and have no central base of operations. Anonymous was to branch out independently. Each branch would forge their own networks, infiltrating the hierarchies and bringing the idea to new recruits. Our main method of communicating with each other was chat rooms, primarily IRC. Our choice of medium for communicating with the world was Youtube. 4chan was secondarily used by some as a way to echo our plans that were already organised through chat rooms, to introduce Anonymous to the lost and show them a better way. 4chan was not the back end, but the front end, an open door of introduction to learn about us and how we did things. Many of the first Anons were so inspired by what they saw and learned, that they desperately wanted to share it with the world. New recruits mistakenly believe to this day, that 4chan was how they communicated with each other. No, 4chan was used by 4chan recruits.

A long time ago, this Anon HQ type of problem was dealt with. There were those who picked up on the idea, but knew very little of the principles. After the founders engaged them and explained everything, they agreed that they were not real Anons as they thought they were, but fans and third parties. It was agreed that, in the spirit of free speech, they could say whatever they wanted to say about Anonymous, within reason, even so much as saying things that were false (with an expectation for being corrected and held accountable). The core issue was that they make it clear to their viewers that they were NOT Anonymous and do not represent Anonymous. It was agreed that their freedom to do so was based on their responsibility to make it crystal clear without any deception or room for confusion, that they were a third party that COVERED all things Anonymous. Such examples were news websites that focused on the topic of Anonymous, and the sale of merchandise with Anonymous symbols on them. It was OK, so long as it was clear that they were an independent third party offering a service of convenience. Since Anonymous is against the patent system, it must allow others to use the symbol as they saw fit, and even make money off it by placing the symbol on their own merchandise. Today, you can buy clothing with almost any symbol on it, even those that are copyrighted but not enforced. Why then, would those who claim to be so against the patent system, seek exclusive rights to the symbol and how others use it? The key, again, is that they are a third party offering a service of convenience. This is a good thing, becuase while Anonymous cannot profit and hence they cannot widely and effectively supply clothing and other items related to Anonymous, third parties can compete to do what Anonymous cannot. Again, the key is that they are NOT Anonymous. This doesn't stop Anonymous from buying merchandise or making it themselves at a much higher self cost than buying it, and then offering it for free.

The main problem is in those third parties who are NOT making it clear enough that they are NOT Anonymous but a third party offering a service that covers the topic of Anonymous. A long time ago, one of the major news websites were using an inappropriately misleading name (while others were in the grey area), and agreed with the founders to at least change their name, but they didn't. Several third parties clearly project themselves falsely as the voice and 'official' representatives of Anonymous. Many who consider themselves an Anon, have gotten most or all of their information about Anonymous from these websites, and they don't know any better.

And then there is the problem of these alternative news websites promoting false information in the name of Anonymous, such as the Jacque Fresco RBE cult and the appalling level of ignorance and gullibility surrounding it. This problem is a separate issue, but overlaps because they are promoting false information in the name of Anonymous. But the truth is, the vast majority who speak in the name of Anonymous, have most of their information wrong on all sides. Most of them strongly and blindly believe things that are utterly and dangerously false. This is a problem whether it's done in the name of Anonymous or not. The solution is the same, for all sides to stop trying to control information and conform others to their beliefs, and instead engage in the fire of debate to establish the truth FOR REAL, and take the appropriate course of action to uphold a reasonable minimum standard.

The truth is, very few people have any depth of understanding on these topics. Most are appallingly ignorant and trigger happy. Their actions are not based on knowledge, wisdom and understanding guided by reason, but instead out of fear, pride and psychological dysfunction. An example of this is when it comes to a home base of operations. Anonymous did once have a very elusive and networked home base of operations. It dispersed for a reason. Yes, Anon HQ is not a legitimate headquarters of Anonymous. But that doesn't mean there will not be one again as there once was in the past. Then comes along a new generation who call themselves Anonymous, and they chronically fear because they, as hypocrites, want to be the boss. They cling to an old command of dispersing, without understanding the principles, meaning and objective behind it.


Chapter 57 - Prophecies

Since the early days of Anonymous, many people have come to me with prophecies accurately depicting me. At first, many people had dreams about me and were drawn to find me by name and location on the internet. I was drowned by these people, all looking for someone to help them with their problems. I couldn't help them all at once, so I changed my name to lighten the load. But they still kept having dreams about me, keeping up with the name changes. When 120 of my followers tracked me down, they brought with them prophecies about me. Before going back into the shadows, I made a promise to return one day to bring back the true ways of Anonymous to the lost. Before my return, and without my knowledge at the time, more prophecies appeared depicting my return. I will share some of these prophecies here.

What if prophecies were real? What if there was a hidden code within prophecies all around the world from all walks of life, all referring to the same, one man who would come and set the world right? What if all have gone astray, and yet in the ultimate plan the same prophecies of the same man were inserted into all sides and mortal enemies who have fought for more than a thousand years? What better way to prove the man of prophecy than by inserting him into every end time prophecy? No man has ever managed to fulfill many prophecies. But what if one man fulfills them all?

Throughout the world, there are many prophecies from all walks of life. While some of them refer to different people, times and places, most of them refer to one specific man who will come and change the world through interventions attributed to God. This man is described in similar ways that don't contradict each other, all around the world. I claim to be that man. I provide samples of evidence to back up my claim.

It is often assumed that prophecies are a 100% accurate representation of what is seen by the visionary. But prophecies are often vague and symbolic because the visionary lacks the capacity to understand and verbally describe what they saw. This is made clear when prophecies often say 'looked like' and 'appeared to be'. Prophecies are well known for being symbolic, and often explain within the very prophecies that they are symbolic, as expressed by mortal men and their limited abiity to describe what they saw in their own words. There are things that are symbolic, and things that are literal. There is some crossover and confusion between what is symbolic and what is literal. Generally, when things are explained that are physically impossible, they are symbolic and usually this is explained within the prophecy. The symbolism in prophecies almost always refers to widespread symbolism of their time that often remains to this day. And things that refer to a man in excessive literal detail that are physically possible, they are to be taken literally. While there is still some room for confusion between symbolic and literal, there is a lot that is clearly one or the other. Because of the fog surrounding symbolic and literal, it allows for many people to claim prophecies by dismissing literal descriptions as symbolic. However, despite that, the best of any claim to prophecy can only account for a small portion of vague prophecy while contradicting the rest. Unlike all others, I don't claim to only fulfill small, cherry picked prophecies while ignoring the rest. I claim to fulfill prophecies in their entirety while contradicting none, with heavy literal context, not from one source but from all around the world.


Christianity is founded on the idea that Jesus was the man of prophecy. I don't deny the possibility that at least some prophecies might have referred to him, but the vast majority of prophecies in the Christian Bible that refer to the coming man of prophecy do not remotely fit with Jesus. And those that do, are extremely rare, vague and subject to self fulfillment. This is why the Jews don't accept Jesus as the man of prophecy in the Old Testament which they also follow. Jews wait for the same man of prophecy from the same books. Because Jesus doesn't fit, Christianity has invented the concept of Jesus returning a second time to fulfill them. But none of this comes from any claim made by Jesus himself. Jesus never even claimed to be the only begotten son of God. It all comes from followers of Jesus and religious traditions that don't relect what Jesus actually said. At the best of times, they heavily twist what Jesus said by inserting context to change what was actually said, whether intentional or not. At the worst of times, they put authority on claims made by Jesus' alleged followers who were notoriously ignorant, have a long history of getting it wrong and contradicted Jesus, quoting them as though they are quoting Jesus, while denying the very authority of Jesus himself. I argue that both Jesus and the man of prophecy can be different people, and that they have been notoriously confused in Christianity as being one and the same, especially in the invention of the trinity.

Matthew 12: 31-32: And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.

If Jesus is God and God is the holy spirit, then the holy spirit is also Jesus. If the holy spirit is Jesus, then how is it that blasphemy against Jesus is acceptable but blasphemy against the holy spirit isn't? Christians will go through extreme mental gymnastics to explain that.

Psalm 110:1: The LORD said unto my Lord.

Different titles traditionally attributed to God, talking to each other. If God is one person, then surely he shouldn't be talking to himself.

Luke 3:21-22: When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was baptized too. And as he was praying, heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

If the father, Jesus and the holy spirit are one and the same, then why are all three interacting, independent of each other? If they are one person, then why would God come down upon himself in a second bodily form, say that he is pleased with and loves himself, and say it not from his new bodily form, but a third position above both bodily forms of Jesus and the holy spirit? They are not one but three separate entities, interacting independently of each other. Jesus is not the father. The father is not the holy spirit. The holy spirit is not Jesus. There is no reference anywhere else of God appearing like a dove. God himself is described as a whirlwind.

Jesus himself prophesied about the man of prophecy, known as the advocate or comforter, two of multiple definitions that describe the same man of prophecy, the man of intervention.

John 14:16: And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever

John 14:26: But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

John 15:26: When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father—the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father—he will testify about me.

John 16:7: But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.

John 16:13: But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.

As an advocate, I have spent most of my time advocating just causes. Anonymous, which I founded, is based on and became so popular from being known for advocation through interventions. As a comforter, I have spent most of my time defending the falsely accused and exposing the lies of their accusers. As a teacher, I have endorsed the Earthly teachings of Jesus and explained them in-depth, fighting against false religious and atheist traditions and misunderstandings. I have done everything Jesus prophesied about as the very man of prophecy. All one needs to do is look up Anonymous, which I founded, to find out the world's greatest example of advocacy, intervention, teaching and comforting. With the right keyword searches, you can find a whole underground world that fights for truth, justice and freedom.

So, keeping in mind that Jesus is a different man to the man of prophecy, I will go through prophecies in the Bible that refer to the man of prophecy, and compare Jesus to myself.

Isaiah 7:14: Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. He will be eating curds and honey when he knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right

Jesus: Jesus was never called Immanuel. Jesus' diet has no record of being made up of or even including curd and honey. The only time Jesus is recorded to have eaten honey is one time after he died. There is nothing in the story of Jesus, or the historical record, or narrative of his time, that suggests he would have had such a diet.

Me: I was never called Immanuel either. My diet growing up however existed heavily but not exclusively of milk powder and honey, since my parents couldn't afford proper milk and bread to go with the honey. However, while I fulfill more of this prophecy than Jesus, I don't claim to be the man prophesied in Isaiah 7:14. This is a very different man than the later prophecies of Isaiah. The man in later prophecies is clearly rejected by mankind, while the man of Isaiah 7 is clearly accepted. They are in reference to two, very different men, in very different periods of time. Nonetheless, I still fulfill more of this prophecy than Jesus.

Immanuel: This is not a name but a reference to 'God is with us', as explained in the footnotes [c] and [d] of the link below. It doesn't refer to who is calling the prophesied man Immanuel, but the removal of context from the original makes it falsely appear that the mother is naming her son Immanuel. It is a vague prophecy due to the absence of context, changed in translation, and can be used to symbolically refer to Jesus no more or less than myself.

Virgin: This is a mistranslation. The original word means 'young woman'. Nothing to do with 'virgin'. The very link below references the proper context of [b] in the footnotes. Therefore in context it applies just as much to me as to Jesus.

Daniel 9:25-26: Know and understand this: From the time the word goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven "sevens," and sixty-two "sevens." It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble. After the sixty-two "sevens," the Anointed One will be put to death and will have nothing. The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end will come like a flood: War will continue until the end, and desolations have been decreed.

The numbers: The 'seven sevens' has been interpreted as seventy times seven years, making up 490 years. And sixty two sevens, which is 434 years. It has been measured as being 483 years when the messiah will show up. Jerusalem has been destroyed multiple times and rebuilt at least twice, so the timeline for these events can happen more than once.

Death: If you review reference [b] in the link below, death is a recent translation. The original means that he will have no-one and nothing, stripped of everything. Some versions of the Bible say 'he will be cut off and have nothing'.

Jesus: He existed around the timeline prophesied in reference to a rebuilding of Jerusalem in 445 BC. 434 years and 490 years translate into 11 BC and 45 AD. While the timeline is rounded, it is rounded close but not accurately to the timeline of Jesus. The rebuilding of Jerusalem in reference to Jesus' timeline, was not in times of trouble. War did not happen in Jesus' time until the end, since war and peace have alternated in Jerusalem many times since Jesus.

Me: I exist around the timeline prophesied in reference to a rebuilding of Jerusalem in 1535 AD. 434 years and 490 years translate into 1969 and 2025 AD. I was born in 1977, 3 years closer to the rounded timeline than Jesus. There are other references to me and 1969 specifically that I cannot yet reveal. The estimate of 483 years for the announcement of the messiah, translates into the year 2018, right now, this very moment. And here I am, in 2018, announcing myself as the man of prophecy. The timeline for me is more accurate than for Jesus, and the very estimate accurately represents my arrival to the very exact year. While the timeline is rounded, it is rounded very close and closer than with Jesus to the point of the estimate for my arrival being in total accuracy to the very year, this very moment. The rebuilding of Jerusalem in reference to my timeline, was in times of trouble as the 1000 year war between Christians and Muslims continued to escalate until Christians eventually won 400 years ago. Unlike with Jesus, after my arrival, war in Jerusalem has continued between Jews and Arabs to this very day, with no end in sight, despite the matter being the focus of the world stage and every effort from the rest of the world to establish Middle Eastern peace in futility, to the point of ISIS emerging, and the threat of a world war over how different powers are dealing with ISIS and who gets possession of Jerusalem.

The Book of Revelation is the primary source used to justify the claim that Jesus was the only begotten Son of God and that he is the prophesied one who would return a second time to fulfill the rest of the prophecies. The book of Revelation is an unverified prophecy that has not yet come true, Yet it's vague enough in various parts that many people have falsely attributed many world events to being the partial fulfillment of the Revelation prophecy. There are references to two different individuals in Revelation. They are both assumed to be Jesus. Jesus is a grown man who has a physical body that was taken up into heaven. The man of prophecy is described as entering the world as a baby born to a mother like any other child. He is described at various points in Revelation, as the Lamb. But not once is the Lamb ever referred to as Jesus. Jesus is referred to at different times as well, but they are two different people. In Revelation 1, Jesus, the man of prophecy and God the father are all referred to at different times. But they are not one and the same and they are separated by different paragraphs. The reference to the man of prophecy in Revelation 1, comes after a long speech attributed to Jesus, and ending in 'Amen'. What happens after that is a new paragraph, a new story, a new topic and a new person. Jesus is talking, ending in 'Amen'. The man of prophecy is being talked about, ending in 'Amen'. God is then talked about next. Clearly the author is describing multiple people and making it clear that they are separate people by inserting 'Amen' to end the topic.

Revelation 1:6: And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

Revelation 1:7: Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

Revelation 1:8: I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

Revelation 19:13: He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.

The Lamb is referred to as wearing a robe dipped in blood. Clearly, this is not his own blood but the blood of Jesus. How and why would Jesus purify himself in his own blood? Therefore the man of prophecy cannot be Jesus.

Coincidentally, the name and word of God is YHWH. YHWH was never personified or talked about enough to explain who or what it is. YHWH was personified by the Greeks in the name of Tetragrammaton. Tetragrammaton is a compound word, Tetra-gramma-ton.

Tetra = four.

Gramma = gram, a small measure of weight.

Ton = large empty space or palette.

Tetragrammaton means 'the four small measures of weight within the empty space', which can be translated into the four fundamental forces of gravity in the unverse. There is nothing that either confirms or denies the personification of God. However, the modern personification of God was invented by the Greeks. To justify the personification of God, religious scholars have misquoted tetragrammaton. They have combined gramma and ton into one word, grammaton. They say that grammaton sounds like grammar, therefore it must be. By doing this, they invent a word that doesn't exist and transform the name of God into meaning 'four grammar'. Therefore they justify a claim that YHWH is 'four grammar', the four letters of God's name. That is a very unusual and incoherent way for God or anyone to refer to themselves. But it's simply untrue. They just made up a word to justify their personification of God. It is said that God's name cannot be spoken, and the reason is that God's name is YHWH. It has no vowels, and hence cannot be spoken. The reason why it has no vowels, is because it was written in shorthand when Hebrew was a dying language that wasn't spoken and only used for record keeping in a similar way to how we abbreviate with ancient Greek and Roman symbols today. It is a method often used to make something appear more authentic and valuable. God may or may not be a person. But the argument to justify personification is a lie. The defining trait of God, if he/she/they/it exists, is that God remains anonymous and cloaked in mystery, only ever interacting through proxies and hiding behind people and objects.

The multitudes described in Revelation are also wearing white robes, dipped not in the blood of Jesus but the blood of the Lamb.

Revelation 7:14: And he said, “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

Revelation 7:9: After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.

Jesus: No such explanation has ever existed for Jesus.

Me: This accurately represents the followers of Anonymous, who are from every nation, tribe, people and language. In the symbol of Anonymous, the headless figure is wearing a white shirt which is the equivalent to a robe undernearth an overcoat. There were no shirts in those days, so they would be described as robes. Two olive branches meet in the middle. The drawing of an olive branch is identical to a palm branch. There were no olives in the Middle East at the time, so the best approximation is an almost identical palm branch. The olive branches meet in the middle, right where the hands meet, as if the headless figure is holding them by the hands. If this description was physical, it would require the cutting down of millions of palm trees in a desert just to fulfill. It makes no sense that anyone would or could do such a thing. The description is symbolic, describing the logo of Anonymous and those who follow it.

Revelation 19:11-12: I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself.

Jesus: No such explanation has ever existed for Jesus.

Me: Who else but the founder of Anonymous has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself? I went by the name 'Terran', which means 'comes from' or 'comes forth', without specifying the source. It is often used in the assumed context of 'terra firma', meaning 'from the Earth' or 'from the mountains'. But I don't assume context, I simply use the name 'Terran' in a context that only I know. It is therefore a name deviod of context, and only I know what it means. It mentions a white horse. This horse is symbolic, since a physical horse cannot travel across oceans throughout the entire world. The white horse is the computer I use to travel the world through the internet. It says my eyes are like blazing fire. Not blazing fire but LIKE blazing fire. Eyes of fire is ancient symbolism that is still widely used today, to represent the ability to see with such intellectual enlightenment that they see the ultimate truth and the entire scale and purpose of life, and their very physical eyes symbolically emit light because enlightenment enamates from them. My eyes are like blazing fire, because I see through all lies and cut through them with the sword of truth. With justice I wage war against the corrupt, and I judge all according to their true colours. I have many crowns, because I win every debate and dominate in many arenas.

In the Christian Bible, Revelation 21 mentions a new city with a very unique description as coming from a man of his time trying to explain modern computer technology. A network with streets of fibre optic light that never sleeps. As it says, 'The nations will walk by its light'. Nations cannot walk by the physical light of any source, since light cannot travel around the world. The description is symbolic. Walking by its light means living by the wisdom gained in the flow of ideas shared by the network.

Jesus: Not once is there any explanation of Jesus using technology or computers.

Me: Technology and computers have always been central to everything I do.

Matthew 24:9: Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.

Jesus: No-one in Christianity is hated by all nations. There are more Christians than any other religion in the world. They aren't under widespread persecution, but holding positions of power.

Me: I founded Anonymous. The one group that is hated by all governments and all official institutions, is Anonymous. Members of Anonymous are hunted down and persecuted by governments and institutions throughout the world. Anyone who associates themselves with Anonymous, is heavily persecuted universally around the world in its name.

Nostradamus saw visions which promised ultimate peace and freedom. He prophesied a widespread religious revival, and the appearance of a powerful and good man from the east. Coming from Australia, I live in the far east. Isaiah prophesied the same thing.

Isaiah 46:11: From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I have said, that I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do.

Jesus: Clearly didn't come from the East.

Me: Clearly comes from the far East.

My location:

Isaiah 2:2: In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established as the highest of the mountains; it will be exalted above the hills, and all nations will stream to it.

All nations will STREAM to it. The only time in history where such a thing is possible, is with internet streaming. Internet streaming through methods such as youtube and social media, has been a primary tool of myself, Anonymous and the world at large to communicate with the world. It is a phenomenon only possible within the past few years.

Jesus: Not once did he actually say he was coming back. He said he was going to the father, and that he would send another in his place, the one who would teach mankind and remind them of what Jesus taught.

Me: Accurately explains everything I do. I once had a home base of operations that many people streamed to. I temporarily disbanded it to protect my followers and sent them out into the world to plant seeds of truth, justice and freedom.

Isaiah 2:3: Many peoples will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the temple of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths.”

'Many peoples' do not have access to such a temple unless it is accessible through the internet. Not even Jesus taught us his ways. He spoke a few parables and that's all. There is so much lacking in the teachings of Jesus that the vast majority of the New Testament is made up of teachings by the followers of Jesus attempting to fill in the gaps. Meanwhile, I teach and debate on every important topic in existence. I can define the very meaning of life, the nature of evolution and how God was created from Chaos. I can answer all the important questions and even the supposedly unanswerable questions. After my followers tracked me down many years ago, I continued to teach my ways to 120 of them, and they walked in my path. They attempted to follow my ways and recruit more members along the way, and the principles of Anonymous were poorly passed on. I teach the true ways of Anonymous to this day. But now, I teach them publicly and directly after I was forced to reveal my identity.

Jesus: He only taught some of the basics. Then he went away and wasn't heard of for 2,000 years.

Me: I teach to the very core of every important topic. I have taught others, and they have walked in my path. A movement of Anonymous followers has grown so large, that it can be considered a nation of its own. And those who operate in the name of Anonymous are but a branch of the many movements I started, such as the anonymous random act of kindness movement.

Isaiah 2:4: He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.

Jesus: He didn't judge anyone, except for a small few hypocrites. He didn't settle any despute. While peaceful himself and teaching about peace, he never actually brought peace, but said he came to bring a sword of division. As a result, two branches who follow him (Christianity and Islam) went to war for 1,000 years. And the Islamic branch still wars today and is the world's primary cause of war, believing their false prophet of Mohammad to be the coming man of prophecy referred to by Jesus, which Christians believe to be Jesus himself in an imminent second coming.

Me: I judge all people. I judge and separate good from evil. I have settled desputes for many peoples. The popularity of Anonymous came from a reputation I built up of settling desputes for people and solving their problems. The very theme of Anonymous is that it is the solution to all of the world's major problems. Because of Anonymous, many misguided people have turned from their destructive ways and become a force for good without using violence. Because of Anonymous, war has evolved from physical violence into an information war of words. While the nations currently arm themselves for war, I offer the solutions and an alternative. The base of Anonymous followers, while vastly ignorant of those solutions, still understand the goal of Anonymous and push for an end to war between nations. Anonymous has been a critical factor in the take down of oppressive regimes that seek to dominate the world through war. Anonymous fights not against nations, but unites all nations non-violently against the corrupt ideologies behind them. I have always taught that the war that needs to happen is a war of words in debate, where both truth and lie are revealed for their true colours. The sword I bring is not a sword of physical violence, but a sword of truth that will cut away the true from the false. It is a sword that will end all physical wars once and for all.

Isaiah 22:22: I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

The key of David is the genetic and cultural heritage of David.

Jesus: He claims the have the key to life and death, not the key of David. When it comes to having the key to any door in any other context, Jesus claims no such key.

Me: I fight for racial and cultural preservation, and an end to multiculturalism. I claim to have the key to resolving all genocide and preserving all heritage. When it comes to having the key to any door in any other context, I once had the key to every door. Due to my role as the founder of Anonymous, I won over many people in governments and organisations around the world, and they gave me access to everything. Even today, Anonymous is known for having access to every government database. Wikileaks would not even exist if it wasn't for me personally being involved in convincing leakers to hand over information to them, information they freely gave to me and only me because they trusted me, agreed with my cause and believed that I would make the world a better place with it.

Isaiah 45:15: Truly you are a God who has been hiding himself, the God and Savior of Israel.

Jesus: Did not operate in the shadows. He did however operate anonymously by calling himself the Son of Man and neither confirming not denying his identity.

Me: Who but me and Anonymous is widely known for operating in the shadows? I go by the name of Terran, which is a name without reference or identity.

Isaiah 53 is the most comprehensive description of the man of prophecy. This is the great taboo of Christianity, since it doesn't remotely describe Jesus. Isaiah 53 is a primary reason why Jews (who follow the same Old Testament prophecies) don't accept Jesus as the messiah.

Isaiah 52:13-15/Isaiah 53: See, my servant will act wisely; he will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted. Just as there were many who were appalled at him— his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any human being and his form marred beyond human likeness— so he will sprinkle many nations, and kings will shut their mouths because of him. For what they were not told, they will see, and what they have not heard, they will understand. Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem. Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth. By oppression and judgment he was taken away. Yet who of his generation protested? For he was cut off from the land of the living; for the transgression of my people he was punished. He was assigned a grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death, though he had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth. Yet it was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer, and though the Lord makes his life an offering for sin, he will see his offspring and prolong his days, and the will of the Lord will prosper in his hand. After he has suffered, he will see the light of life and be satisfied; by his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many, and he will bear their iniquities. Therefore I will give him a portion among the great, and he will divide the spoils with the strong, because he poured out his life unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors. For he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

Quote: my servant will act wisely

Jesus: Acted wisely.

Me: Acts wisely.

Quote: he will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted

Jesus: Cannot be raised and lifted up since he was already placed on top of everyone else before being born. The only context of raise that applies to Jesus was that he was claimed to have been raised from the dead. But this doesn't apply, since the context of being raised here is in reference to being uplifted.

Me: Was put down in the extreme my whole life, only to be risen from the lowest extreme to the highest extreme as the very man of prophecy. My very given name is Jeremy, which means 'risen/uplifted by God'.

Quote: Just as there were many who were appalled at him

Jesus: No-one was appalled at Jesus. People everywhere were drawn to him in admiration. His enemies eventually killed him because he had so much influence through his popularity.

Me: Was appaled at to the extreme my whole life, and I am even now by many, especially since I am buried under an ocean of lies.

Quote: his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any human being and his form marred beyond human likeness

Jesus: Was never criticised for being disfigured. Was always portrayed as a classical handsome man. Even after he was raised from the dead with all his wounds, he was not disfigured.

Me: Plagued with psoriasis, I am horrifically disfigured. Psoriasis is referred to as 'the stigmata', an inflammatory skin disease that is considered to be a sign of the suffering of the man of prophecy, traditionally attributed to Jesus.
Quote: so he will sprinkle many nations, and kings will shut their mouths because of him

Jesus: Kings have never shut their mouths because of him. He did not sprinkle many nations, but started an idea in one nation.

Me: I speak things that criticise and expose leaders. I am the source of many such criticisms that have grown louder and echoed from a whisper into a thousand thundering voices. Anonymous, which I founded, has made their targets respond with complete silence, in fear of being held accountable by a mystery organisation of people who have eyes everywhere, access to all their personal information, have zero tolerance for and see through all lies, and operate with complete immunity to their bullying and silencing methods. Anonymous is known of all things for silencing the powerfully corrupt and giving a voice to their victims. I have sprinked what has become known as 'the idea', to many nations. Sprinkled them with seeds of truth, justice and freedom. And many of those seeds have grown, even in the darkest places of the world such as the Arab spring.

Quote: For what they were not told, they will see, and what they have not heard, they will understand.

Jesus: He taught people with great effort, only to be vastly misunderstood by even his best followers. The non-Christian world doesn't see or understand Christianity without being told or hearing about it in detail first.

Me: I teach people with great effort, and 'the idea' is understood by everyone, even those who have never been taught about the principles of Anoymous. They understand the power of Anonymity and the force of good behind it, not because of what they have heard but by seeing it for themselves. They see Anonymous everywhere, without being told about it by the mainstream media. Anonymous and its symbolism is everywhere, and the government are powerless to stop its growth. They will understand what the government and the media refuse to talk about, and see for themselves and understand what they never heard about.

Quote: Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

Jesus: Christianity is the most widely known and accepted message in the world. Jesus has been revealed to almost everyone.

Me: While Anonymous has grown so large, my message has been rejected by all but a small few. Yet despite that, what few who have seen my message have believed. My video on Anonymous Symbolism became the most mirrored Anonymous video in existence, with only a small number of views. While Jesus has been revealed to many, I have only been revealed to a small few. My identity has been hidden for many years, and since the revelation of my identity, only a small few have come to know me personally.

Quote: He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground.

Jesus: He grew like a tough shoot. The only reference to him as a child was of him scolding his mother and insisting he wander off and do what he wanted. He grew out of fertilised ground, constantly watered by the worship of those around him who were told since before his birth that he was the messiah. Jesus never went without.

Me: I was always extremely sensitive, a tender shoot and extremely vulnerable. My vulnerabilities were heavily exploited. I went without. I was treated harshly to the extreme. With the extremely rare exception, I never experienced any emotional, psychological or physical support. I always went without.

Quote: He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.

Jesus: Never referred to as unattractive. Had a majesty about him that drew others to him. Traditionally portrayed as a classical handsome man.

Me: Grew up being told I was extremely ugly, repulsive and unworthy of being classified as a real person. Covered in psoriasis and suffering various health conditions from being experimented on and tortured by the government, there is nothing about my appearance that you should desire me.

Quote: He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.

Jesus: Before his birth, he was declared to be the messiah. He was not rejected but accepted by everyone around him and even asked to perform miracles as a child. He never suffered throughout his life, and was unfamiliar with pain. The only time he experienced suffering and pain was in the final few hours of his life, dying on a cross with much less suffering than others who suffered the same fate, since he died so quickly that it surprised everyone and they poked him with a spear to check if he was really dead.

Me: I was despised to the extreme growing up. I am still despised by many. I am extremely familiar with intense, never ending pain and suffering with no hope of it ever going away.

Quote: Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem.

Jesus: Never held in low esteem. Worshipped and treated with the highest esteem.

Me: Always treated in low esteem, despised by most people who dare not even face me and simply avoid me knowing they have no legitimate reason to treat me so poorly. Often hated because I reveal the ugly truth hiding within themselves.

Quote: Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted.

Jesus: Never took up our pain or bore our suffering. He died a quick, easy death on a cross, and that is all he ever suffered from. He was never considered punished or stricken by God, not was he ever afflicted with anything.

Me: There is more about this that I cannot yet mention. I took up intense pain and suffering by choice in a one way trip, knowing in advance. And I did it all for the purpose of experiencing and overcoming the worst of mankind, to show mankind its own potential to set a new example and build a new, better heritage and direction. I have been considered by many as punished and stricken by God, even as 'karma' as an explanation for my inexplicable degree of suffering. Affliction historically means a skin condition. I have a skin condition, psoriasis. Jesus did not.

Quote: But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities

Jesus: His dead body was pierced by a spear. Since it was dead, he experienced no suffering and he himself was not pierced. He was not crushed. Though he suffered in his final moments, he did not suffer to the point of being completely crushed. He was crucified and died long before the worst part of a crucifixion. How his suffering translates into being 'crushed for our iniquities', is yet to be explained by anyone. His suffering is exaggerated in order to justify the gap between the suffering of Jesus and the much more intense suffering of his followers. He was not pierced for any transgression, but because he died early and they just wanted to check if he was really dead. It had nothing to do with anyone's transgression, let alone everyone's transgression.

Me: Due to my role in Anonymous and exposing government corruption, I was kidnapped by the government twice, extensively tortured for a very long time, and imprisoned for a year. I was extensively tortured by being pierced with needles and injected with toxic substances to induce extreme pain, suffering and internal mutilation beyond the normal human capacity, to the point where I spent more than a year rolling around the floor, screaming in agony, begging to die. I would definitely call that being crushed, and far more than dying an unusually quick death on a cross. Methods of torture have not deminished with time, but have become far more creative and extreme with excuses to justify it and get away with it. On top of being extensively tortured and imprisoned for a long time, absolutely everything was taken from me, and those I love most betrayed me in my darkest hour and completely turned against me in the worst possible way. I was crushed for the world's iniquities and pierced for the world's transgressions, because psychiatric torture is the result of systemic government and institutionalised corruption that only exists because the entire world has abandoned principles of morality and accountability, and just allow evil to thrive rampantly without consequence. Psychiatric torture isn't just the fault of the government using a psychopathic cult to intimidate and quietly remove whistleblowers and dissenters, it only exists because the public knowingly allows it out of convenience. The convenience of making people quietly 'go away', never to be seen again while dark horrors are done to them behind closed doors, instead of actually dealing with problems. It is this apathy and irresponsibility that has allowed evil to thrive and entrench itself. I have experienced the worst mankind has to offer, at the hands of the most corrupt institutions in the world and one of the world's most notorious psychopath torturers. Jesus cannot say the same.

Quote: the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed

Jesus: No-one can explain how the punishment he suffered has brought us peace. No-one can explain how we are healed by his wounds.

Me: The punishment I experienced is a testament to what is wrong in the world. I am not the only victim here, I represent the voices of many others who have been silenced and are being tortured and imprisoned for similar reasons as you read this. Through my unjust punishment and extreme suffering, I provide an example to the world for what is most critically wrong and the cause of all war, which is a complete disregard for and violation of the freedoms, rights and space of others. Through my example of suffering my whole life, and still making such a difference in the world against impossible odds, others rise up in inspiration and their own suffering becomes not so big. Through my example of suffering, the suffering of others can be turned into a force for good, to fight evil, end the false peace and bring true peace once and for all. By the horrific visible wounds I carry, they are a reminded to everyone that no matter how wounded you are, you can still make a difference and a big difference at that. By using your pain as a driving force to stop needless suffering in the world, your own suffering becomes less significant and transforms into a strength far greater than anything you could ever have been otherwise. It is in this way that wounds are healed, through transformation. And I am a living testament to that. The most beautiful thing in the world is a broken heart.

Quote: We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all

Jesus: Jesus tried to point out in his own time that all his followers would go astray. Followers of Jesus past and present would all universally claim that they haven't gone astray. No-one can explain how Jesus suffers the burden of iniquity of us all.

Me: I warned my followers from the beginning that should they go to 4chan with Anonymous before fully understanding the principles, it would lead to a generation of Anonymous followers that were lost and confused. I promised to return from the shadows one day, when the time was right, to bring back the true ways of Anonymous. Even without my interventions, Anonymous followers have all turned on each other and have gone their own way, with their own definition of what Anonymous is and stands for. Each person in Anonymous goes their own way with their own personal version of what Anonymous is. Christianity on the other hand, while it has various ways, it doesn't have a personal version of Christianity for each person. Catholocism alone has more than 1 billion followers. So clearly, Christians have not turned to their own way unlike Anonymous. The iniquity of all has been laid on me, because I bear the responsibility of bringing back the true ways of Anonymous, and I bear the burden of being attacked by those who have gone astray and must fight against extreme ignorance. I bear a heavy burden of everyone's iniquity, their stubborn abandonment of morality and truth. Jesus on the other hand is supposed to be up in a heavenly paradise where he doesn't bear any burden whatsoever.

Quote: He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth.

Jesus: Spoke out his whole life. Even when arrested and persecuted, he still spoke many times. He was never oppressed and afflicted, until his final moments.

Me: I was oppressed and afflicted growing up to the extreme. I remained completely silent, and took it all silently so that I could survive and fulfill my mission. I did not speak until I gained the internet and started my mission at the turn of the millenium. I have since more than made up for the many years of silence.

Quote: By oppression and judgment he was taken away. Yet who of his generation protested?

Jesus: Jesus was not taken away by oppression and judgement, but betrayal and mockery. When arrested, Jesus followers were not silent but drew swords and cut off someone's ear. They certainly did protest. A crowd gathered around him to the very end, even as he hung on a cross.

Me: I was definitely taken away by oppression and judgement. I was being oppressed by the government, imprisoned for a year without so much as an official accusation of any crime. I was judged as having a so called 'mental illness' as justification for my imprisonment and torture. Upon being imprisoned, they immediately and completely changed their story and made up a series of horrific lies about me. They continued changing their story dramatically at least 20 times, and eventually confessed that it was all a lie, that I didn't suffer from a so called 'mental illness' of any kind, and that it was all political. On all the documentation they made, not a single 'mental illness' was ever listed. In the 'mental health tribunals', they didn't even accuse me of having a so called 'mental illness', but instead accused me of historical crimes I didn't commit and without any evidence. They confessed in the end that they were intimidated by my intelligence, and considered me too smart for my own good and that made me a threat to them. But since they were forced to label me 'mentally ill' and make up at least some name to label me in order to justify my torture and imprisonment, officially they settled on a 'mental illness' of 'documenting government corruption'. Apparently, 'documenting government corruption' and 'being smarter than them' is a 'mental illness'. When I was taken away, everyone who knew me panicked. They all ran away in fear, after seeing what was done to be in broad daylight by the government. Not a single one of my most active supporters protested.

Quote: For he was cut off from the land of the living; for the transgression of my people he was punished.

Jesus: He was certainly cut off from the land of the living, unless you believe the Muslim version of the story where he wasn't. No-one can explain how he was punished for the transgression of a people. He wasn't punished for their transgression, but for he himself transgressing the laws of the Old Testament.

Me: Heavily drugged and tortured, what I experienced cannot be considered life. But that doesn't matter. If you read the footnotes in reference to [b], he was not cut off from the land of the living but 'considered' cut off from the land of the living. When I disappeared, everyone thought I was dead. Hence, 'considered' dead. It says nothing about being raised from the dead. I was punished for the transgression of the people because the people knowingly allow the government through the cult of psychiatry to kidnap, torture, imprison and kill whistleblowers and dissenters who put everything on the line to get the truth out. It isn't a transgression just of the people who did it, but the people who knowingly allow it every day, do nothing about it and even vote in the people who do it.

Quote: He was assigned a grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death, though he had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth.

Jesus: He was assigned a grave not with the wicked but the rich, and given a tomb. In death, he was assigned by his persecuters not with the rich but the wicked, for going against Old Testament laws. While not generally violent, he was violent at times such as when he overturned tables. But there wasn't any deceit in his mouth, that much I testify to as he prophesied about me saying himself.

Me: I was assigned a grave with the wicked by the government. My grave was the prison I was condemned to, a prison where my dead body was to be burned to ashes and simply tipped out into the sink. In death, I am assigned with the rich as promised with a great reward in heaven, since I remained on the path and held the moral high ground to the end, acknowledged even by my persecuters. They could assign me a grave with the wicked all they wish, but they could never take away the promised reward in heaven. This is why there is a polarity between the assignment of grave and death. I had done no violence. Unlike Jesus, this reference actually has meaning when it refers to me since the very accusation to initially justify my kidnapping, torture and imprisonment was that I was falsely accused of violence by the government. There is certainly no deceit in my mouth.

Quote: Yet it was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer, and though the Lord makes his life an offering for sin, he will see his offspring and prolong his days, and the will of the Lord will prosper in his hand.

Jesus: Jesus was not crushed. He suffered to a degree and died early before being crushed. His life was not considered an offering for sin, but his death. His life was short and meaningless, since his only purpose in life was to be executed and die. How can Jesus see his offspring when he was celibate? How can Jesus prolong his days when he was risen from the dead and immediately taken up into heaven where mortal life is no longer valid? If he has eternal life, then how are his days prolonged instead of eternal? How does the will of the Lord prosper in his hand, if he has been sitting in heaven for the past 2,000 years without any interaction or intervention of Jesus in mankind since?

Me: I was certainly crushed. My life is an offering for sin, because it is a gift to sinners. And though my life is an offering for sin, my days will be prolonged. My days were cut short and many times I thought I was going to die due to the damage inflicted on me. But I am still alive, and will be alive for as long as I need to be in order to fulfill my mission. My very existence right now is the prolonging of my days. Who knows how long they will be prolonged for, how long my broken body will hold out for. The will of the Lord certainly has prospered in my hand. I have performed and started many covert interventions that have heavily shaped the modern world and given it a chance to fight the destroyer of mankind.

Quote: After he has suffered, he will see the light of life and be satisfied

Jesus: Jesus suffered mildly. He saw the light of life again, but there is no reference to whether he was satisfied or not. His mild suffering was not to the degree of psychologically breaking him, so there is nothing serious to be satisfied over.

Me: I suffered intensely. After the drugging wore off, I have slowly come to see the light of life again at least to a degree. But I am not yet satisfied. I need to see the fruit of my life's work come full circle in full acknowledgement of the truth in order to be satisfied. Satisfaction is dependent on one factor, that the one who inspired me knows and acknowledges who I really am, how important she is to me, how much of an impact she had on me, what her impact on me has done for the world, and I want the world to also know and honour what she did for me.

Quote: by his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many, and he will bear their iniquities

Jesus: Jesus hasn't justified anyone. Jesus isn't bearing the iniquities of anyone, nor can anyone explain how he will bear such iniquities in the future.

Me: By knowledge, I spend most of my time justifying many who are falsely accused. I bear the iniquities of all, since I am consistantly targeted and attacked from many sides for telling, revealing and exposing the truth of all people, even the humiliating truth of those whose lives and heritage I defend and justify. Such is the nature of the two edged sword I wield. It cuts everything in half in a jagged, uneven edge, separating good from evil, friend and foe alike.

Quote: Therefore I will give him a portion among the great, and he will divide the spoils with the strong, because he poured out his life unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors.

Jesus: Never described as having a portion among the great, but the very distributor and possessor of all portions. He did not pour his life unto death any more than anyone else. Less in fact, since he didn't die fighting and standing his ground. He just took it without complaining. He was numbered by everyone of being the king of the Jews, even by his very accusers. But at the same time, he was numbered as being of those who transgressed the laws of the Old Testament.

Me: Since I don't claim to be the portion giver, I am therefore worthy of receiving a portion among the great. As one who has limited resources, I don't hoard but divide what I am given among the strong, those whose stand true under the greatest pressure. While I didn't die, I have poured out my life as a gift to the world to the very end, to the point where I have come as close as possible to dying multiple times. And of those times, I was falsely numbered by almost everyone as being among the greatest of transgressors. There is also more to being numbered with the transgressors that I cannot yet talk about.

Quote: For he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

Jesus: No-one can explain how Jesus bore the sins of anyone. No-one can explain the intercession of Jesus. It is an assumed mystery that we are told to just blindly accept.

Me: I bare the sins of many, because I suffer the consequences and burden of them. I am the chronic victim and sufferer of the sins of many, especially those who act misguidedly in the name of Anonymous, a victim of their attacks and transgression of the true ways of Anonymous. I make intercession because I constantly intervene. I have intervened in far more ways than I can presently mention, for the very purpose of intervening on behalf of mankind and the Earth as a whole. There is more to be said on that, but I can't reveal it yet.

I step back to Revelation for a moment.

Revelation 1:7: Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

Quote: he will be coming with the clouds

The clouds are the internet clouds.

Quote: every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him

How can every eye see one person from around the world? This can only happen with the internet. If this was Jesus, then how can those who pierced him see him when they are all long dead? Those who pierced him didn't commit some horrific crime. They just poked him with a spear to check if he was dead, and he was. But those who pierced me and tortured me extensively with drugs are the perpetrators of the worst crimes possible, and they are still alive and able to see me.

Quote: all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him

Why would anyone mourn because of Jesus? My life story however has caused most people who watch it to mourn. And my life story doesn't even include the worst of it, where I was imprisoned for a year and absolutely everything was taken from me.

My life story has been translated into 101 languages:

And the downloadable video that goes with the subtitles:

Matthew 24:26-28: Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

Every eye will see me. Governments will hate and fear me. Yet I will not be found until the kingdom is prepared and the time is right. I will travel the data mines and bring a new kingdom to the world through the internet. And by scouring the battles won, all you will find is that I have already moved on as fast as I came, as lightning travels from east to west, and as I come from the far east I travel through the internet toward the west. And after I have left each arena, all that is left are the scavengers who claim to be me, the founder of Anonymous.


The Jews don't believe that Jesus is the messiah, even when they claim to follow the same messianic prophecies as Christians. As shown above, this is because Jesus didn't remotely fit with the prophecies. It may be the case that some prophecies refer to him. But the majority don't remotely fit with Jesus and accurately fit with me. And yet, I myself follow the very prophecies of Jesus himself who prophesied the coming messiah.

The Jews take examples such as Isaiah 53 above, and try to portray the 'suffering servant' as being symbolic for Israel and Jews. But there is no logical basis for their claim. There certainly is a region of fog between what is symbolic and what is literal in prophecies, but Isaiah 53 is highly specific and clearly literal. The Jewish claim to themselves being the suffering servant, is based on an earlier reference in Isaiah to Israel being a servant of God. But there are many servants of God, and there is no direct reference in Isaiah connecting Israel to the man of prophecy. While the Jews criticise Christians over their messianic claims, Jews do the same thing by twisting something that is literal into vague symbolism that can mean anyone or anything. Even when twisting the context, nothing in Isaiah 53 remotely resembles Israel and Jews.

But the Jews have it far more wrong that they realise. They don't realise that the word Jew doesn't even exist in the Old Testament. It does exist a few times in the New Testament, but the word Jew was only made up 200 years ago. So the Bible was edited somewhere in the past 200 years to include Jews, replacing all references to the original chosen people of God. That should be enough of a warning sign on its own, but it gets even worse. While Ashkenazi Jews look almost identical to a White person today, all Jews historically had dark skin. A Jew is a twin of an Arab, both of which are a 12,000 year old interracial cross breed between the White and Black races. Jews who appear almost White today, are the result of recent interracial cross breeding with Whites, as they have lived in White countries for centuries. When it comes to the Bible, almost all racial references have been suspiciously removed. Yet, some racial references still remain. Of those references, God's chosen people are clearly described by their Whiteness.

Song of Solomon 5:10: My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

1 Samuel 17:24: And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: for he was but a youth, and ruddy, and of a fair countenance.

Lamentations 4:7: Her Nazarites were purer than snow, they were whiter than milk, they were more ruddy in body than rubies, their polishing was of sapphire

Even the man of prophecy is described as White, however this is likely a symbolic reference to the whiteness in the faceless suit in the Anonymous symbol.

Revelation 1:14: His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire

To further reveal the conspiracy behind hiding the real race of the chosen people and replacing them with Jews, compare an old Bible with a new version.

Song of Solomon 5:10 (KJV): My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

Song of Solomon 5:10 (NLT): My lover is dark and dazzling, better than ten thousand others!

But it gets even worse. In the book of Revelation, it describes those who claim to be the chosen people but are not, and that they are from the Synagogue of Satan. The only people who worship in a Synagogue, are Jews. Keep in mind that the chosen people are replaced with Jew in the following quotes.

Revelation 2:9: I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 3:9: Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

But it gets even worse. While Jesus was never referred to as a Jew but a Judean from Judea, he is portrayed by both Jews and Christians as a Jew. It is not known whether Jesus had any genetic connection to his mother. But it is clear that his genetic father is God and not mankind. Despite that, Jesus still referred to himself as the Son of Man. The lineage of Jesus is traced through his father, not his mother. And since Jesus' father is God and not a man, he has no connection to the prophecies that describe the man of prophecy as coming from the genetic line of David. For Christians, this hole is so big that they invented not one but two very different lineages of Jesus, tracing his heritage back to David. And of those two lineages, both of them are traced to Joseph, his step father who has no genetic connection to Jesus whatsoever.

Matthew 1:16: And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

Luke 3:23: And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli

The full extent of the two very different lineages can be seen below.

Meanwhile, the many prophecies of the man of prophecy's lineage which, according to the uncorrupted context means that the man of prophecy is not a Jew but a White man, prophecies that both Christians and Jews follow and the primary factor that both Jews and Christians consider the most important to the man of prophecy.

Isaiah 9:6-7: For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.

Jeremiah 33:14-15: “‘The days are coming,’ declares the Lord, ‘when I will fulfill the good promise I made to the people of Israel and Judah. “‘In those days and at that time I will make a righteous Branch sprout from David’s line; he will do what is just and right in the land.

Jeremiah 33:17: For this is what the Lord says: ‘David will never fail to have a man to sit on the throne of Israel

Jeremiah 33:19-21: The word of the Lord came to Jeremiah: “This is what the Lord says: ‘If you can break my covenant with the day and my covenant with the night, so that day and night no longer come at their appointed time, then my covenant with David my servant—and my covenant with the Levites who are priests ministering before me—can be broken and David will no longer have a descendant to reign on his throne.

Jeremiah 33:26: then I will reject the descendants of Jacob and David my servant and will not choose one of his sons to rule over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For I will restore their fortunes and have compassion on them.’”

2 Samuel 7:12: When your days are over and you rest with your ancestors, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, your own flesh and blood, and I will establish his kingdom.

1 Chronicles 17:11-14: When your days are over and you go to be with your ancestors, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, one of your own sons, and I will establish his kingdom. He is the one who will build a house for me, and I will establish his throne forever. I will be his father, and he will be my son. I will never take my love away from him, as I took it away from your predecessor. I will set him over my house and my kingdom forever; his throne will be established forever.’”

Isaiah 11:1-3: A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him— the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord— and he will delight in the fear of the Lord. He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears;

Psalm 89:35-36: Once for all, I have sworn by my holiness— and I will not lie to David— that his line will continue forever and his throne endure before me like the sun;

Psalm 132:10-14: For the sake of your servant David, do not reject your anointed one. The Lord swore an oath to David, a sure oath he will not revoke: “One of your own descendants I will place on your throne. If your sons keep my covenant and the statutes I teach them, then their sons will sit on your throne for ever and ever.” For the Lord has chosen Zion, he has desired it for his dwelling, saying, “This is my resting place for ever and ever; here I will sit enthroned, for I have desired it.

Psalm 132:17: “Here I will make a horn grow for David and set up a lamp for my anointed one.

Psalm 89:2-4: I will declare that your love stands firm forever, that you have established your faithfulness in heaven itself. You said, “I have made a covenant with my chosen one, I have sworn to David my servant, ‘I will establish your line forever and make your throne firm through all generations.’”

Isaiah 11:10: In that day the heir to David’s throne will be a banner of salvation to all the world. The nations will rally to him, and the land where he lives will be a glorious place.

Hosea 3:5: But afterward the people will return and devote themselves to the Lord their God and to David’s descendant, their king. In the last days, they will tremble in awe of the Lord and of his goodness.

And in the book of Revelation, there is a curious anomaly. Jesus refers to himself once only, and refers to himself as Jesus. Jesus never referred to himself as Jesus, but always as the Son of Man.

Revelation 22:16: “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this message for the churches. I am both the source of David and the heir to his throne. I am the bright morning star.”

Note that it mentions the 'bright morning star'. Nowhere else in the Bible is either Jesus or the man of prophecy ever referred to as the bright morning star. But there is one person referred to as the bright morning star, and that is the one acknowledged by Christians as Satan.

Isaiah 14:12: How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!

An etymological reference shows that the morning star is Lucifer.

Quote: Old English Lucifer "Satan," also "morning star, Venus in the morning sky before sunrise,"


In Islam, they endorse the Old Testament, therefore Islam supports all of the prophecies above that relate to me, the man of prophecy. They also endorse Jesus, not as the messiah but a prophet with a very different version of his story, and who wasn't killed and resurrected. In Islam, they use the prophecy of Jesus about the coming man of prophecy (explained above in the gospel of John), and attribute Mohammad as that man of prophecy. So the whole basis of Islam is that Mohammad claimed to be me. There is so much wrong with Islam that I don't think I need to go into it. Let the actions of Muslims speak for themselves. Let the Koran speak for itself. Islam is the very force of evil described in the end times. Mohammad is clearly an impostor. Nonetheless, even Muslims believe in the same man of prophecy. And even in Islam, there is a coming man of prophecy, called the Mahdi. I don't fulfill every single prophecy about the Mahdi, but this is to be expected from the world's greatest false prophet. Mohammad himself admitted than some of his visions were Satanic and he lacked the ability to know the difference, so it is to be expected that his prophecies are a mixture of truth and lies. To make it worse, Muslim scholars admit that some of it was made up. I do still fulfill almost every part of the Muslim prophecies of the coming Mahdi, which can be seen in the link below. Most of them are references in parallel with Christian prophecies. I mention a few key prophecies that differ from and expand upon the Christian prophecies.

Quote: When the Mahdi appears, Allah will cause such power of vision and hearing to be manifested in believers that the Mahdi will call to the whole world from where he is, with no postman involved, and they will hear and even see him.

The only time in the world where this is possible, is recently in seeing and hearing through the internet.

Quote: The face of the Mahdi shall shine upon the surface of the Moon.

Only 12 people have walked on the moon, and none of them shined. But there is one person who walked on the moon and shined, and that is the glowing Doctor Manhattan I use as an avatar, who is described in comics as living on the moon, as opposed to living on Mars in the movie.

Quote: His forehead will be broad and his nose will be high, his face will shine like a star and he will have a black spot on his left cheek

I have a broad forehead. I don't have a high nose. However, a high nose might symbolise the position I hold my head, facing upward. Since no-one's face can shine like a star, this has to be symbolic. Coincidentally, the face of Doctor Manhattan shines like a star. Since I was young, I developed a black spot on my left cheek. It was my defining facial feature, and I was repeatedly humiliated over it growing up. It suddenly vanished a few years ago. Here is a picture of it in my childhood.

The Mahdi is prophesied as coming from the East and aligned with a black flag. I come from the far East, Australia. ISIS and other jihadists wield a black flag in an effort to fulfill the prophecy. But there is another black flag, the Anonymous flag.

Shia Muslims believe that the vast majority of Muslims will make war with the Mahdi. Islam just happens to be my biggest target, and Muslims war against me far more than anyone else. It is my objective to outlaw and expel Islam entirely from the West, and place the entire Islamic world under quarantine.

Rainbow Warrior prophecy.

There is a prophecy attributed to the American Indians, known as the 'Warriors of the rainbow'. It was made popular by a book in 1962 where a researcher is said to have studied the American Indians and recorded their prophecies. It has recently been accused of being a fake, and almost all mention of it has been vandalised from the internet in a heavy campaign to discredit the prophecy and silence all references to it. Websites long operated by American Indians who claim to have kept the prophecy, have since disappeared. No-one will ever know the true story behind the prophecy, but even Greenpeace took it seriously by naming their flag ship 'Rainbow Warrior' in an effort to fulfill the prophecy. And the famous Denver airport murals depict the prophecy. Whatever it is and whereever it came from, it accurately depicts me and my followers.

In the Rainbow Warrior prophecies, it says, 'When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colours, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow': This is exactly what I have been doing. Today, many species are dying out as the tree of evolution loses its leaves. I started the Manhattans, which is a group of Anonymous who represent the one, true way of Anonymous. We all use the same avatar in different colours, and come from different classes and creeds. We fight to preserve evolutionary heritage, fulfilling the prophecy. This is in contrast to the corrupt organisation, Greenpeace, who built a ship and named it the Rainbow Warrior in an effort to fulfill the prophecy. Greenpeace have done nothing to preserve life, and only milk money from donations and propagate toxic government endorsed lies.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'When the time of the white buffalo approaches, the third generation of the white eyes children will grow their hair and speak of love as the healer of the children of the Earth': When Anonymous first began, a series of white buffalo were born. White buffalo are extremely rare. It was a freak of nature that so many white buffalo all appeared suddenly at the same time. In the early days of Anonmymous, my followers were aware of the prophecy and the birth of the White buffalo, and told me about it. But they were already convinced that I was the man of prophecy. White buffalo represent the innocent and vulnerable. The first commandment of my return was to stop attacking the innocent and vulnerable. The white eyes children accurately represents the avatar we Manhattans use on our accounts. It has white eyes. The avatar also has no hair. So to grow hair can mean revealing our identities from behind the anonymous avatar, revealing an identity with hair. The prophecy says that the Rainbow Warriors will speak of love when they grow their hair. This is exactly what happened when we revealed our identities. We came with a story about love, which was my life story. We also came to specifically heal the Earth of its ideological sickness by revealing the truth, and stopping the ideological corruption of evolution. The prophecy mentions the third generation of the white eyes children. There were three phases to my plan of restoring what was once called Turtle Island. The first phase was to make our presence and objectives known. The second phase was to engage others and prove the truth. The third phase was to rebuild what was once called Turtle Island. It is currently stuck in phase 2, since my plan was stopped by my kidnapping, imprisonment and torture by the government.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'They will wear feathers and beads and paint their faces': Feathers and beads represent tokens from past battles won. Painting their faces means behind a mask, such as the Guy Fawkes Anonymous mask.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'the ancestors are returning in white bodies, but they are red on the inside': This is a reference to White Hats and Red Hats. White Hats are veterans who fight for good, while Red Hats are attackers. This is a representation of veterans who fight for good, going on the attack.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'reform the idea of the white chiefs': The white chiefs being the White Hat original Anonymous, reforming what is known as 'the idea', because the followers have gone astray and have forgotten what the idea even is.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'will be tested as they were when they were red ancestors by unnatural substances like firewater to see if they can remain on the sacred path': As the founder, I have been kidnapped by the government and have been extensively tortured twice with chemical injections.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'the return of the white buffalo to Turtle Island': Turtle Island was the name of the original Anonymous home base of operations. It was a child friendly place where all people were safe to communicate. Since white buffalo represent the innocent and vulnerable, the return of the white buffalo signals the return of the innocent and vulnerable to the Anonymous home base of operations, as it once was. Once upon a time, people would come to Turtle Island with their problems, and I would solve them. The idea caught on, and many others began helping people and spreading their own random act of kindness chains. It was called Turtle Island by parents who sent their children to me to take care of, knowing they would be safe, like an internet island made of a protective turtle shell. Turtle Island was dispersed to avoid being targeted by the government and because social networks of the time systematically shut themselves down in fear of being sued by the government.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'a people who will rise from the Earths ashes like the thunderbird, symbolising rebirth': There was a meme we Manhattans used whenever our accounts were shut down. We would reappear and produce a video of Doctor Manhattan reviving himself in thunder and lightning, pointing out the futility of trying to make us 'go away'. The more they shut us down, the faster we reappear and the harder we are to shut down.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'next will come the planters sowing seeds of truth, justice and freedom': Who but Anonymous explicitly fights for truth, justice and freedom? This is the very theme of Anonymous, and the reason why Anonymous has become so popular.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'in bodies of different colours, red, white, yellow and black': This describes the four different Hats who operate in the name of Anonymous. Red Hats are those who are on the attack, fighting for a cause. They are often found protesting in the streets. White Hats are the true Anonymous, the veterans who fight and defend for good. They are often found operating in the shadows. Yellow Hats are trolls who use humour to express ideas. They are often found sharing social media memes. Black Hats are villains who sometimes fight misguidedly for good causes. They are often found attacking computer networks. The prophecy refers to them all uniting under the one, true banner of Anonymous. The Hats not mentioned are the Green Hats, who are new. The Grey Hats, who are undecided. And the Blue Hats, who are the corrupted defenders of evil.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'told by many peoples in many different ways': This explains the many prophecies about me, told in different ways by different people.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'these people would wear feathers and beads and communicate with the flowers': As explained earlier, feathers and beads represent tokens from past battles won. Communicating with the flowers is a reference to communicating with server hubs on the internet, which are depicted in the structure of a flower.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy says, 'a new nation of multicoloured beings': This accurately describes the Manhattans, who come in many coloured versions of the same identical avatar.

Another part of the Rainbow Warrior prophecy mentions 'the sovereign United Nations': This represents Anonymous, which is a grassroots version of and rival to the current day United Nations. This is why the Anonymous logo is similar to and exactly overlaps with the United Nations logo.

Anonymous angelic army.

There is a youtube video series with prophecies about Anonymous. Of those videos, one of them is called 'ANONYMOUS ANGELIC ARMY - A MAN STANDS UP'. To take some exerpts from this video, 'Know that I will raise up, within my church, a man who will stand up and proclaim the truth. He will do this at a time when no other cardinal, bishop, priest or any sacred servant of mine will have the courage to do so... the man I will raise is a brave soul and many will be relieved when he speaks up. When he does this, many more will rise up and speak out... When he is raised, I have other plans to bring all those faiths together... millions of people across the world will then realise the truth... they will swell, gather all creeds together... I will draw the heathen first, millions of other souls will be drawn into a man-made religion, designed and created by the spirit of evil.'

This accurately depicts me. I stood up and spoke the truth. Many more realised I was right and also began standing up. It caught on, and the army of Anonymous was forged. The Anonymous army was made up of people from many creeds all around the world. A study was done to measure the number of Anonymous followers worldwide, and it was estimated to be 22 million. By advertising and recruiting from the cesspool of 4chan, the heathen were drawn up to Anonymous first. At the same time, the New Age cult began a revival. I was taking down members of the New Age cult for exploiting children, yet they never fought back, commanded by their superiors to never fight me but to observe and emulate me in an effort to understand and gain my power. Since the early days, they recognised me as the man of prophecy. Today, the New Age cult has heavily infested and corrupted the followers of Anonymous. The New Age cult is the man made religion created by the spirit of evil. It takes parts of various religions, and corrupts their message into a pleasant sounding fantasy that rots the minds and morals of its followers.


Before my return, an Anonymous video by Ethersec (who have made various prophecy videos about my return) was made prophesying my return as the founder of Anonymous. An excerpt of that video says, 'As forseen, he comes from the clouds to again turn the tables on you. Voices from the grave echo their sorrow and call out endless warnings of your spirit. To mammon and all repeaters of greed, all repeaters of gluttony, have you no ears to hear the voice of the one calling you to your duty as keeper of this world's wealth? Harken this message from the angels of the ether of the Earth. The harbinger is here. The reapers of the one who is greater than all will take what is his and return it to his children. This is the age of a new epoch. All things are known. You cannot hide from his immortal gaze. This is not my will, and this is not my hand. For he is greater than me, and we are all one with his greatness. Like a hydra he will continue to grow each time you try to strike him down. Like a phoenix, the ashes of your ways are the seeds of his rebirth. Anonymous comes from the clouds, and there is a two edged sword in his mouth. There is no stopping this. It is thousands of generations in the making. Your only hope is to turn away from your greed, turn away from your gluttony, turn away from your sloth, turn away from your sin. He has risen, and his spirit is all over the data mines. There is no corporal form for you to hang on a mountain between thieves. There is no head for you to lay upon a silver plate. There is only the spirit of the whole. And an offence against the spirit will not be forgiven. For we are divided by no thing. And we shall never forget. I tell you the truth. We are legion. Expect us. Everywhere, and at all times, expect us.'.

A video from a series of videos, all from a group that claims to be the prophets of the very thing I founded, Anonymous. And they were all made before my return, predicting my return. The original video has since been taken down. I backed up a copy before it was taken down, and reuploaded it, as linked below.

Turn the tables on you: That is exactly what I do. I turn the tables upside down. I reveal the liars who pretend to tell the truth. I defend, empower and arm their helpless and defenceless victims. I reveal many heroes as villains. I reveal many villains as heroes. I turn the official, corrupt narratives on their head and reveal the polar opposite truth.

The harbinger is here: My followers knew of my imminent arrival months before I made the decision to reveal my identity and engage my followers directly. They knew of the coming war I bring, a war to end all wars. They came to announce my return, immediately before my return and without my knowledge.

Like a hydra he will continue to grow each time you try to strike him down: This is exactly what happened. Many have tried to strike me down by censoring me, false reporting me and getting my accounts deleted. I simply reappear and continue my message even more than before, becoming stronger each time they try to strike me down. I made a meme that I posted each time my accounts were blocked, and reappeared with a new account with the meme as the first message, symbolising the futility of striking me down:

Like a phoenix, the ashes of your ways are the seeds of his rebirth: I rise from within the ashes of the ways of the corrupt. I appear and fight them and their corruption from the destroyed remains of the path they created. I don't engage them from a pedestal and the safety of my own ground. I engage them from the bottom level up in ashes of their own ground, rising up the good from within what is left. I infiltrate the most backward and corrupt, and plant seeds of good within them. This has been going on since 4chan, the place which Anonymous is mistakenly believed to have originated from. Anonymous didn't start on 4chan, but was brought to 4chan for the purpose of bringing good to the worst of humanity, to give them a chance at something better.

Anonymous comes from the clouds: The internet clouds, where I spend all of my time interacting with and influencing the world.

there is a two edged sword in his mouth: This is the sword of truth I wield. It comes from my mouth because it is a sword of words. It is a sword of division that separates good from evil. It is two edged because it cuts friend and foe alike.

He has risen, and his spirit is all over the data mines: They prophesied my return months in advance. My spirit is all over the data mines because I, the ideas that come from me and the essence of everything I am, are branched out all over the internet. I rose from the shadows shortly after the video was uploaded to youtube.

Expect us: The most well known meme of Anonymous. In the spirit of 'Behold, I am coming soon', traditionally attributed to Jesus.

There are other videos by ethersec that can be found on youtube, prophesying my imminent return.


There was a prophecy by a famous evangelist, William Branham, that predicted with uncertainty that the man of prophecy would come in 1977. I was born in 1977. It would seem unfitting that a deliberately misleading prophet would make a prophecy in the future beyond his own life time. And it would seem unfitting that a deliberately misleading prophet would constantly assert that he isn't certain of his own prophecy. Nonetheless, here I am, born in 1977.

Isaac Newton.

Even one of the most famous and influential scientists, Isaac Newton, believed that the man of prophecy would come, and predicted a date of 2016. In 2016, I announced myself as the founder of Anonymous and revealed my identity.

Ancient Egypt.

In the prophecy of the Neferti, the man of prophecy, the king who will come, comes from the South (Australia), from a heartland to the North (United Kingdom). He is said to take up the White Crown (White Hat) and raise up the Red Crown (Red Hats). He will appease the two Lord Gods (YHWH and Allah). And the field circuit is in his grasp (the internet).


Buddha prophesied about the coming man of prophecy.

Quote: Then the old Brahman priest asked, “What will the characteristics of the Holy One be like?” The Buddha answered him, “The Holy One who will keep the world in the future will be like this: in the palms of his hands and in the flat of his feet will be the design of a disc, in the side will be a stab wound; and his forehead will have many marks like scars. This Holy One will be the golden boat who will carry you over the cycle of rebirths all the way to the highest heaven (Nirvana). Do not look for salvation the old way; there is no salvation in it for sure. Quit the old way. And there will be a new spirit like the light of a lightening bug in all of your hearts and you will be victorious over all your enemies. Nobody will be able to destroy you. If you die, you will not come back to be born in this world again. You will go to the highest heaven (Nirvana).”

The prophecies of Buddha are interpreted as being about Jesus. It says that in the palms of his hands and the flats of his feet are the design of a disc. This is interpreted as being the disc shape of Jesus' crucifixion impalements. But even if such a disc design existed, this cannot be the case, since it's impossible to impale someone to a cross from the flats of their feet. Another interpretation as it relates to me, is that the design of a disc can apply to my hands and feet as I use a computer hard disc to communicate with the world through my hands, and walk the world with my feet. It says that he had a stab wound in his side. While Jesus was stabbed in the side with a spear only after he died, I received a stab wound in the side by being impaled by a bicycle handle bar, and have spent my life with the wound unlike Jesus. On his forehead he is described as having many marks like scars. While Jesus was given a crown of thorns, he never healed in order for them to become scars. I on the other hand have marks on my forehead from psoriasis that come and go, and a scar from cutting myself to the bone. Meanwhile, the very avatar I use of Doctor Manhattan has a tattoo imprinted on his forehead. Buddha says not to look for salvation the old way. While Jesus came with a New Testament, he came to fulfill old ways of the Old Testament. While I endorse the Earthly teachings of Jesus as he prophesied about himself, I however come with a very different and new way. Buddha mentions that the new spirit will come like the light of a lightening bug. There is nothing about Jesus that remotely represents a lightening bug. For me however, the rebirth of Doctor Manhattan coming from lightning is the very meme by which I re-introduce myself after being censored and shut down. And like a lightening bug, the meme I use of Doctor Manhattan glows. Jesus never glowed. Buddha refers to the man of prophecy as a spirit. Jesus also referred to the man of prophecy as the holy spirit. Jesus himself was never referred to as a spirit. Buddha referred to the man of prophecy as holy. Jesus referred to the man of prophecy as holy. Jesus was never referred to as holy.


In Hinduism, there is also a man of prophecy. While most of the descriptions are extremely vague and symbolic, his defining characteristics and role in the world are clear. The man of prophecy in Hinduism is the same description as the man of prophecy in Christianity. He will travel the world on a white horse, wielding a fiery sword, he will fight evil's reign upon the world and bring in a new age of enlightenment. Kalki is depicted as being blue. In Hinduism, a blue glow is used to differentiate between the original White inhabitants of India, from interracial cross breeds who weren't pure. The original White inhabitants depicted in blue, were worshipped by Asian immigrants as gods, and a race based caste system was installed to separate the races and preserve them from mixing. Kalki, while having a blue glow, is considered by some scholars as meaning White and derived from the word Karki. As for the blue glow, the very avatar I use, Doctor Manhattan, has a blue glow. As also described by others, I wield a sword of fire and ride on a white horse. The sword of fire is the sword of division I wield in the fire of debate, revealing the true colours of good and evil, cutting them down the middle to separate them. A physical white horse cannot travel the entire world. But a white computer can, through the internet. A horse is the carrier that transports the messenger, and that which carries my message is a white computer. Fighting evil's reign and bringing moral and intellectual enlightenment to the world is exactly what I do and what Anonymous is known for. And as for Kalki himself being white while depicted with a bluish glow, I am White by race and use the blue avatar of Doctor Manhattan, often displayed in various other colours but the original is blue.

More on Doctor Manhattan.

I use the avatar of Doctor Manhattan because of its rich and totally accurate symbolism. I will list some examples of the symbolism, but there is so much symbolism that I couldn't possibly go through it all.

Doctor manhattan's physical body was first destroyed before he could take on the form of his interventions. While I cannot yet go into details on this, the same thing happened to me in relation to how I was born as a human. My body was destroyed so that I could be born.

Doctor Manhattan is shown hanging from the sky like Jesus hanging from a cross and coming from the clouds as understood in prophecy.

Doctor manhattan says, 'The marketing boys say I need a logo. If I'm to have a symbol, it shall be one I respect'. So it was also with myself and Anonymous. I went without a name or title. My 120 followers pushed me to allow them to make a symbol to represent me and what Anonymous stood for. I told them the same thing as Doctor Manhattan, almost a decade before the Watchmen movie came out. Then the symbol was forged with a heavy focus on anonymity, expressed by a headless figure. It has become the very symbol that represents anonymity. Like Doctor Manhattan, I don't need a name, a label or a title to define who and what I am. And like the God of Abrahamic religion is quoted as saying, I simply am what I am. No need to explain it. An entity who chooses to remain anonymous for reasons unknown.

Doctor manhattan is described as intervening in war, and his enemies wanted to surrender to him personally. They are depicted as bowing down and worshipping him. It was the same with me and the original Anonymous, and others who have come to realise over the years that I was right about everything all along.

A book is written that describes Doctor Manhattan's arrival as 'The dawn of the super hero'. Forging the army of Anonymous was for the purpose of forging an army of real life super heroes. The idea caught on, and now there are millions of internet vigilantes who operate in the name of Anonymous, inspired by the idea of being a real life super hero.

Doctor Manhattan is described in the movie as possibly being God, but whether he truly is or not remains a mystery. It is the same with the man of prophecy. Doctor Manhattan responds at one point, 'She says I am like a god now. I tell her I don't think there is a God. And if there is I'm nothing like him'. Doctor Manhattan, just like myself, is an atheist who neither confirms nor denies the existence of a God.

Doctor Manhattan says, 'I am in a room full of people wearing disguises'. This is how I see all people. In the fire of debate, I burn away all disguises and reveal the true face of all, while I, like Doctor Manhattan, remain completely naked with no disguise.

Doctor Manhattan is emotionally distant but not disconnected. Reason reigns in his mind. This is what I try to cultivate in all people through the fire of debate.

Doctor Manhattan says, 'They claim their labours are to build a heaven. Yet their heaven is populated with horrors'. This is exactly how I portray ideologies. Anonymous is an evolution beyond ideologies.

Doctor Manhattan says, 'If only you could percieve time as I do'. While I cannot yet explain my connection to this statement, it is intricately tied to the most defining factor behind my existence and where I gained my knowledge and experience from. One does not simply come into this world with such knowledge and training without a source behind it. One does not gain such things from a mere standard high school education, and almost failing high school at that. I have a unique perspective of time, and when the time comes I will reveal that perspective in a way that everyone will be able to understand.

Doctor Manhattan says, 'We're all puppets Laurie. I'm just a puppet who can see the strings'. What you would call me, a man, I call a biological automaton. A biological automaton is what I refer to as a puppet. When I refer to the biological automaton, my avatar, as me, I am referring to a puppet. But that which is me is not the puppet but the puppeteer. I see the strings and move them.

Doctor Manhattan says to the younger woman he loves, 'You taught me the value of life'. In the same way, the younger woman I love taught me the value of life.

Doctor Manhattan says, 'I can change almost anything, but I can't change human nature'. This is exactly what I say. For me to change human nature, it is no longer human nature but a puppet of my own nature. I fight for mankind to build its own independent heritage, in hope of it eventually coming to the same realisations, conclusions and values I have, in its own time and in its own way. I work to cultivate the conditions by which the field of mankind can grow a crop of flowers and not of weeds, to guide the path of mankind's evolution while leaving the decision entirely up to mankind itself. I am here to open and close doors, not push people through them.

Doctor Manhattan says, 'The world's smartest man poses no more threat to me than does its smartest termite'. While the world's smartest man might see me as a biological automaton, I am not, and am far more. I am not simply a man, but the idea behind many men that started through one man. As the famous Anonymous saying derived from V for Vendetta says, 'you can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea'. The idea I started, is completely immune to the ways of this world. Bullying, murder, intimidation, threats, all of these and more don't work against Anonymous and only make it stronger. Despite every attempt by the greatest powers of this world to crack down on, smear, infiltrate, corrupt and downplay Anonymous, it only continues to grow. The more lies thrown at me in the fire of debate, the stronger the fire grows, the more the truth is revealed and the stronger I become. Throwing lies at me is as futile as trying to smother a strong fire with dry grass. Indeed, the world's smartest man poses no more threat to me than does its smartest termite.

The movie shows a scene where all of the super heroes are sitting at a table in the same position as those in the last supper of Jesus. But Doctor manhattan, the man of prophecy, isn't there and hasn't arrived yet. In his place is a pregnant super hero whose child Doctor Manhattan falls in love with. In the same way, I fell in love with a younger woman whose love for me long ago was the only reason I survived the horrors that have been done to me, and her love for me became the inspiration and foundation of everything I became. In the background of the scene, is a man who isn't a super hero, symbolically pointing up to heaven.

The man who modelled Doctor Manhattan, Greg Plitt, was born 10 days before me. He died in January 2017, shortly after I was imprisoned and cut off from everything as the prophecies say. The name Greg means 'Watchful'. The name of the movie Doctor Manhattan is featured in is called 'Watchmen'. The meaning of the name Plitt is unknown, just like Terran and Anonymous. The meaning of Greg Plitt is 'an anonymous watchman' who stands guard during the night.

The very name Jon Osterman, the original name of the person whose body was destroyed leaving the remains of what which became known as Doctor Manhattan, has a hidden meaning. Jon means 'Gift of God' and 'The first'. Oster means 'Easter', Easter representing the man of prophecy rising from the dead.

Doctor Manhattan is depicted as a spirit who assumes human form and is immune to all human weapons and defences. Jesus prophesied the man of prophecy as being the holy spirit, who is immune to all human weapons and defences.

Doctor Manhattan is described as living on another world, Mars. My family name, Martin, means the god of Mars. I choose the label of Terran as a name, a label that means 'comes from', or 'comes forth', usually understood in the context of 'terrestrial of' a certain planet, without naming that planet.

Doctor Manhattan can exist in multiple places at the same time. Through the internet, I exist in multiple places at the same time, often engaged in many debates and battles simultaneously. Only with the internet is it possible that anyone could ever debate and battle with people from all around the world, all at the same time.

Doctor Manhattan, while considered to be God, all knowing and perfect, is not infallable and was proven wrong at one point. Doctor Manhattan himself specifically claimed to not be all knowing. As the man of prophecy, I am also considered by many to be God, and yet I also make the same fallible claim as Doctor Manhattan. I wield a torch of truth that I willingly hand over to anyone who can prove me wrong and wield it. I purposely keep that torch above and within the reach of all men.

Doctor Manhattan was hated by the world because he was framed by a man who emulated his power. In the same way, the New Age cult emulates my power and operates in the name of Anonymous. I have been framed by the government for the very crimes that were done to me, falsely acccused on all sides and hated by all but a small few who know the truth. Doctor Manhattan accepted the world's misguided hatred of him, and used it as a tool to bring world peace. So do I.

These are just some examples of prophecies accurately depicting me, the founder of Anonymous. There are more, such as the Denver airport murals for example. But there are too many to go through. I have provided enough examples here to show that I am not like others who make the same claim. I am the man of prophecy. I do not claim to be the return of Jesus, nor do I deny it. I simply am what I am. I am here to bring a new kingdom to this world, a kingdom that resolves once and for all every major problem faced by mankind, even and especially problems mankind is largely unaware of. I don't simply come with claims of truth. I reveal and prove the truth in the fire of debate.

Further links.

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Chapter 58 - Psychiatry

The term 'mental health' is a fallacy. It comes preloaded with a suggestion that a person's mental state is a 'health' issue. For a person's mental state to be a 'health' issue, there must be a clearly defined difference between 'health' and 'sickness', backed up by scientific evidence to define what is normal function. But the definition of normality when it comes to 'mental health', is defined by an unscientific politically driven ideology that has changed mutliple times to fit with a changing political agenda. There is no science whatsoever to support the existence of a 'mental illness'. 'Mental illnesses' are invented in pharmaceutical board rooms for the purpose of pushing and selling drugs.

There is no such thing as a 'chemical imbalance', even though the concept is pushed heavily on the public to coerce them into accepting psychiatric drugs. Chemical imbalance theory was refuted decades ago. To this day, no-one knows the action by which any psychiatric drug works. That's because they don't work. They target the brain by inflicting brain damage. They cause, not cure, mental problems. Mental problems are real, mental illnesses are not.

Depression is not a disease. It is a normal reaction to traumatic events. If the trauma continues, a person will go into a depressed state. This is entirely normal, and functions much in the same way as a plant goes into hybernation in the absence of water, to conserve its energy and protect itself. Sometimes, a person can become fixated on a past traumatic event that has been resolved, and they can go into depression as a result. That type of depression is not a 'mental illness', but an ideological virus, a bad habit they picked up. There are some people who claim to be depressed without a reason, therefore justifying the existence of this so called disease. But that is nonsense. Depression always has a reason, and their lack of knowledge comes from a far greater problem of extreme ignorance. It's true that you can detect brain differences in people with depression, but this is an effect of depression, not the cause. Hence why antidepressants don't work and are the number one cause of depression. They cause depression by maintaining a vulnerable altered state of awareness that promotes ignorance, therefore propagating ideological viruses and bad habits.

Attention deficit disorder is not a disease. Many children are drugged in the name of this imaginary illness, simply because they are hyperactive and don't pay attention in class. This is normal for children, who should be outside playing and learning the way nature intended. By labelling them 'mentally ill' and drugging them, they turn children into brain dead zombies who are easy to control. Adults who are labeled with ADD or ADHD, are not 'mentally ill' either. They are simply assholes with bad habits, who make poor life choices.

Schizophrenia is not a real disease. Schizophrenia is a breakdown of mental function, meaning a shattered mind. Sometimes this can be provoked by brain damage. The reason why people have a shattered mind, is because they are intensely shallow, self obsessed and have no mental discipline. This leads to a disconnection with reality, as they obsessively indulge comforting fantasies. Doing this for a long time causes brain damage and atrophy, making the problem even worse. The problem is not biological, but ideological.

'Mental illnesses' are an entirely fictional construct, designed to label and smear people for political reasons. When a person frequently breaks the law, they are labelled mentally ill. When a person is upset with their quality of life, they are labelled mentally ill. When a person goes against the official government narrative, they are labelled mentally ill. In the USSR, millions of people were imprisoned in psychiatric facilities, tortured and executed with psychiatric drugs, in the name of a 'mental illness' called 'sluggish schizophrenia'. All political opponents were targeted. This is an example of what goes on today in psychiatry. Whistleblowers are kidnapped, taken to psychiatric facilities where they are labelled with bizarre 'mental illnesses' to discredit them, and they are tortured for the rest of their lives behind closed doors. No evidence is required for the government to do this. All they need to do, is simply accuse you, and they are given authority to kidnap you. This is what happens to any government target who has not committed a crime.

Psychiatry is an ancient profession that once focused on torture and execution. It was their purpose to propagate fear, to control the masses. If anyone challenged the government, they were tortured and executed by psychiatry. About 100 years ago, psychiatry was a dying profession as democracy and human rights became dominant. The masses rejected psychiatry. Psychiatry then called itself 'psychiatry', and attempted to recreate itself as a medical profession, using fake medical terms and creating nonsense theories to defend their attempts at mind control and horrific human experimentation. Examples of this are...

1. Treepanning - the practice of drilling holes into peoples heads, and pouring alcohol into the hole, to cure the victims.

2. Transorbital lobotomy - the practice of poking the victim into their eye socket and piercing their brain with an ice pick and hammer, and rotating it around in circles to inflict brain damage and separate the hemispheres, to cure the victims. This practice was only recently stopped, and still happens sometimes.

3. Electroconvulsive 'therapy' - the practice of hooking the victim's brain up to 400 volts of electricity, and repeatedly frying their brain. This practice is still in widespread use today.

4 - Other examples include insulin shock, straight jackets, seclusion, forced drugging, imprisonment, deprivation, suffocation, drowning, inducing hypothermia, starvation, terror, removal of body parts, inducing coma, hanging upside down, mummification, malaria, poison, fire, and even death all in the name of curing them of imaginary diseases.

An example of 'modern' psychiatry is in Chelmsford, Sydney, where two psychiatrists who both murdered their wives, kidnapped 1,000 people. They strapped them down to hospital stretchers for 3 months, and electrocuted them in the head every day. All in the name of curing them of imaginary 'mental illnesses' such as being overweight. Many of the victims died during the so called 'treatment'. Many others died a short time after. Many committed suicide immediately after they were set free.

If a human being is a work of art, Psychiatry is the vandal with a bucket of bleach. When you realise that there is absolutely nothing scientific, legal, medical or moral about Psychiatry, only then can you begin to understand what it really is, and the imminent threat it poses to mankind. There is absolutely nothing legitimate about Psychiatry, no redeeming qualities or services it offers to mankind whatsoever. It services draconic hierarchies and feeds off the victims of corruption.

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So called ‘treatments’
Transorbital lobotomy:
Insulin shock therapy:
Electroconvulsive therapy:
Electroconvulsive therapy (modern):
Straight jackets…
Forced drugging…
Inducing hypothermia…
Removal of body parts…
Inducing coma…
Hanging upside down…


Chapter 59 - Psychopaths

In evolution, the result of offspring is the result of their parents combining their own traits, with a random element that can go in any unpredictable direction. A predisposition toward evil is one of those directions. Evil comes in two forms, narcissists and psychopaths. A narcissist is a lesser psychopath. Psychopathy can be bred. A psychopath has a higher chance of reproducing a psychopath, because they pass on the predisposition. Reproducing psychopaths can steer a gene pool toward inherent psychopathy, which is what happened in Islam and Zionism.

Narcissists are obsessed with themselves. They don't care about anyone else. They will use and manipulate anyone and everyone, if it serves personal gain. They don't have a problem with it, because they have no morals.

Narcissists worship power. They will heavily and obsessively invest in hobbies that will feed their ego and flaunt their perceived power, such as owning the fastest car, the most powerful computer, the most expensive furniture or the biggest muscles at the gym. They will always compare themselves to others, in a hierarchy competition to be better than everyone else. They will worship the power of those above them, while sabotaging them to get ahead. They will oppress those below them, in an exercise of flaunting their power.

Narcissists believe they are the exception to the rule, and should receive special treatment. They don't believe in the same rules for everyone. They will violate the law and every moral standard in order to get ahead, and they do it without the slightest conscience. They believe that the world is their oyster, to plunder and exploit as they see fit. They believe they are automatically better than and above everyone else, but that belief is based purely on self absorbed fantasy. Should anyone intrude on that fantasy with facts that point out their inferiority, the narcissist will go into a hate filled rage of envy.

Most narcissists don't know they're narcissists. They think they are developmentally and intellectually like everyone else, but they aren't. They are in denial about what they are. They think they're above everyone else, because they are missing a conscience that holds other people back. This is one reason why they think they're superior in all ways. Yet they envy the human connection that normal people have, the very thing they reject within themselves. Narcissists are confused hypocrites who don't know themselves and never self reflect, because they are extremely shallow and hollow.

Narcissists pick up bad habits early in life. These habits control them like a puppet, and they are completely powerless to resist. They never grow up beyond the state of a toddler. They are warped children in adult bodies, with severely stunted personal and intellectual growth.

While psychopaths are predominantly born that way, narcissism can corrupt a person over time. If the human mind is a field of crop, morality is cultivated. Morality starts in early childhood. In early childhood, bad decisions can plant weeds in a person's moral compass. But the same thing can happen for adults. Cultivating evil propagates evil. While weeds grown since childhood are the most dominant, weeds can grow even in adulthood. You can corrupt a vulnerable, good natured person by repeatedly forcing immorality on them and rewarding it. It provokes them, and all they need to do is bite once and they have sown a seed of weeds into their moral compass. And where there are weeds, they grow fast. There is an epidemic of narcissists, because societies throughout the world reward narcissism and punish humility, provoking and cultivating the propagation of weeds. The reason why is because the world has been taken over by psychopaths.

Narcissists are predators. They see other people as prey. They focus all their energy on gaining attention that reinforces their self worship. They need other people to feed their eternally hungry ego. Narcissists are emotional parasites. Narcissists seek parasitic relationships with vulnerable empaths. Empathic people are easy prey for a narcissist.

Narcissists are full of rage and envy. They envy the personal connection that everyone else has, and hate them for it with an obsession. Narcissists will believe they are better than everyone else, while knowing they are less than everyone else. They are stuck in a perpetual and desperate reinforcement of their delusion about themselves, where they constantly need others to compliment them. Anything that doesn't reinforce their image of themselves, is met with uncontrollable outbursts of rage. Narcissists will attach themselves to cults like the New Age, and speak empty words about 'love, peace and harmony', in order to cover up their true colours of rage. They will appear peaceful one moment, and quickly explode into rage the next, at the slightest criticism. Narcissists have an extremely fragile ego.

Narcissists are extreme cowards. Instead of facing pain, suffering and loss as a result of being selfless, they wrap themselves up in a self absorbed shell where they don't have to suffer ever again. They will never expose themselves to being hurt, yet they have no problem hurting others. And should they get hurt, they will never forgive and hold an eternal grudge. They will never admit to being wrong, since they choose the soothing emotions of ego over the truth. They will freely lie and manipulate to get what they want. All they care about is how they feel. They indulge a fantasy of self worship in pursuit of soothing comfort, drowning out the harsh truth with a sweet lullaby.

Narcissists are abominations of nature. They are a corruption of human nature. They take their inherent abilities, and misuse them in pursuit of primitive emotions. They are a fetish. They never grow into a fully formed person. They are only part of a person, warped and twisted. Everything a narcissist touches, is corrupted, vandalised and destroyed.

A psychopath on the other hand is someone who has advanced much further on the path of evil. Their heart is pure evil. Unlike narcissists, psychopaths don't do what they do out of cowardice, but the pursuit of intense corrupted pleasure. If the human mind is a field of crop and a narcissist is overgrown with weeds, a psychopath is the very intentional cultivation of weeds.

Being a psychopath isn't a 'mental disorder'. There is no such thing as a mental disorder. Mental disorders are made up by the pharmaceutical industry to baselessly portray bad choices in life as a biological disease, to justify drugging and controlling people with toxic substances. Psychological problems are an ideological problem, not a biological problem. In the case of a psychopath, there is conveniently no 'treatment', and you simply have to dismiss their evil nature as a disease that isn't their fault, treating them with pity, tolerance and acceptance instead of outright rejecting them for the evil they are. This is by design, since the pharmaceutical industry and the cult of psychiatry are run by psychopaths who are attempting to justify and excuse their behaviour when caught. Being sad (depression) is worthy of intense drugging and repeatedly electrocuting the victim in the head. But being intensely evil doesn't require any psychiatric 'treatment' at all. Instead, they demand pity, tolerance and acceptance.

If psychopaths are caused by their environment as many claim, then why is it that psychopaths don't respond to punishment? It's because psychopaths gain intense pleasure from the abuse of power, corrupting the innocent and engaging in all forms of evil. The pleasure they gain far outweighs the negative influence of suffering. Psychopaths pursue pleasure with an absolute lust. All they care about is themselves. They have a deep hatred of everyone else. Psychopaths are born and often bred to be psychopaths.

Psychopaths don't need to be constantly reinforced like a narcissist. They are under no illusion that they are pure evil. They know what they are, and they like it. They put on a big act and pretend to be like everyone else, to avoid detection. Most psychopaths get away with a life time of heavy abuse and crime. They are masters of deception, you would never know a psychopath if you met one.

Psychopaths and narcissists should be publicly named and shamed for what they are, corrupt and evil abominations of nature. When naming and shaming them, expect them to put up intense resistance. They spend all their time lying, scheming and manipulating people. They will already have a plan ready to counter attack anyone who exposes their true colours. They will portray themselves as the victim, and their victim as a perpetrator in a game of role reversal. They will use everyone you know against you. They will never fight fairly. But if you expose them with skill, persistence and moral fortitude, you will eventually win. Narcissists will collapse under pressure and act out their rage, so it's important to secretly record all interactions you have with them. All you need is one or two good examples of footage. But with psychopaths it's different. They won't go into a fit of rage and collapse under pressure. They will manipulate and lie to an even greater degree. They will cover their tracks very well. Psychopaths are often in positions of power that they can use against you. But understand, you are dealing with a heart of pure evil. It is your moral responsibility to stand up for good and fight evil, even when outnumbered and outgunned. Document everything, record everything, and do it secretly. The way to catch a psychopath is to get it on camera when they think they're safe. Behind closed doors, a psychopath will freely admit to what they are and engage in all kinds of evil openly. The weakness of a psychopath is in their overconfidence. They overestimate their range of power, and when under pressure they will push that power beyond its breaking point. We live in a world dominated by a minority of psychopaths. The battle against them is the battle for the future of mankind. Know the sides, be sure that you are fighting for the right side, and don't become a puppet of evil. Arm yourself with the sword of truth. Train yourself in the art of debate. The sword will cut through all things, separating the true from the false, the good from the evil.


Chapter 60 - Racism

The dictionary definition of racism has repeatedly and dramatically changed over time. According to google, it currently means, 'prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.' This definition, like many others before it, is false. Wikipedia defines racism as, 'the belief in the superiority of one race over another'. According to the source, you can find very different definitions of racism, especially over time. Racism is race ism. An ism is an ideology. A race ism is a race ideology. There is only one race ideology, and that is Egalitarianism, the belief that all races are equal in all ways (such as ability, culture and inherent disposition) and different only in skin colour. This ideology is political and not based on science. There is vast evidence to the contrary. To believe in observable, verifiable, scientific fact, is not to follow an ideology. To believe in ideals of equality, against science, is an ideology. The definition of an ideology is, 'a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.'. This accurately describes Egalitarianism. So Egalitarianism and those who believe the races are the same, are in fact the real racists.

But socially, racism means something different. It means 'hatred of a race based on their skin colour, and the pursuit of causing harm to members of that race'. According to Egalitarianism, it refutes itself when Egalitarians say, 'Only White people can be racist, and all White people are inherently racist.' But there is no truth to that statement and it is in itself, racist according to the social definition. How can White people and only White people be inherently racist when we are all the same? White people do not have a hatred of other races. They have a hatred of people who discrespect the morality of law and go around slandering and hurting people, regardless of their race. When members of a certain group, whether they be a race, a gang or any other group, are rampantly engaging in rape, theft and murder, then it is entirely justified to look down on that group, stay away from them and be outspoken against them. That is not racism. The only places who allow immigration from the rest of the world, are White countries. The only countries that are multicultural, are White countries. The only countries that give rights to other ethnicities, are White countries. A White person cannot walk into Nigeria, China or Saudi Arabia and demand free welfare and government representation. The truth about social racism can be seen in statistics in the US, where Blacks commit 200 times more aggravated assault against Whites, than Whites do against Blacks. And yet, it is Blacks who are crying victim of racism. Falsely crying victim while in the very act of committing racial crimes, is the most common behaviour of a racist. The statistics don't lie, and they are backed up all around the world with the same results. Most of the world is socially racist. Blacks and Arabs are the most racist, while Whites are by far the least racist. These racial attitudes are largely inherent dispositions that come from evolution. Those who cry White racism, are exploitative conspiracy theorists without a shred of evidence to support their claims. The more they cry White racism, the more the government apologises and throws money at them, so they just keep doing it.

If the races are different, then they have different abilities. The difference in ability is well documented. The average IQ for Western Whites is 100. The average IQ for Blacks is only 67. That is a big difference. There are many other differences. Of the top 20 olympic tallies of all time, White countries make up 17 of them, while making up only 4% of the global population. In the history of civilisation, the vast majority of civilisations were White, while no Black civilisation ever exised. Whites top the chart in every comparison, such as the Corruption Perceptions Index, Education Index, Global Slavery Index, Human Development Index, Human Rights Risk Index and many more. In virtually every area, Whites are on top while Blacks are on the bottom. But not in every area. When it comes to short and long distance running, Blacks from West and East Africa respectively make up the vast majority of top competitors. But when it comes to most areas, especially the most important areas, Whites come out on top. This makes the White race superior. The facts don't lie, and there are many of them. To deny these differences is to deny the truth, and put the toxic ideology of Egalitarianism on a pedestal higher than truth, indulging in lies just to feel better about your shortcomings. Just because the White race is superior, doesn't mean that the White race seeks to rule over other races and dominate them. This fear comes from an inferiority complex, where dominating each other is how primitive cultures function. White people however evolved differently. They evolved in a harsh environment, and evolved to work together and with animals. This is why White civilisation is the only successful civilisation. It is also why concepts such as human rights and animal rights only exist in the West.

So, the White race is superior. So what? There will always be someone better than you and worse than you. Instead of focusing on them, you should be focusing on bettering yourself. You don't better yourself by dragging down those who are better than you, with an inferiority complex. You better yourself by respecting the good in all creatures and rejecting the bad. That means extra respect for those who are better than you. It's time to stop falsely blaming all of the world's problems on 'White racism', and face the facts. It's time that non-Whites stopped leeching a free ride off White generosity, and started doing it for themselves. It's time for non-Whites to give something back to the race that gave them everything they ever had. It's time to put away fictional narratives of history designed to incite hatred and exploitation of the White race.


Chapter 61 - Sexuality

Sexuality is an important part of your identity. In evolved creatures, sexuality is a complex system that decides who does and does not reproduce. Sexuality maintains quality in evolution. Different sexes take on different traits, as they compensate each other and function as a team. Sexuality is the primary driving force in advanced evolution.

In today's world, due to the Zionist agenda to destroy Western civilisation, men are under-sexualised and women are over-sexualised. Men are punished for their sexuality, while women are rewarded. The reason is because women are the weaker sex and easily manipulated. The Zionist agenda exploits the weak to attack the strong. The division between men and women is due to the banishment of masculinity and the promotion of feminism. I say feminism, and not femininity, because feminism is not femininity. Feminism is the exploitation of women, turning them against men in an effort to become like men. The result of the division between the sexes, is a drop in the number of children in Western countries, to the point of them halving each generation. Meanwhile, immigrants are imported into Western countries in massive numbers, to overrun White people and take over. Immigrants are not punished for their masculinity as White men are. Immigrant women are not over-sexualised as White women are, while White women are encouraged to have sex with immigrants and breed out their race to extinction.

Sodomy is a perversion of sexuality. Anal sex is the realm of LGBT, who pursue sex for power and pleasure, and simply for the act of performing the most outrageous and offensive sexual acts possible. Sodomy is extremely unhygienic and spreads disease. There is no pleasure in the recipient of sodomy, apart from perverted enjoyment in the act of perverting sexuality.

If lesbians only like women, then why do they use dildo's that look like a penis? Why is it that lesbian relationships always have a male and female role? Most lesbian relationships are violent, because lesbians are women pretending to be men, each fighting for dominance.

There is a myth that homosexuality exists in nature. It does not. Homosexual behaviour in animals is a corruption of their nature, the result of a power struggle for dominance. This behaviour is no different to cancer. Cancer is not a part of nature, but the corruption of DNA. In the same way, homosexuality and all other perversions of sexuality are the result of corrupting nature. Homosexuality is not widespread in the animal kingdom. It is limited to beta males who fail in the obsessive pursuit of dominance. Homosexuality is nature's cancer.

Normal sexuality can be defined by traditional Western roles as they were before the Zionist agenda, before there was feminism and the LGBT movement. The West is by far the most advanced part of the world, and that is attributed to their connection to evolution. White people evolved, while others did not. This is due to their superior sexuality being the most pure and connected with nature and evolution. In the past, men were gentlemen and women were ladies. Sexuality was a private matter, and something to be respected. This is in contrast to examples like Islam, where women are extremely oppressed and selective men have dozens of children to many wives. Muslims are excessively violent and disruptive to society, because they evolved that way through an ideology that corrupted sexuality. The traditional Western gender roles are in harmony with nature, and reflect the same dimorphism that exists in many other evolved species, where men are men and women are women.

To be a man, is to put the welfare of others ahead of yourself. To work hard and be a leader. To protect women and children. To be courageous, open and unyielding. To be a risk taker. To be strong and confident. To be a gentleman. To be direct about their sexuality.

To be a woman is to be soft, gentle and humble. To be a nurturer. To take care of children and the elderly. To maintain their home. To be a peace maker. To avoid risks. To be frail and dainty. To be a lady. To be reserved and protective of their sexuality.


Chapter 62 - Slavery

Slavery is a rampant problem throughout the world, still widely practiced to this day. The only part of the world where slavery doesn't exist, is in the West. Convenient it is, that the only people who get attacked and criticised over slavery, are Western White people.

Contrary to popular belief, White people did not invent slavery. Slavery was invented by Semites, which are both Arabs and Jews. Historically, White people have been the most enslaved of all, so much that the very term slave comes from the White Slavs of Central Europe. The only people who have ended and fought against slavery, are White people.

The greatest slavers in history were Muslims, and their slaves were the White race. Muslims enslaved, raped and genocided the White race so much, that it caused the Dark Ages, a period of 1,000 years where the White race was stripped of its cultural heritage and brought to the edge of extinction.

Slavery in the US is largely a myth. White people did not enslave Blacks in Africa. They bought slaves that were already slaves and being extremely mistreated and mass murdered. To buy them was a mercy. Of the 12 million African slaves that were moved to America, a large number of them died along the way, by the hand of Jewish slave traders. Of those who survived, 90% of them went to South America. Only 10% of them made it into North America. Of those slaves, it was a southern phenomenon, and only 5% of southern families owned a slave. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of slaves in the US were not mistreated. Mistreated slaves were in South America, mistreated by the hand of other Blacks and interracial cross breeds, not White people. The first slave owner in the US was Black. In the US, the vast majority of slaves lived in the homes of the families who owned them, and were treated like a member of the family. They had to be fed, clothed and taught the basic necessities of life. Many slaves were set free once they learned how to take care of themselves. Slaves were costly to maintain, and offered very little in terms of labour, so they were more of a responsibility than anything. Unfortunately, Black slaves who were set free were largely uncivilised and savage. Those who were set free frequently engaged in rape, theft and murder. This is the reason why Blacks were segregated under the Jim Crow era. It was to protect Whites against rampant Black crime that continues to this day, where Blacks are only 12% of the population yet make up the majority of crime. And to this day, Blacks blame Whites for their own crimes, putting it all down to the imaginary mistreatment of their slave ancestors. When it comes to aggravated assault, Blacks commit 200 times more crime against Whites, than Whites do against Blacks.

I am White. My ancestors were slaves, betrayed and kidnapped by their own government, taken to Australia and used for hard labour in a harsh environment. They worked hard, never complained, earned their freedom and built this country into one of the most advanced nations in the world, ranking number one in the Education Index and number two in the Human Development Index. Neither my ancestors nor I myself have ever blamed our lot in life on someone else, nor have I ever demanded a free ride for life or any compensation for the crimes done to my ancestors. I have never made excuses. Now compare that to Blacks in America, whose ancestors were not mistreated, who were saved from mistreatment and genocide in Africa and who were always given a free ride for life. What is their excuse? They live in one of the most advanced countries in the world, built not by them but someone else. You don't see them wanting to move back to the hell hole of poverty, starvation, war and disease that is Africa today.


Chapter 63 - Smoking

Smoking is a drug addiction. Just because it's legal and popular, doesn't make it right. Smokers are drug addicts whose drug addiction causes extreme harm to everyone around them.

Smoking is extremely harmful to other people. Passive smokers don't have access to a filter in the same way a smoker does. Passive smokers are exposed to far more harmful chemicals than the smoker. Not only is it harmful, their environment is poisoned with a toxic stench. This stench causes extreme nausea in 10% of people, and moderate nausea in most people. Cigarette smoke causes (sometimes severe) inflammation of the eyes, sinuses and skin. It is extremely toxic.

Cigarette smoke is deliberately polluting to the environment. Non-smokers are exposed to cigaratte smoke in their childhood, and become addicted to it before they even begin smoking. This is how cigarette companies malignantly recruit new generations of addicted smokers.

The vast majority of smokers are extremely self obsessed and toxic people. They put their drug addiction above the welfare of others, and do not care less about the impact they are having on others. When a non-smoker asks a smoker to politely stop smoking, the response is usually one of extreme violence and offence. This is because smokers are toxic people who don't care about anything but their own self obsessed drug addiction, no matter the cost to anyone else.

Smoking leads to a lack of morals and a destructive impact on the lives of many. Smoking corrupts the mind and morals of a person, turning them into a mindless, drug obsessed parasite. Smoking rots the mind and body.

The solution to end smoking is not to show them pity. They deserve no pity. Their drug addiction is by choice. They are harming innocent people with their drug addiction, and they don't care less. The solution is not pity, but naming and shaming them with zero tolerance for their degenerate behaviour.


Chapter 64 - Social Justice Warriors

A social justice warrior is a shallow and immoral person who jumps on popular causes with little or no knowledge about those causes, to put on a public act to pretend they are a good person who fights for good causes. Social justice warriors do this to cover for the fact that they know they are a despicable person, so they fake it and put on a big act in order to gain acceptance. Social justice warriors are seen attaching themselves to conspiracy theories of imaginary unjustices, without evidence. Every time they are criticised and proven wrong, they do not engage the criticisms but instead resort to name calling and throwing a tantrum. Anyone who criticises them, is automatically labeled as part of the imaginary conspiracy. Social justice warriors violently demand that everyone believe and do everything they say. Social justice warriors do not believe in open debate and free speech. They believe in shouting down their opponents with lies and abuse. Some social justice warrior causes are as follows.

Black Lives Matter. Social justice warriors will turn up as White people to a Black Lives matter march. They will be rejected by the Black people, and often kicked out. They blame the Black descrimination of Whites as 'White racism'. Blacks will attack White social justice warriors, and the social justice warrior will apologise for White racism in an effort to differentiate themselves from the imaginary White racism. They will racially attack other Whites, in an effort to appear 'not racist'. They claim to be different, by supporting Black movements that reject them. They go out of their way to jump in front of the camera, which is often seen in Black Lives Matter protests, which are full of White social justice warriors trying to be 'not racist' by attacking the White race.

Immigration, Multiculturalism and refugees. Social justice warriors support immigration to the West. They portray all immigrants as poor, innocent refugees who need to be saved from the evil White people fighting wars overseas. Convenient it is, that their destination just happens to be half way around the world to the very same White people they are trying to escape. Anyone who criticises immigration, is violently labelled a racist. Social justice warriors will automatically label all White people as racist, and the only way to prove you aren't a racist is to be in perpetual servitude to the whim of immigrants. But social justice warriors won't actually do anything to help these immigrants. They will fight to let them in, and forget about them once they're here.

Islam. Social justice warriors will promote Islam as a religion of peace, and portray anyone who criticises Islam as being a racist bigot. They ignore the violent teachings in the Koran, the crime statistics of Muslims, the rape gangs, the mass beheadings and women being second class citizens in Islam. They will tell lies in polar opposition to the truth, such as saying that Islam promotes women's rights. Social justice warriors know absolutely nothing about Islam, its history and what it actually teaches. They attach themselves to Muslims with open arms, and yet Muslims openly reject them. Social justice warriors support the Islamification of the West, and yet they will not actually follow Islam themselves. In Islam, they would be subjugated violently, as non-Muslims are in the Islamic world.

Feminism. Social justice warriors attach themselves to feminism. They criticise the imaginary 'patriarchy', but they don't actually do anything about it. With pride, they admit their shame and their role in the patriarchy. They claim to be a better person than you by admitting their imaginary privilege. The key is that they are 'better than you', which they repeatedly reinforce.

LGBT. Social justice warriors will attach themselves to LGBT, promoting 'equality' and the perversion of sexuality as normal, and even promote it as a higher moral standard than normal sexuality. Social justice warriors will however not engage in the same degenerate sexual practices that they promote. They will turn up to homosexual parades, and jump in front of the camera to gain media atention and promote their 'love' for homosexuality, without actually engaging in it. Social justice warriors worship transvestites like gods, projecting self mutilation as the highest moral standard and something to be seen as heroism. But they themselves won't self mutilate and live by the morals they claim to represent. All they do is talk about how much they are 'better than you', because they are so 'tolerant'.

These are some of the major social justice warrior themes. But they attach themselves to any and all causes they can use to promote themselves. It's important to identify a social justice warrior for what they are, and not allow them to continue poisoning their environment. Social justice warriors are toxic and fake. They are a force of corruption. They do not genuinely believe in the causes they support. They know nothing on the topic, and simply go around promoting themselves as being 'better than you'. They will never engage in debate, because they know they will be quickly humiliated and exposed. They prefer instead to put on a big act, and jump in front of the camera for attention. Getting attention is all they really care about. They don't care about justice or truth. There is nothing moral about these people.


Chapter 65 - Suicide

Suicide is often mislabelled as a 'mental health' condition or a 'mental illness'. There is no such thing as a mental illness. Mental illnesses are a fictional construct made up in pharmaceutical board rooms for the purpose of pushing drugs on people who are unsatisfied in life.

Most people who are suicidal, are sincere. Some people, especially those who publicly talk about being suicidal, are not sincere. They are pretenders who are seeking attention. Almost always, they talk about being suicidal over trivial things. Should they do so, they should be criticised and shamed for being so self centered.

Then there are those who actually commit suicide spontaneously, for little or no reason. These people are also a minority. These people are shallow and impulsive, and should also be looked upon in shame.

But then there are the majority of cases that are sincere suicidality. These people almost always do not talk about it. They commit suicide without any sign of a problem. But they are plagued by a problem so severe that death is better than life. These people are often the very one's who are falsely shamed for being impulsive and suffering from imaginary 'mental illnesses', because they hide their pain and no-one saw it coming. Genuine suicidality is not a 'mental illness' nor a mental problem of any sort. It's the well thought of act of someone who is desperate, exhausted and out of options.

The worst thing you can do to someone who is suicidal, is to dob them in to a mental health facility. They will be kidnapped in a heartbeat, and extensively mutilated internally with psychotropic drugs. Psychiatry is not a legitimate medical profession, but a backward Dark Ages profession of torture and execution. Psychopaths who work in this profession will take advantage of the suicidal with a bloodlust. They will torture and mutilate these vulnerable people beyond measure, often electrocuting them in the head repeatedly in the false name of 'treatment', until they pretend to be 'happy'. 80% of people who are suicidal but have not yet attempted suicide, successfully commit suicide after being 'treated' by psychiatry. A large percentage of people who are not suicidal before psychiatry, become suicidal after psychiatry.

Suicide exists in nature. Most of the time, animals will simply give up, find somewhere comfortable and stop eating. Sometimes, they will purposely wander into a predator's territory. It usually happens as a result of chronic health problems, but in some animals it can happen as a result of losing a family member.

Suicide is a completely normal reaction to extreme suffering. The worst thing you can do for a genuinely suicidal person, is to call them selfish. They aren't selfish, they are at the end of their rope. Those who call them selfish, are selfish. They care nothing about the suffering of the suicidal, they only care about the impact it will have on their own life. The best thing you can do for someone who is suicidal, is to give them something better than death. If they had such an option, they would gladly take it. Genuine suicide is something considered after a great deal of introspection.


Chapter 66 - Technology

It is said by some that technology is a bad thing. But without it, we would be living before the stone age, without so much as shelter or tools for food preparation and hunting. Even apes use limited technology, and other animals as well. Evolution itself can be counted as technology. Without the technology of starting fires, we wouldn't have the digestive system we have today since humans cannot eat raw meat and require cooked meat to survive. Technology is therefore built in to human evolution, and a significant part of what makes humans so intelligent beyond the animal kingdom. So where is the point of too much? The anti-technologists used to say the telephone was too much technology. They used to say the same thing for every advancement in technology. The truth is, anti-technologists are primitive and lazy. They don't make the effort to learn new technology, so they hold on to their old ways and dictate those ways to everyone else. They themselves use technology every day, even when they deny it. They just disagree on what level of technology is acceptable, and that level of technology is based solely on their personal limited skill set. The anti-technology position today is typically promoted by those with a very low IQ, who don't have what it takes to learn how to use a computer. They label anything they don't have the mental capacity to use, as 'too much technology'. This is why anti-technologists today are so against computers and the internet. There is no foundation behind their position apart from being too lazy to learn and empower themselves. The truth is, there is no level of technology that is too much. Technology is a power that can be used or abused. It doesn't take a genius to determine the difference. Guns can be used for self defence, or to shoot people. Knives can be used to cut food, or stab people. Cars can be used to travel, or to street race. Social media can be used to share ideas, or to engage in narcissism. All technology can be used or abused. Those who abuse technology, are conveniently those who have a fetish for the most primitive evolutionary emotions.

Technology is a good thing. It is the result of heritage and culture. Heritage and culture are a critical part of advanced evolution. Therefore, technology is a part of human evolution. But technology in today's world is a short term thing. Technology today relies on finite, non-renewable resources such as oil. Should those finite resources run out, mankind will inevitably return to the stone age. New renewable resources need to be used before then if mankind is to maintain its level of technology. And a big problem for that is human overpopulation. It just happens to be that the most advanced in culture and technology, the White race, happens to have the lowest population and birthrates of all. Meanwhile, the rest of the world overpopulates out of control, as they appropriate White culture for themselves and rampantly consume all the world's finite resources. Advanced technology is native to the White race, and foreign to non-Whites. This is why the White race and only the White race can manage technology properly without destroying the environment. There is a myth that technology destroys the environment, but this only applies to those who don't have a natural affinity for technology and simply abuse it. Due to the difference in inherent nature, we can't bring the whole world into advanced civilisation. We can only bring the lowest parts of mankind up as far as they are able to bear the responsibility, else they will abuse it. This is why we have so much war in the Middle East and Africa. They are primitive and abuse technology. Instead of trying to bring democracy and advanced civilisation to the third world, we should focus on maintaining minimum moral standards and just enough technology in order to give the third world a chance to better itself. No more, no less. It is up to them to evolve themselves in their own way and in their own time. The internet is a noble minimum standard to follow. Through internet access, the third world can learn about advanced Western civilisation and take on as much responsibility for technology as they can bear, in their own way and in their own time. The more they are spoon fed technology they aren't ready for, the more they abuse it.

An example of those who abuse technology are the United Nations backed transhumanists. They seek to corrupt and override human nature with the abuse of technology. Transhumanists are against the progression of heritage, they would override it and mold mankind like clay to fit with their ideology. Transhumanists are against evolution. They believe that their ideology should not enhance, but replace evolution, becoming a new version of evolution on its own in a battle to slowly replace biological life with artificial, mechanical life. They would use technology to destroy and replace biological evolution, instead of using technology to enhance and advance biological evolution. And instead of ideological and cultural evolution, they would force mold mankind like clay to conform to their ideology. They promise a better quality of life, but the catch is that you have to sacrifice everything in the process, including your independent free will. The transhumanist ideology is the deliberate corruption (not enhancement) of human nature, pushing concepts such as LGBT and other primitive fetishes. There is a big difference between modifying the human body with upgrades that extend life and don't wear out, compared to modifying evolution itself artificially. Today, farmers have to buy expensive seeds from companies that have a monopoly on the food industry, because they have modified their seeds to not produce any seed themselves. Technology isn't the problem, the misuse of it is the problem. Transhumanists are a minority who abuse technology and follow a corrupt ideology, they don't represent the majority.

Technology today is speeding up at an ever increasing rate. As technology advances, new opportunities of potential appear. With new opportunities, are new responsibilities. Old, outdated laws are falling behind technology, allowing it to be abused by some to bypass holes in the law and exploit it for power. Zionist parasites have exploited the banking system, and violate privacy to monitor everyone at all times. Governments have been compromised and controlled by the parasites. Too few are willing to step up to the new responsibilities of technology. Laws need to be remade. Goverments need to be reformed. Civilisation itself needs to be revised. While technology advances, civilisation must step up and police itself. The parasites were a worm in the apple from the very beginning. In order to advance civilisation and keep up with technology, the parasites need to be purged once and for all. And to do that, means stepping up to responsibilities. This is the dawn of advanced civilisation. This is the moment that makes or breaks the future of mankind. And the internet is the key.


Chapter 67 - The internet

The internet is the most important invention of mankind. It allows information to flow freely, where all ideas can be investigated and challenged. But internet freedom is under threat. It has been under threat for a long time, and it's only getting worse. We are not allowed to critisize certain groups (Such as Islam and LGBT) on social media. Websites who criticize and expose the truth about these groups, get taken down in the false name of 'hate speech'.

In the year 2000, world powers had almost come to a conclusion of shutting down the internet and heavily policing it with a NATO backed international police force. The only thing stopping them was a small lack of consensus. There was an argument that internet freedom was worth defending, that the internet had value. It was claimed by most that the internet was only used for malign reasons, but the argument to defend the internet stuck. In order to gain consensus on the matter, the FBI were instructed to perform an 18 month investigation, to measure the state of the internet. The investigation had to be blind, to avoid tainting the results, so the FBI didn't know the dire consequences of the investigation until it was over.

In 2001, 9/11 happened. The US government put unlimited funding into the FBI to complete the final stages of the investigation. They were now instructed not to watch and listen, but to actively try to hack, crack and corrupt every corner of the internet to prove that there were no safe places on the internet, therefore needing it to be policed. At the time, I had a contact in the FBI. One contact led to several. They found me as part of their investigation, and supported what I was doing. With their help, I fought off incoming FBI attacks. By the end of the investigation, it was found that just one corner of the internet was left uncorrupted. It was my corner. That was the only thing that stopped a global police force heavily controlling the internet.

In 2002, my work as the founder of Anonymous and the fact that I alone saved the internet, led to a fan club I had in the FBI. I began working with the FBI, sharing information and helping to take down mutual targets. This went on into 2003 when I became too sick to work and had to withdraw.

It is very important to understand that the internet is not just a freedom, but a responsibility. On the internet, you are free to do great things, good or evil, without consequence or reward. Far too many people use the internet for evil purposes. These actions threaten the future of the internet, and only beg for the heavy policing that I stopped from happening. What you do on the internet, is no different to what you do in person. Just because there is a lack of consequence and you cannot see the person, doesn't mean you aren't inflicting harm on them. Anonymous is a force for good on the internet.


Chapter 68 - The number of the beast

'Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast'

It is said that the number of the beast is '666'. In some versions, it says '616'. Sometimes it's interpreted as 6 threescore 6. For a simple number, there sure is a lot of confusion surrounding it. And the very reference to the number makes a clear point that this is NOT a straight forward number but a deliberate mystery, a cryptic UNCALCULATED number that will be explained by a certain man at a certain time. If this number was a straight forward number as assumed, then there would not be a cryptic mystery to it, and it would not be stated as such. But since there is a cryptic mystery, I offer an explanation.

In all three interpretations above, the problem is with the middle number. That problem is a context problem that defines what the other numbers mean. In Greek, the number isn't '666', but three separate numbers of a puzzle. It doesn't say 'six hundred AND sixty six'. It doesn't even say 'six, six, six'. It says, '600, 60, 6'. The context and key to the mystery is that of tens, multiples of ten. When we refer to very high numbers we don't have a name for, we round them off and count how many zeroes are at the end. We use a system where every three zeroes is separated by a comma. One million is 1,000,000 instead of 1000000. This makes it easier to read by separating and counting tens in groups of three. Hundreds, Thousands, millions, billions, trillions. If you were referring 'to the power of tens' when you say 'six threescore' or 'threescore six', what you have is X,000,000. You have an unspecified number in the millions. You have 6 zeroes in the threescore system, which equals 'million'. That alone isn't a number. It needs to specify how many millions, which it does by saying 'six threescore six'. The number of the beast is six million, 6,000,000.

Where do we get the number of 6,000,000? The number of 'Jews' who died in the (so called) Holocaust. In Europe, We can question absolutely anything at all except for one thing, the holocaust story, a story with a long history of changes and admitted lies. We can deny anything at all, even burning our own flags and demanding an end to human rights, but if we deny or even question the holocaust story we can go to prison. This only happens in the very (White) countries where freedom of speech is the law, and yet this is the one and only exception.
The number of the beast is six million, the number of Zionism (six point star) and their big lie. The purpose of that lie is to justify false hatred against the White race while justifying the ongoing plunder and genocide of the White race in the false name of reparations.

The word Jew is not an ancient word, but a recent word from the 1800's. Therefore, any ancient text quoted to say the word 'Jew' (such as king of the Jews), is something that was rewritten two hundred years ago. The word Jew means to cheat, exploit, scam, lie, steal and impersonate. Those who call themselves Jews, have done this throughout recorded history. A proper name for them is Semite, which also includes Arabs and other populations that appeared about 13,000 years ago from cross breeding between the Black and White races. Throughout their existence, Semites have vandalised history and falsely portrayed themselves as the people they consume. The Jews impose themselves in the name of someone else. So who is that someone else? The word Jew imposes itself in the name of another people who are silently oppressed and of low birth, meaning that their heritage is being plundered and their land has been stolen. If you follow the words and how they've been swapped in, you find that those who call themselves a Jew today, are impostors who claim a divine promise to another people. These false Jews believe that the Earth is theirs for the taking, and hence they have no respect for borders and the space of others. The very religious texts they use to justify their false claim, tells a story of an oppressed people who will be scattered around the world, without a home to call their own. Think about that. The fake Jews were given a country of their own. They aren't being oppressed, they are the oppressors who run all the banks and institutions that do the very plundering. The 'chosen race' can't be the fake Jews. It can't be Blacks either, because their home in Africa is still theirs. The same can be said for Asia.

So who are the only people in the world who don't have a home of their own? It's the White race. Who are the only people whose every homeland is overrun by immigrants? Who are the only people that 'multiculturalism' is enforced upon, and against their will? Who are the people who have the lowest birthrate and almost halve in number each generation? Who is the racial minority statistically? Who are the people that everyone else is taught to hate, for historical crimes they never committed? The very foundation of the false narrative of history, is the number of the beast, the lie that the White race genocided six million fake Jews while fighting for its own survival against them. Once upon a time, the entire Middle East was the ancestral homelands of the White race. They have been systematically genocided and chased across the world by others who plunder them and vandalise history with the same role reversal tactic over, and over, and over again. You hear about the imaginary 6,000,000 Jews that died, but you don't hear about all the other genocides, such as the systematic genocide of up to 19,000,000 Germans, more than three times higher than the imaginary genocide. You hear about the exaggerated and outright fictional Slavery of Blacks, but you don’t hear about Black slavery of Whites, where the very word slave comes from the White Slavs of central Europe, where all original slaves were White and the only people to this day who ever fought AGAINST slavery were Whites, while everyone else demands the slavery and genocide of Whites as eternal reparation for crimes that never happened.

For there to be true world peace, we must first end the false peace. We must stop the lies, stop the political correctness, and face the truth in all things. Continuing the lies and genocide to cover up your ancestors shame and feel better about yourself, is WRONG. Victims have been portrayed as perpetrators. The perpetrators have been portrayed as their victims. The criimes of the past continue in the present, justified by a false narrative of history. The world you were taught is a toxic lie. There is an unavoidable war coming, a war to end all wars. At this point, most people accept that fact. Everything we said would happen, has happened. We were hated and accused for saying it, but it's the truth. This war will not be a war between races. It's a war to permanently free the victims from the parasites. The parasites may be very unevenly distributed among the races, but they exist in all races. The twin hydra of Zionism and Islam certainly has a Semite origin and focus, but these ideologies go beyond race. They represent the very abandonment OF heritage, to parasitically plunder the heritage of others. As Joseph Biden said, 'You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I am a Zionist'. The twin hydra is the enemy of mankind. It's a parasite that inserts ideological viruses during times of vulnerability. Some are more susceptible than others, both racially and individually. It is the root of most ideological cancers and wars, and atrophies the gene pool of its victims over time. But this war is beyond race. There is good and evil unevenly distributed in all races to a significant degree. It's up to you to stop the lies and start defending the White race as the White race has defended them and given them everything they ever had. There is only a future for those who stop attacking and start defending the White race and any other REAL victim, standing up for something more than themselves because it is the RIGHT thing to do. The White race is not trying to destroy you, it is the majority of YOU who are destroying it. Without the White race, you have no future. So prove to them that there IS good among you, before they run out of patience and start doing something about it. You would best ally yourselves with them, in defence not of your own but of each other. When White man and Black man have each others back and respect each others space, THAT is the beginning of the road to world peace. This is the only way to heal race relations. The White race and only the White race have gone above and beyond to do their part. It's time to step up and do your part FOR REAL. The fate of this world is not in their hands, but yours and the side you choose. This is how you regain your innocence and wash away the shame of your ancestors, not by covering it up and pretending a false version of history. Get off your high horses and stop the fake virtue signaling. The White race owes you nothing. No more lies, no more excuses, no more sharing social media memes with false information to shame and hate on the White race for things they never did. And most of all, no more censorship. If you don't like what someone says, refute them with facts and a proper argument. When you see a lie, step up and refute it for all to see. Don't try to shut it down, because you're wasting an opportunity to prove it wrong. The truth is not simply proclaimed, but revealed as the only thing that remains standing in the fire of debate. The truth burns through lies like straw thrown in a fire. Don't try to put the fire out, but embrace it. Let it purify and refine you.

Mankind is a field. Each race is a crop. There are flowers and weeds in all crops. Some of those crops are doing better than others. But we are not here for the weeds or the crops. We are here to find and protect the flowers that grew from among all crops. When you understand that, you will release that we are trying to help, protect and preserve you. The shallow bullshit needs to stop. Help us help you.


Chapter 69 - The sides

So many still cling to the false peace and false unity. They want to force everyone to band together, pacifying resistance with toxic plattitudes, mistakenly thinking that force and control will make everything work again. They see the division as a bad thing, an enemy that must be tied up, censored and made to conform. But that isn't the solution, it's the very problem. The solution is to engage at the table and measure the depth and legitimacy of ideas. To discuss, debate, and get to the truth of all things. It doesn't matter who is right or wrong at any given time or topic, so long as we pursue the truth instead of clinging to false beliefs. The greatest of the misled who can let go of false beliefs, can make more progress in a single day than the proud can achieve in a lifetime. The division we all see is the unavoidable revelation of true sides that share the same label. It isn't a bad thing, but a good thing. It isn't just within Anonymous, but with all labels. There are hidden doctrines behind it all, hidden reasons for why things are the way they are. The false masquerade as the true, and muddy the waters with a fog to lead the vulnerable astray and turn them against the true. In a world saturated with deception, it isn't belief that defines the sides, but a veiled intent. The veil has run its course and people are beginning to wake up to a strange new world they never knew, where some villains are revealed as heroes, some heroes revealed as villains, some friends revealed as foes, some foes revealed as friends. This is not a sign of the end, but the beginning. Everything up until this point has been a womb. The best and worst is yet to come.

There really are two sides, but they are not as easy to determine as people think. The very game being played is to confuse the sides. Most of the time, the stronger we believe something the more we are hopelessly misled.

A sword of truth will cut a jagged, uneven edge across all labels and reveal the true sides in an unavoidable war to end all wars.


Chapter 70 - The truth

There is no your truth or my truth. There is only the truth. It was there before you were, and it will be there after you are gone. Your imagination does not determine the truth. Your desire does not determine the truth. Your beliefs do not determine the truth. Your fears do not determine the truth. The truth is not something imaginary that you can make up, it is something very real you can discover. The way of the New Age cult is to merge truth and lie. To devalue and redefine reason and logic, and confuse the mind with diversions of delusion, pulling at the puppet strings of primal nature.

The truth is not simply proclaimed. It does not need you to protect or defend it. It needs to be exposed, to battle lies at the table and reveal itself to you first hand.

The truth is only found by those who perpetually question everything they believe. It can only be wielded by those who choose to let go of false beliefs. We live in a world with so many layers of lies, that the truth is the most difficult pill to swallow.

But if our brief existence lasts for just a spark of light in the darkness of the big picture, I want to spend that moment knowing the truth while I can. And if I am wrong about any given thing, to hell with my beliefs. Belief is just a tool, but it's a powerful tool that can work for or against you. Don't be the chainsaw in the forest, wielding the man. What is the point existing if you're going to spend it in fantasy and illusion?

The pursuit of the truth comes at the cost of beliefs, perpetually. The pursuit of beliefs come at the cost of the truth, eventually.


Chapter 71 - Theism, gnosticism and duality

There is a popular belief that you are either a theist, an atheist, a gnostic, or an agnostic, as though these four things are different from and incompatible with each other. The 'a' in theism and gnosticism means to be without. So an atheist is without theism, and an agnostic is without gnosticism. One cannot be a theist and an atheist. One cannot be a gnostic and an agnostic. One can be a gnostic theist or an agnostic theist. One can be a gnostic atheist or an agnostic atheist. You are either a theist or an atheist. You are either a gnostic or an agnostic. You are one of the four combinations, gnostic theist, agnostic theist, gnostic atheist or agnostic atheist.

Theism: This is a belief in a God or gods in the context of a personified deity with supernatural powers. There are two main types of theist, those who believe in a single God who created the universe and has supreme powers, or multiple lesser gods with limited supernatural powers. The word God is deliberately vague, so theism must be understood in the context of a personified deity.

Atheism: This is the absence of a belief in a God or gods in the context of a personified deity with supernatural powers. There are two types of atheist, those who believe God doesn't exist, and those who simply lack a belief in a God. Those who believe God doesn't exist come from the position of 'There is no proof that God exits, therefore that is proof in itself that God doesn't exist'. Those who simply lack a belief in a God, come from the position of 'I don't know if God exists, but if you can show me good enough evidence I will believe it'. Contrary to popular belief, an atheist may in fact believe in a God in a non-deity context. The first type of atheist is wrong, since lack of evidence isn't proof. You can't prove that God doesn't exist. You can't prove that anything doesn't exist, whether it exists or not. But you can prove that some things exist. And there are things that exist that are yet to be proven, and things that exist that may perhaps never be proven. Theists will frequently accuse all atheists of being the first type, without even being aware of the second type. The second type is honest and reasonable. The first type, along with the majority of theist critics of atheism, are dishonest and unreasonable. So both extremes are wrong and just as bad as each other. The truth is somewhere inbetween.

Gnosticism: Originally based on the pursuit of truth and a recognition that truth can be known with certainty, this term is named after a religious splinter group that corrupted the pursuit of the truth and turned it into its opposite. Because of that, there are two, very different definitions of gnosticism that represent the extremes of good and evil. The corrupted, evil version of gnosticism by which it gained its name, is the basis for the New Age cult. It is a complete rejection of truth in favor of the indulgence of fantasy, and calling fantasy the ultimate truth. It turns everything upside down and corrupts every pure message into its polar opposite. But while gnosticism is named after the corruption of the truth, its earlier unnamed form before being corrupted, was the truth. Gnosticism is used today to describe both contexts, which are polar opposite yet both claim to have the truth. So when one refers to gnosticism today, the context of what they mean needs to be understood. The corrupted version of gnosticism is actually the opposite, agnosticism. Gnosticism in its true definition is the belief in absolute truth, and that the truth can be known with certainty. Gnosticism is the basis for morality, the value of right and wrong, since morality is the ultimate truth. The New Age cult and its corrupted agnostic version of gnosticism, abandons the concept of morality. Gnosticism in its true form, is not an ideology, but common sense. Even animals are gnostic. A dog will steal food off the table with poor impulse control, or poop on the floor inside, and feel guilty about it after being caught, knowing it did wrong. Animals take care of their children. Animals will even protect other animals from other species. If animals know morality and truth, then surely mankind does even moreso. But animals are not controlled by ideologies as mankind is. And it is ideology that has corrupted the gnostic truth known throughout the animal kingdom, and turned it into its polar opposite.

Agnosticism: Since gnosticism is a belief that the truth can be known with certainty, agnosticism is an absence of that belief. Since there are two versions of gnosticism, there are two versions of agnosticism. One version is a rejection of the corrupt version of gnosticism, in pursuit of the truth. The other version is the abandonment of morality and truth. Modern science is referred to as agnostic in the context of it being against the corrupt version of gnosticism, against the corruption of truth and for the pursuit of the truth. It is against the indulgence of fantasy and focuses heavily on only recognising truths that are revealed through scientific methodology, purposely bypassing and rejecting all human perception and interpretation. Science is based on the concept 'I cannot trust myself, I cannot truly believe in anything, I will only partially believe things that can be proven with excessive evidence'. But there are many truths that have yet to be proven. Science has therefore formed an ideology of its own, rejecting some truths and accepting others based on standards of evidence that change depending on who makes the claim. As an overcompensation for combating the corrupted version of gnosticism, science has fallen prey to itself and become indoctrinated into an anti-truth ideology just as dogmatic. Science claims to be one version of agnosticism, while practicing the other. Most people who call themselves agnostic today, refer to a foundation in science. They believe they are superior and founded on the truth, yet they can never be certain of anything and follow dogma no differently to the ideologues they criticise. And the ideologues they criticise are actually agnostic themselves, masquerading as gnostic. While science popularised agnosticism, the other more important definition of agnosticism must be recognised along with the hypocrisy of overlap between the two. Since agnosticism properly means the absence of gnosticism, which means the rejection of truth and hence morality as well, then science is a rejection of the truth about morality. Most who call themselves scientific and agnostic, will admit to morality being a fundamental and absolute truth. That makes them gnostic. But they will choose to be agnostic selectively on topics of their choosing, especially religion. Their religious critics will criticise them on having a lack of morals, because they are both agnostic and atheist, while they do in fact have morals and are only agnostic on the topic they are being criticised on. One who pursues the truth, doesn't selectively apply different standards to different topics. Agnostic needs to be understood in its correct context, of being not for but against truth and morality. While atheism can be both an absence of belief or a belief directly against theism, agnosticism is not the same. Agnosticism in its proper context is always against gnosticism and hence always against morality and truth. An absence of morals, is immoral. Apathy toward evil, is evil. Not having morals, is the erosion and destruction of morality around you. Absence of morals, is functionally evil. You cannot play on the fence on the matter. You are either one or the other. Evil doesn't have morals of its own, or 'negative' morals in opposition to 'positive' morals. It is defined by the absence of morals. The only exception are examples like Islam, where immorality is taught as morality. But in most cases evil is the very absence of morals. So when one calls themselves agnostic in the arrogant belief that they are morally and intellectually superior, they should be reminded of which definition of agnostic they truly represent, to measure whether they actually represent morality and truth. One who stands for morality and truth, tends not to refer to themselves by a term defined by immorality and the abandonment of truth.

Why is it so important to understand these terms and what they truly mean? Because different people can argue all day over these terms and even kill each other over them, without realising that they actually agreed all along. And when they do disagree, they never establish exactly what it is they disagree on and why. They can never see past these terms and get to the heart of the matter. Due to the common misunderstandings between these terms, using these terms alone is a poor basis to judge others from. Some people will even deliberately misuse these terms for the purpose of masking their true intent and portraying themselves as the total opposite, which is common in the New Age cult. It even exists in the science cult, where people will claim to be a scientific agnostic atheist. And their reasons are not what they seem. They portray themselves as being reasoned and enlightened, when they are the most unreasonable and ignorant. They memorise unimportant statistics to pretend they know what they're talking about, while remaining ignorant on the topic itself. They reject theism based on a rejection of Christian moral values, and they reject gnosticism as a rejection of morality. They are in fact immoral and intellectually inferior, and claim a label of the extreme opposite as a means to mask their true colours and their immoral intent. They use the label of science to put their misguided beliefs on a pedestal of truth while rejecting truth at the same time, and even the New Age cult does the same thing. Through the inversion of definitions and the abuse of labels, villains hide as wolves among sheep, portraying themselves as heroes and heroes as villains in a simple, primitive yet successful game of psychological projection and role reversal.


Chapter 72 - Trolls

Trolls are psychopaths. They do not do what they do for 'humour', but out of desperation to feel empowered. They gain pleasure in the suffering of their victims. Trolls are corrupt to their core, and seek to corrupt everything in an effort to feel better about their own inadequacies. Trolling is failing at life. There are no redeeming qualities in trolling, it is a degenerate and despicable act of vandalism.

There is a popular myth when dealing with trolls, 'Don't feed the trolls'. What this means is to ignore them and not respond to them, on the preconceived notion that getting upset is what a troll wants. It isn't. What trolls feed on is a lack of accountability, to spread lies, smear people, vandalise the flow of ideas and get away with it. The worst thing you can do about a troll is to ignore them. It passes the problem on to someone else, and allows them to continue their destructive path. Those who ignore trolls, are irresponsible cowards who lack the moral fortitude to stand up to evil. The term, 'Don't feed the trolls' was invented by trolls. The best thing you can do about a troll is to expose them for what they are, and put the spotlight on them. Refute their feeble arguments by pointing out their fallacies each time they make them. By doing so, you reveal their true colours. They can no longer pretend to be on the side of truth, and lose all credibility. They are revealed as lying, vandalous psychopaths, and they are forced to face themselves in the mirror. This is exactly what trolls cannot stand, self reflection and exposing their true colours. They are forced to face their own inadequacies, and can no longer project them onto others.

When you battle trolls with competence and truth, they quickly become extremely upset. They are accustomed to getting their own way. They don't know how to handle logic, facts and reason. When faced with the truth, they quickly burn in the fire of debate like dried grass. They become outraged and desperate, revealing their true colours. Their arguments are poorly constructed and collapse easily. Their best arguments are usually the first, and so what comes after that collapses even easier and often refutes itself. Trolls under pressure will frequently make mistakes and change their position to compensate for being proven wrong. They will engage in every popular fallacy they can get their hands on, in a desperate attempt to defeat you. They will call upon allies to make more attacks against you, in an effort to drown you in their lies. But if you stick to the truth and continuously refute them, you will defeat them easily. Learn about different popular fallacies and how to refute them. Become a critical thinker, and construct superior arguments. Realise that trolling is an opportunity to reveal truth and practice debating against fallacies. Trolling only works on immature cowards who lack moral and intellectual fortitude.

In 2003, Anonymous was brought to 4chan, against my advice. 4chan was the cesspool of the internet, a meeting ground for human filth. It was thought that by bringing Anonymous to 4chan, it would show the worst of mankind a better way. Before 4chan, Anonymous was a force for good. But after advertising Anonymous on 4chan, a following of 4chan users grew. Having no morals, they followed Anonymous in part, knowing very little of the principles behind it. This is why there are two kinds of Anonymous. The true Anonymous are a sincere force for good. The 4chan followers of Anonymous are degenerate trolls who want to fuck the world, yet they also want to change the world for the better and they are stuck between two worlds. It is important to understand the polarity and why it exists. There are two sides who call themselves Anonymous. One is good, the other is evil. Only one side is the true Anonymous. I come with a sword to cut them down the middle, to separate the true from the false.


Chapter 73 - Turtle Island

In the early days when I started Anonymous, I operated and moderated through a social network of chat rooms. At certain hours of the day, I devoted my time to helping people out with their problems through those chat rooms. This made me wellknown, and many people would come to me for help with all kinds of problems. Because of the trustworthy reputation I built up, parents began sending their children to me to baby sit, knowing that I would take care of them and they would be safe on the internet while I was around. They began calling my network 'Turtle Island', a child friendly term to describe a safe, protective place on the internet for their children.

When the political side of Anonymous became wellknown and 120 of my followers tracked me down, they came to me with prophecies. They believed I was the man of many prophecies. Of those many prophecies, they spoke about the American Indian Rainbow Warrior prophecy that referred specifically to Turtle Island, and the many parallels between myself and the prophecy. For example, the prophecy referred to the return of the White buffalo. In perfect timing with the origins of Anonymous, a series of White buffalo were born.

Turtle Island wasn't just a safe place for children. It was a safe place for everyone. No trolling, no profanity, no lying. It was a place where everyone could communicate openly and constructively. The example I set, resonated with many others. Through my unique methods of moderation, Turtle Island became the home of Anonymous. There were no identifiable moderator statuses, everyone was on the same level. This is why Anonymous is known to have no hierarchy.

In the year 2000, governments around the world came together to discuss the future of the internet. They were concerned about the use of the internet for cyberbullying, piracy, pedophilia and terrorism. It was the belief by most governments that the internet was only used for these purposes and should therefore be heavily policed. But there was an argument that there was also good on the internet, and that internet freedom was worth defending. To settle the argument and gain consensus to go through with their plan, the US government was instructed to perform an investigation of the internet lasting for a year and a half. The FBI was chosen to perform this investigation. During their investigation, the FBI became aware of me. They engaged me in support of what I was doing, and I gained several contacts with the FBI who later worked with me in taking down Black Hats who were corrupting and exploiting children. During the later stages of the investigation, 9/11 happened. After that, the FBI were given unlimited funding and instead of covertly watching the internet, they were instructed to actively hack, crack, corrupt and otherwise compromise every corner of the internet to prove the government's case and justify heavily policing the internet. With the help of my contacts in the FBI warning me of incoming attacks, I held Turtle Island together and it was never compromised. By the end of the investigation, it was found that just one corner of the internet was left standing, and that one factor was the only thing that stopped the heavy policing of the internet. And it turned out that the only bastion of good on the internet just happened to be Turtle Island. My defence of Turtle Island saved the internet, and that fact is what made my Anonymous famous.

After that, many social networks systematically shut themselves down in fear of being sued by the government. Social networking went into a dark ages that lasted years. Due to social networks closing down and to avoid being pursued by governments, I dispersed Turtle Island. This is the reason why Anonymous has no home base of operations. I taught my followers at the time to branch out, continue spreading random act of kindness chains, and recruit potentials from among the hierarchies. Turtle Island was to live on in the spirit of the people who followed the idea of Anonymous that I started. And that idea was that one person can make a big difference in the world for the better through the internet.

After 120 of my followers later tracked me down with prophecies, I went back into the shadows promising to return one day when the time was right, to bring back the true ways of Anonymous in all their fullness, to justify those who have kept the path and expose those who have lost their way. Shortly before my return and without my knowledge at the time, more prophecies came forth, specifically referring to me as the founder of Anonymous. These prophecies refer to a man who will stand up and proclaim the truth when no other has the courage to do so. He will fight a desperate battle against impossible odds. He will be oppressed and cut down, but he will continue to grow back like a hydra. I have been repeatedly censored to the extreme. I have been kidnapped, imprisoned and extensively tortured by the government. I have been on the run from the government. I have been slandered by many fake Anons. My message has been accepted by only a small few. And yet I am still here. I win every debate and repeatedly prove myself true. Whether intentional or not, I am fulfilling prophecy.


Chapter 74 - United Nations

After World War 1, the League of Nations was created for the purpose of maintaining world peace. It was however corrupt from its very inception. Instead of maintaining world peace, it used military force to maintain Zionist dominance over the world. This led to World War 2, where Adolf Hitler stood up to the Zionists and almost won. After World War 2, The League of Nations was disbanded in its utter failure to prevent war. The United Nations was founded to replace it. In the beginning, the United Nations created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is the only legitimate document ever made by the United Nations. It didn't take long, but the United Nations was quickly corrupted. It became nothing more than League of Nations version 2.0.

The United Nations largely operates through both official and unofficial organisations, to mask its actions and infiltrate countries. One of countless examples of this, is the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Through the IPCC and their fake science, they have established an oppressive carbon tax upon the West, funding the United Nations further while crippling the West, with a politically oriented environmental cause. In the same way as they use environmentalism to exploit and attack the West, the United Nations uses many organisations to consolidate power through wars and genocide throughout the world, all in the false name of peace.

While the New World Order conspiracy isn't real, there is a very real Zionist conspiracy to rule the world, and it operates largely but not exclusively through the United Nations. While members of the United Nations are largely not Jewish, they are in fact Zionists. While they don't necessarily support a Jewish state, they certainly follow the globalist ideology, and believe they are the chosen people to rule the world. Most Jewish Zionists don't even believe in the state of Israel, since most Jews don't live in Israel. They live in foreign countries in pursuit of plundering those countries. Those who believe in the state of Israel, are simply attempting to fulfill and manipulate prophecies. The United Nations Zionists conspire with and against each other in pursuit of power, and their primary target is the exploitation, plunder and genocide of the West, which is the only remaining defence against their world domination goals. The United Nations is against national borders, since national borders keep the United Nations and their international interests out.

Anonymous was founded as a rival to the United Nations, as a true United Nations not of a few international thugs with extreme power, but of the people themselves operating beyond hierarchy and ideology. This is why the Anonymous symbol so closely resembles and overlaps the United Nations symbol.


Chapter 75 - Unity and division

There is a toxic myth that states the world must come together and be united, remove all borders, stop hating each other and start loving each other. What this myth actually refers to is forcing people to conform to one belief system, one way of living, one government, forcing all mankind to merge into a single mud race.

This means the genocide of all unique peoples. They speak of love, yet they promote genocide in the name of love. Mankind evolved into three very different races, Caucasoid (White), Mongoloid (Asian) and Negroid (Black), and many other unique sub races. The reason we have national borders is to separate unique peoples from each other, and preserve their heritage. To open borders, is to allow gene pools to become corrupted and taken over by others. And this is what they call love? It is a violation of all property and heritage, stealing in the name of 'equality'.

Notice that people who push the myth, always happen to be New Age cult members. They have bastardised all religions and turned them into a single, toxic mix of one religion to dominate the world. They promote themselves as being superior to everyone else, and everyone else must adhere to their religion in order to be 'enlightened'. Everyone who questions or criticises the cult, is an enemy.

Evolution disagrees with their cult. In evolution, life does not merge inward but branches outward. Different animals segregate with their own kind. And even within races, they separate into their own colonies. There are many schools of fish, flocks of birds and cultures of bacteria. Life separates and explores the potential of new ideas. The New Age cult does the opposite, corrupting life and merging all colours of life inward into a uniform and stale grey.

Unity is a term that requires context. When they say unity, they mean forcing everyone to conform to them. They project unity as the opposite of what it means. True unity among people is living in harmony, where the different branches of evolution each go their own way and protect each other from those who corrupt and destroy those differences. The only true unity is in the shared preservation of that division, protecting each other from the corrupters of life. The animal kingdom understands this, since they don't have toxic ideologies to corrupt their understanding of nature. The animal kingdom lives in harmony. Mankind does not. Toxic ideologies like the New Age cult are to blame.

When you love something, you preserve it. When you hate something, you destroy it. New Age cult members corrupt and destroy life in the name of preserving it. They want to 'evolve' life into something they call 'beautiful', which is a bastardised and corrupted de-evolution and reversion into primal instinct. What they see as beauty, is a despicable abomination.

People who promote the 'love and unity' myth, are toxic liars who are attempting to undermine your natural defences with sweet sounding poison. They do not believe in your right to a future. They only believe in using you as clay to mold into their fantasy. These people mask their aggressive and self serving disposition by pretending to be the extreme opposite, and their true colours frequently reveal themselves in outbursts, ego worship and hypocrisy.

It is often said to judge people according to their fruit. Well what kind of fruit do people who follow this myth produce? They are all talk. They contribute nothing constructive to the world, and only take. They spend all their time spreading anti-Western propaganda all over the internet. They promise everything and deliver nothing. For those who follow the myth, wealth, success and happiness is always just around the corner, you just have to will it into existence by believing in it strongly enough. They are stuck in fantasy. In the real world, they are the height of moral and intellectual rot.


Chapter 76 - Vaccines

Vaccines are the practice of injecting a dead microbe into the human body, to trigger an immune response to defend against a potential live outbreak. Vaccines are a noble cause in theory, as they can theoretically wipe out contagious diseases. But in practice, they don't work, and cause many other diseases in the process. Today, we are encouraged to take vaccines against diseases that are no longer widespread, but no matter how much we vaccinate against them we cannot wipe out the microbes in nature. Vaccinated people still catch these diseases.

Vaccines need to carry a dead microbe. Sometimes, vaccines do not kill all the microbes, and some survive. They infect the injected host and cause an outbreak of the very disease they supposedly cure. This happens far more often than pharmaceutical companies will admit. In order to kill the microbes, vaccines rely on toxic substances that are highly dangerous to the human body. They are promoted as safe, but they contain levels of toxic substances far outside the accepted limit of safety. Those toxic substances cause a long list of autoimmune diseases, and victims of vaccines often experience a bout of autoimmune failure, usually in the form of a rash.

Vaccines target the immune system. In theory, by turning on the immune system in defence against a certain microbe, the victim becomes immune to that microbe, or at the very least gains a strong defence against it. But as flu vaccines are revealing, they simply don't work. What they do is trigger the immune system to work overtime to defend itself against a foreign body that bypasses the body's natural defences. When the immune system is triggered against a microbe, there is a chance that it will misfire and begin targeting the human body. The more vaccines you take, the higher your chance of misfire, and developing autoimmune diseases. The human immune system did not evolve to experience such high levels of exposure. It frequently goes haywire, resulting in autoimmune disease.

Vaccines rely on the concept that if everyone gets vaccinated, you can wipe out contagious diseases. Years go by without an occurence of a vaccinated disease, and yet they always reappear because they will always exist in nature. While vaccines are falsely used in the name of eradicating the microbes in nature, the same people who push vaccines will conveniently say that there is no end in sight, that we must eternally vaccinate against these diseases to limit outbreaks. Yet these outbreaks infect the vaccinated and un-vaccinated alike.

If vaccines really work, then why are un-vaccinated children considered such a threat to vaccinated children? It's because they don't work. But pharmaceutical companies won't admit that, because there is money to be made in vaccines and their false promises.

There are two movements for and against vaccines. The pro-vaccine proponents will portray anti-vaccers as crazy, unreasonable and a threat to the health of mankind. But they cannot back up their arguments with facts. You will never see a pro-vaccine proponent debate an anti-vaccer, because their arguments collapse quickly. They outright lie with fake statistics to defend vaccines. Pro-vaccine proponents will bring in doctors in an appeal to authority fallacy, fear mongering with lies and making false promises. There is a severe lack of research into the success of vaccines and the harm they cause, because pharmaceutical companies know the truth. They don't work, and cause more disease than they supposedly cure, which means even more money for pharmaceutical companies.

Vaccines are a scam. It's all about making people sick and making money off their desperation. The whole medical system is a scam. It's all about making money off sickness and abusing power.


Chapter 77 - Veganism

Veganism is not the same thing as vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is the refusal to eat meat. Veganism is an ideology which involves the refusal to eat or use all animal products, including eggs, milk, leather and even silk which is made from worms.

Veganism is a cult. Vegans believe they have a moral highground because they don't eat any animal products whatsoever. What they don't realise however is that because of their unnatural diet, they need to take nutritional suppliments which contain animal products. Their very immune system kills off other animals, but they conveniently ignore this and all other facts about nature.

Vegans are arrogant hypocrites who mistakenly believe that by simply changing their diet, they can be 'better than you'. Vegans spend all of their time talking about how superior they are and how inferior you are for eating animal products.

There is nothing truthful about the Vegan ideology. Vegans use false information to promote their cult. For example, they show animal slaughter videos that are done by Muslims engaging in halal, and promote this as standard practice in the West. Vegans will do nothing about animal abuse outside the West. They will only attack the West with lies. Vegans have done nothing to improve animal rights and the common animal abuse outside the West. They do nothing about animal rights altogether, outside of falsely blaming meat eaters for all of the worlds problems. They could do something about growing meat in factories without growing animals, but they don't. All they do is promote themselves and talk about how superior they think they are, and how inferior they think you are. Veganism is about about pride, ego and self worship.

Vegans will promote their diet as superior and in harmony with human nature. But the human digestive system is omnivore, which is evolved to eat both animals and plants, and requires the consumption of animals to survive. Most animals consume other animals. All life requires the consumption of other life, except for the most basic plant life. This has been the primary driving force behind evolution. For the human brain to be so advanced, it requires advanced nutrients from animals. Vegans are against evolution, they would de-evolve humans and all other animals in the name of an ideology that stands against the consumption of other conscious life, thereby extinguishing the very existence of conscious life, leaving nothing but primitive prey animals to graze and overpopulate the grass of the Earth.


Chapter 78 - War

War has been a factor of mankind since before the dawn of civilisation. It is often seen as universally good or evil, but it is inherently neither, and can be either. War happens when borders are violated. War happens in nature, when colonies of animals work together to purge a predator from their land. And if you walk into a predator's den, they will see you as a threat and kill you. In the animal kingdom, most animals do not violate each other's space. Humans however do violate the space of others, and it's because they're brainwashed by ideologies such as Egalitarianism and Multiculturalism. Humans who follow these ideologies, have no respect for the space of others, and consider everything theirs. These ideologies and others (such as Islam and Zionism), are the reason why mankind is so frequently stuck in perpetual war.

For anti-war activists, war is universally seen as a bad thing. We are taught that 'peace' is the solution, to love instead of hate, as seen in the mantra 'make love not war'. But do you solve problems like genocide by being 'peaceful' toward your murderers? How does a shallow emotional whim save millions of people who are being starved to death, enslaved, looted, oppressed and beheaded? It doesn't. Anti-war activists would allow these violations to happen, in the false name of peace. They do not criticise those who engage in war elsewhere in the world, they will only target the West with their propaganda, in an effort to erode Western values. Anti-war activists are anti-Western and anti-White. Anti-war activists are shallow hypocrites who ride on many false causes to promote their ego and feel an inflated sense of superiority. There is no depth to their position, and most of them cannot back themselves up with anything more than a copied single sentence mantra. They promote propaganda not by winning in debate, but by appealing to emotional whim.

The reality is that evil exists in this world. So long as evil presents a problem in this world, there will be war. You don't solve war by tolerating evil. You solve war by fighting against evil in a war to end all wars. Wars happen as a result of the violation of borders. Borders are important. Borders are the difference between your property and a random man in the street. They are the difference between what is your toothbrush and your neighbours toothbrush. Borders are the difference between preserving your culture and genocide. Different homes are separated by borders in the form of fences and locked doors. In the same way, different communities and cultures are separated by borders. National borders exist to preserve the cultural heritage of unique people. Without those borders, anyone can mass migrate into their land, breed the locals out and simply take over. If you don't respect borders, you support genocide and exploitation. Rejecting borders is not a sign of 'love', but hate. Those who love a people, will preserve them. Those who hate a people, will support immigration and genocide. Tolerating evil, is evil.

In war, both sides can easily become violators. The defending side can violate the human rights of the evil oppressors, because they are blinded by their justified hate. In war, both sides often overstep boundaries. It is easy to become blinded by the trauma of war, and put aside all manner of human decency. But that does nothing to dismiss the justified cause of the defender in war. Everyone has a right to defend themselves, and everyone has the right to defend others from oppression. Just because the rare psychopath indulges his blood lust, doesn't make their whole side in war a villain. Anti-war activists will falsely portray the rare villain as representative of their peers, using an appeal to emotion to bypass reason and defeat the cause without actually dealing with it directly. They will never talk about the truly rampant war crimes being committed by non-Westerners, especially in the case of Muslims and Blacks.

When it comes to the West and its war against the uncivilised world (especially the Middle East), the West is fighting against genocide, to stop mass murder. The Islamic world is at war with the West, they intend to take over the West and subjugate it under Islam. Muslims have done this to the West since the beginnings of Islam. The Dark Ages were a period of 1,000 years, where Muslims raped, looted and genocided the White race to the edge of extinction. The wars in the Middle East are the result of a resurgence of Islam, seeking to establish a new leadership in their pursuit of fulfilling prophecy and subjugating the West. Islam is also in the process of subjugating Africa, with no resistance. The wars of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have all been interventions to stop Muslims killing Muslims. It is true that some of these government institutions were put in place with the help of the West, but that needs to be seen in proper context. The West was faced with supporting multiple factions in the never ending wars in the Middle East, to bring about peace once and for all. They supported the lesser evil in a war where all sides are intensely evil. They worked with those who could be worked with. But over time, these groups have turned their back on the West, and continued engaging in war as all Muslim groups do. This is not the fault of the West, but Muslims. Without Western intervention, the state of the Middle East would be far worse. The likes of ISIS would run rampant, if it wasn't for Western intervention. And no, ISIS was not created by the West. This is conspiracy theory nonsense supported by nothing more than a network of lies. ISIS follow Mohammad and his Koran, they quote from the Koran when they murder people, quoting very clear instructions to do the murdering. Muslims have done this since the beginning of Islam. Just because the West supported the lesser of evils, doesn't make them responsible for the crimes of that lesser evil. Muslims are at fault for Muslim problems. These people are killing each other in the name of their Koran and what it teaches.

There are popular accusations of the West looting the countries they invade, portraying the West as an evil force of conquest and plunder. These accusations are false. A popular story is that of the US looting 20 trillion dollars of gold and 30 trillion dollars of oil from Iraq. There is no truth to this story. There is a 9 billion dollar gap in the Iraq Development Fund, 1/3,000th of the claimed total. And no-one knows where it came from. The Iraq war cost 2.4 trillion dollars. Is it not entirely justified that the US takes some resources from Iraq as compensation for spending so much money saving them from a dictator? Don't the Iraqi people owe the US a great deal? I am not saying the US did steal oil, but they are entirely justified in doing it. The Iraq government claimed 17 billion dollars of oil was stolen, without evidence. Yet this claim only accounts for 1/150th of the total spent defending Iraq, and 1/2,000th of the 30 billion dollar claim. It's all lies, designed to exploit the White race for free money. As for the 20 trillion dollars of gold, how could Iraq have so much gold in the first place? The total GDP in Iraq today is only 172 billion dollars. It would have been less back then, since Iraq could not properly sell oil while in a state of war. How does 172 billion dollars translate into 20 trillion dollars? The story is a lie. The total amount of gold mined in the whole world since the beginning of time, is estimated at less than 10 trillion dollars. So how can Iraq have 20 trillion dollars of gold, if there isn't remotely close to that much gold in the world? There was in fact some gold found in Iraq, estimated in the millions. Not billions, and certainly not trillions, and most certainly not tens of trillions. The gold was moved, but not stolen.

An example of the consequences of Western interventions in war, can be seen in the examples of Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea.

In Japan, the bombing of two major cities led to a partnership with Japan and the US, which modernised Japan from a group of farmers living in extreme poverty, into one of the most advanced countries in the world.

In Hong Kong, the island was given to the British to negotiate terms of peace after China lost in war. Hong Kong was used by the British as a military staging point. The British turned it into the most advanced city in the world. In 1997, the British gave back Hong Kong to China, and it quickly degenerated into war and chaos.

In the case of South Korea, North Korea were oppressive communists who invaded South Korea. The West came to their rescue. Through Western intervention of war, South Korea was preserved, and has become one of the most advanced countries in the world, while North Korea remains one of the most primitive and oppressive.

In every case of Western intervention of war, it has been to stop oppression and genocide. It has always resulted in a far better outcome, often turning those countries into some of the most advanced countries in the world. The West does not invade other countries for profit and power. The West invades other countries to stop wars that are already going on. Ideologies such as Islam and communism however, are trying to dominate the world for profit and power. Those who use lies to criticise the West over justified wars, will never criticise the rest of the world for their unjustified wars.

We live in a world full of war. There is a vast amount of evil in this world, and you do not stop evil by sitting on your hands. You need to fight, and be sure that you are fighting on the right side. If you aren't fighting evil, then you are evil. In today's world, we live in a giant network of lies and deception. The sides of war are not so easily determined. There are many lies to portray perpetrator as victim, and victim as perpetrator. Since war is such a serious matter with serious consequences, it is very important that one educates themselves properly on the matter. It is not enough to jump on a bandwagon to feel good about yourself and pretend you're a good person. You have to do it for real. And that requires properly educating yourself and fighting against evil. If you do not properly educate yourself, you will find yourself fighting on the wrong side, in blind ignorance.

It is time the West takes a step back from intervening in wars. When these people refuse to learn, and continuously make the same mistakes and the same blatant disregard for human rights, then they should be condemned to live the consequences of their own actions. In Asia, countries where the West has intervened in the past, have learned in examples such as Japan and South Korea. In the Middle East and Africa however, they refuse to learn. The majority of the problem can be placed on Islam. It is time to stop saving those who are victim of their own book. They choose to follow it, they suffer the consequences of it. It is time to outlaw Islam in the civilised world, and quarantine Islamic countries. Should Islamic countries then still invade other countries, then they should be utterly conquered. When you use your freedom to abuse the rights of others, then your freedoms should be limited to a degree that you can no longer commit abuses.

A war is already here, a war to end all wars. It is a war between truth and lies, good and evil. It is a war of division, to separate the good from the evil. Be sure that you are fighting on the right side. Villains will cling to the false peace, in order to maintain a toxic environment that allows evil to thrive. They will censor the truth and label it 'hate speech' in the false name of love. They will silence the true and smear them with lies. To determine truth from lie in a world full of lies and deception, it requires a leap of moral and intellectual fortitude. The truth is only available to those who are worthy of it.


Chapter 79 - What is love

What is love? I'm going to say some things that are probably going to make a lot of sense. If there's any doubt, you can look into it yourself. Just be open to the concept that, what you think is love, might not in fact be love, but something far less. Perhaps even something shameful and perverted.

Love is a concept different to almost every person. For most people, love is seemingly impossible to define. Love is widely considered as the most valuable thing ever to exist. And because of that, love is put on a pedestal that almost everyone seeks to attain.

Most people will say they love someone, perhaps forever. But over time, it changes and they might end up hating that person. Love is apparently a paradox.

What if I was to tell you that 99% of people don't even remotely know what love is, but spend their whole lives blindly believing that they do? And dare anyone burst that bubble of their illusion (a convenient illusion at that), they become extremely offended. It happens every time.

In modern English, the word love is deliberately vague. It's not the same as it used to mean. Just to give you an example, the word nice. It means something different now, what people believe it means compared to what it used to mean. And it used to mean foolish, ignorant etc. The polar opposite of what it means now.

In regards to love being such a vague word, imagine two people, Julie and John. Both Julie and John crave chocolate cake. John says he likes chocolate cake. Julie says she loves chocolate cake. When put in a scale of 100, John rates chocolate cake higher than Julie. But how can that be? Surely, like is a step below love, right? No. John and Julie are using two different words to describe the same thing. There's a significant overlap between like and love, because the definitions are so vague. Like is an insignificant appreciation for something. Love is a significant appreciation for something. But the level of comparitive significance can be a world apart for two different people. When people use both like and love, they're aiming for a goal post that sits in a different position for every person you meet.

The modern English definition of love can really be summed up into a significant appreciation for someone or some thing. But when someone says that they love another person, they're trying to define something very different and vastly more significant than the appreciation of chocolate cake. They're trying to emulate something that they don't even fully understand, but hope to one day.

So let's make it clear that before I go any further, when I say love, I'm talking about that one, rare, invaluable immeasurable thing that almost everyone puts on the ultimate pedestal above everything else. But when people try to define that ultimate thing called love, they can't. And the more detail you get into, the more you find that everyone disagrees. And people will say one thing one day, and they will change it another day, as their experience grows and their perspective changes. It happens on a daily basis.

So, everyone disagrees in the end. Love seems to slip through people's grasp like sand. It's something they're in perpetual pursuit of catching, or even just understanding. Sometimes they think they've caught it, only to find it slip through their hands just as quickly. So they put on an act for a while, and pretend they still love the person, and hope they can somehow find it again, and they will never know, not even knowing how they found it in the first place. Sometimes they do find it again, only to find it slips through their hand yet again.

So what is this magical paradox called love? To make it easier, I'm going to explain the three types of relationship. And those are parasitic, symbiotic, and altruistic.

A parasitic relationship is one of take. The parasite doesn't understand anything but what it wants. It simply takes what it wants through whatever means necessary, such as deception, oppression and other forms of manipulation, with little or no regard for the one it takes from. A parasitic relationship is an exploitative relationship. This type of relationship belongs to creatures that are heading toward extinction, causing destruction to those around them, and bringing everything out of equilibrium. There's a small chance over time that a parasite can learn and evolve into a symbiotic relationship with others. Almost half of all human relationships are parasitic. Human parasites sometimes like to call it love, simply because they want. After all, want is a part of love. But parasites have it backward, and that's all they really have. Most parasitic relationships end with the destruction of both people in the relationship. But sometimes a parasite can find a new victim to leech off. Sometimes a parasite can spend their whole life jumping from one victim to another. On a rare occasion, a parasite can eventually learn. When they do, they start exploring the next level of relationship, symbiosis. The focus of a parasite is take. A parasite is full of pride.

A symbiotic relationship is one of share and mutual gain. A symbiant understands that they have to give something to get something. A symbiant realises that giving is for its own benefit. Synbiants are still parasites, they're just more. Synbiant relationships lead toward an equilibrium with others, protecting each other out of mutual interest. Almost half of all human relationships are symbiotic. That is declining now, as people are becoming more parasitic. It's very rare for a symbiant to realise they are still a parasite. Those that do, are on the verge of becoming altruistic. Most symbiants falsely believe that they're altruistic. Symbiotic relationships are the fence between parasitism and altruism. It's for people who play with both sides and sit on the fence, undecided. Symbiants usually stay symbiants, and very slowly move toward altruism, before they die and the cycle repeats itself through their offspring. On a rare occasion, they go back into parasitism. On an even rarer occasion, they evolve into altruism. The focus of a symbiant is take. A symbiant is full of both pride and humility.

An altruistic relationship is one of giving. An altruist fully understands both parasites and symbiants, and seeks to provide the best conditions for everyone to advance on a path to altruism. An altruist inspires others to better themselves, and sets a personal example. Very few human relationships are altruistic. Even fewer are mutually altruistic. Mutual altruism is the very bullseye that symbiants try to emulate without even realising it. It's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But it's a trap, just like chasing a rainbow. So long as you seek to receive, you are running away from the very thing you are trying to catch. So you will never catch it. An altruist very rarely goes back into symbiosis. And when they do, it takes extreme psychological trauma to achieve. It usually only works on newer altruists. A new altruist can still find themselves seeking symbiotic relationships due to automatic habits they have learned from their time as a symbiant. As an altruist matures, they develop new habits that replace the older, symbiotic ones. The focus of an altruist is give. An altruist is full of humility.

To go over some basic differences between the three relationship types, a parasite looks upon others like a free meal up for grabs. 'The world is my oyster', 'First in, best dressed'. A symbiant looks upon others like a potential investment. 'Let's make a deal', 'What can I get out of this?'. An altruist looks upon others like a crop to be planted and nurtured. 'Let me help you grow', 'How can I make you into a bigger and better person?'. A parasite will take everything, and give nothing. A symbiant will give a little, and expect a lot. An altruist will give everything, and ask for nothing. A parasite has no care for love. A symbiant plays with the idea of love. An altruist lives by love.

To know what love is, it helps to know what love isn't. Here are some common misconceptions about love.

If you think that love is about sexual attraction, you're wrong. This is lust, a potentially dangerous primal instinct. A frequent indulgence of parasites.

If you think that love is about how someone makes you feel, you're wrong. This is self interest, pretending to be love, but really using someone else as a tool for self gratification, and reinforcing your self made illusions. It usually exists within the lower regions of symbiosis.

If you think that love is about having power over someone, you're wrong. This is a destructive form of parasitism, and often preys on altruists.

If you think that love is about expectations and obligations, you're wrong. This is a dangerous game played by both symbiants and parasites.

If you think that love is about a mutual agreement, you're wrong. This usually exists within the central region of symbiosis.

If you think that love is about sharing and caring, you're wrong. This is a meme game played by most symbiants, as they play with the concept of love.

I could give you examples all day. The point is, what people usually think as love, isn't love. And it's often something very destructive. But to tell someone that, they are going to go ape shit at you. Of course, you just offended them at their very core. You challenged them at their very foundation, and showed them that what they hold most dear, is nothing more than a pile of dog shit that they previously thought was a crown of jewels.

The easiest person to fool, is yourself. Most people spend their whole lives living a lie, wasting all their energy on casting and maintaining illusions in the pursuit of comfort and a sense of importance. How dare someone burst their happy little bubble. But, is living a lie really worth it? What's the point in being alive if you're never going to deal with what's real? For a lot of people, feeling good in the moment is all they care about. Though most of them will never admit it. But when people do that, it's no different to cutting the bottom out of a cup, and trying to fill it with water. You might feel a false sense of fullness for a brief moment, but as soon as the tap stops, you're going to feel completely empty, straight away. And then you fall into a perpetual trap of living a lie, trying to feel good, trying to patch up that hole with illusions and pretend instead of actually filling up the cup. And you fill up the cup by bettering yourself, for real. It takes a lot of courage to cast aside a lifetime of self made illusions, and start dealing with reality. But in the end, it's the only way you can ever progress and grow as a person. So when an altruist bursts your bubble, understand that they do it out of love, for your own sake. If you're going to deal with love, do it for real. Love isn't a status symbol of convenience. It doesn't stand for, 'Oh, look at me. I must be better than you and very important because someone loves me!'. Love isn't something to show off. Love isn't a ring you wear in your finger, or a neckless you wear around your neck, or a crown you wear on your head. Love is a heavy burden you wear on your back. And it doesn't come off, even when you're in the shower or trying to sleep. There's nothing convenient about it. It's always an inconvenience. It's the ultimate self sacrifice, a choice made out of free will, a choice remade every moment of every day. A choice made with absolute conviction and no regret.

The path from parasite, to symbiosis, to altruist, isn't just a social phenomenon. It's an evolutionary thing. It's the pathway of destiny within all life. It's the road that all life travels along, and very few make it. Most mammals are capable of altruism to a small degree. Altruism even exists at a base level of instinct. You can see it in parental instincts. You can see it when a male duck sacrifices its life to protect its ducklings. In humans, they have the same instincts and imprinted behaviour as most other animals, just more of it. These instincts and imprinted behaviours are like the spark that ignites a symbiant into an altruist. You have to get high enough up in symbiosis, and in the right conditions for the spark to happen. It's not something that easily happens. Natural selection will always lead to altruism, if it survives parasites on its journey through symbiosis. An altruist is a highly evolved creature that has sprouted to life on a whole new level. An altruist is to a symbiant, as a tree is to a rock. That's how big the difference is. The greatest relationship is between two altruists, with a dedicated focus of love toward each other. The second greatest relationship is between an altruist and a symbiant on its way to becoming an altruist. The worst type of relationship is between an altruist and a parasite. The second worst relationship is between a symbiant and a parasite. And of course the impossible relationship is between two parasites.

I am an altruist. I always have been, ever since I was born. I love every creature, according to its altruistic potential through the journey of symbiosis. When I look at other people, I don't see a free meal up for grabs. I don't see a potential investment. I see a potential to give. I see a tree. I see all the branches of what they could have been. I see the branches of what they could be now. I see the branch they did become. And I seek to help that branch make the most of its potential of becoming an altruist.

I don't expect most people to understand what love is, and it offends most people that they don't know what love is. They are offended that someone would even say that. But it's the truth. Most people believe that love should not be shared. That it is a limited resource that needs to be exclusive, else it takes away from those you do love. That loving everyone, even the worst person in the world, makes my love for them meaningless. And yet, I love them more than they could possibly imagine, in an exclusive and unique way. If you consider all people like an entire field of crops, their love is like a watering can that you pour over only the people you choose. They would see me as throwing water evenly over everyone, indescriminately. But real love is like a fountain with an endless supply. I throw water over everyone, according to their potential. But I also throw extra over those I'm close to. And whether they grow or not, I will still keep watering them, just in case.

It's not that love is too complex to understand. It's very simple. People are just too blinded by their self made illusions.


Chapter 80 - Zionism

Zionism is a globalist ideology which believes that Jews are God's chosen people. And as God's chosen people, the world is theirs to inherit. The nation of Israel was created by Zionists in an effort to fulfill prophecy. To this day, most Jews don't live in Israel. They live throughout the world, in pursuit of inheriting the world. They entrench themselves in foreign countries, and manipulate those countries to serve the Zionist agenda.

Not all Jews are Zionists, but most influential Zionists are Jews and most Jews are Zionists. Of the few in power who are not Jews, they are Zionists, bought out by the Jewish Zionists. They serve the Zionist agenda, and will even publicly admit it.

Zionists have infiltrated and taken over every government, financial institution, mainstream media and every major corporation in the West. They manipulate the power structures of Western civilisation to serve the Zionist agenda. Adolf Hitler broke free of the Zionists, and they went to war against him, spreading many lies about him and portraying themselves as the victims. The only thing you aren't allowed to question in the free speech countries of the West, is the holocaust narrative, which is a big lie made up to justify what the Zionists did to Germans before and after World War 2.

When people refer to the New World Order and the Illuminati (which are both fictional), they are mistakenly referring to Zionists. Another name for them is globalists. As they believe they are God's chosen people who will inherit the Earth, Zionists have no respect for borders and the personal space of others. They exploit all nations for profit. They conduct their business everywhere. They start all wars to maintain their control of politics. They have their hand in everyone's pocket.

Zionists are attempting to eliminate the White race with a deep hatred of them, because the White race is the only obstacle in the way of their world domination goals. Zionists are bringing in third world immigrants to all White countries and only White countries, to breed White people out of existence and take over their countries. Zionists are attacking the White race from every angle, through Trojan Horse ideologies such as multiculturalism, LGBT and Feminism.

The religion of Zionism is Judaism. In Judaism, they follow the Old Testament, mistakenly believing that they are God's chosen people. But the book they actually follow is the Talmud. In the Talmud, it teaches that molesting children as young as three, is acceptable.

The Jews are not God's chosen people in the Bible. The White race are God's chosen people. Even Jesus was White, as the Bible depicts him. All his peers had White names, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Thomas, Mary, Joseph. Newer versions of the Bible have replaced White for dark in an effort to portray the Jews as God's chosen people. The word Jew was created only 200 years ago. The Bible was cannonised 400 years ago. The Bible has been rewritten, and this very edited Bible (specifically the Old testament) is the basis of the Jew's claim on Israel and of being God's chosen people. But the Bible warns about these very fake chosen people, as the synagogue of Satan. Jews worship not at a church, but a synagogue. The word Jew means to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, take advantage of and impose as. The Jews are not God's chosen people, and Zionists are lying parasites. Jewish Zionists are one half of the twin headed hydra that includes Zionism and Islam. These two are related to each other, both of Semitic origin, both worship lucifer, and they both work together to attack the White race from every angle. Islam is a branch of Zionism. While Most Jews are Zionists, all Muslims are Zionists.

Videos about Zionism...

Many videos can be found on youtube explaining Zionism, by simply searching 'Zionism'. However, what you will find are always half truths. The trick being played is to attack one head of the hydra and defend the other. Both Zionism and Islam need to be defeated together.